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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  July 2016 Birthdays - Kun Yew and Michelle
hi friends !! today I'll be blogging about some events which happened a month ago , as the title suggests . These people hold a very special place in my heart because one of them is my boyfriend and the other is one of my best friends from high school .

Kun Yew's birthday is in late June but since I was having exams back then , I planned his surprise to be in early July . if you didn't know , Kun threw me a nice little pre-birthday surprise back in April .. (read it by clicking here !!) and after that night , one thought stayed constant in my head : I HAVE TO WIN . hahaha . being super asian and "kiasu" , i wanted to one up him at the surprise game . i thought to myself , he's raised the bar so high , i have to beat him at it . hence , i started researching for online bakers throughout Instagram and found this woman who charges a reasonable price for chocolate drip cakes . Let's call her Carol (important to give her a name due to the ramblings you're about to read below). also , i told Paggie about Carol and she conveniently ordered a cake from Carol for my birthday surprise AHHAHA . anyway that's not the point ...

as the days led up to my big surprise day , i arranged everything the way i wanted it . i made my boyfriend's best friend come up with the guest list and booked the place , Ploy @ Publika . i finalised my cake order , paid the deposit and invited Zelyn over to stay at my place for 2 days .

when the weekend of the surprise finally rolled around , me and Zelyn got down to business and baked some chocolate chip banana cupcakes with cream cheese frosting . before we made the frosting , we ate the cupcakes hot and fresh out of the oven and it tasted kinda weird ... which made us both go 😰😰  cos we followed the recipe exactly . however , once we piped the frosting on , we tasted it as a whole again ... and couldn't stop eating HAHAHAH . it tasted amazing !!!!!!111!!11!! self-praising ourselves LOLOL but seriously we both agreed that these cupcakes were one of the best we ever tasted . 

 decorated the cupcakes with silver sugar balls because Kun's birthday theme was supposed to be black , white and silver . Prior to this , I liaised with Carol and customised everything about the birthday cake the way I wanted it for the party : chocolate base with peanut butter buttercream , and topped with white chocolate drizzle with silver-ish decorations . I asked kunyew's best friend to get balloons which are black , white and silver . The cake was supposed to match the balloons !! I even ordered a silver cake topper online JUST TO MATCH THE SILVER CAke .

on the day of the surprise , me and Zelyn got up early and journeyed all the way to Shah Alam . mind you , Carol's house is approx. 45 minutes away from my house . before we left my place , i've already texted Carol to remind her that i'm on my way and she said it's alright .
HOWEVER !!! when me and Zelyn got to her house gate i tried texting her and even calling her but she didn't respond at all ??? trust me when i said i called her at least 10 times . started to feel worried so i quickly texted Paggie about it and Paggie responded by saying "oh don't worry she made me wait too" . after what felt like an eternity , Carol finally emerged and passed me the cake . me and Zelyn left and started heading home .

but just as we were about to leave Shah Alam , Zelyn began voicing her concerns about the cake . "Wan chi it's really senget leh , look at it .." , she told me . I leaned over and looked at it AND INDEED THE TOP LAYER WAS SLOWLY SLIDING OFF THE SECOND LAYER .  it wasn't even a subtle mistake , it was very obvious and frankly quite scary ?!?!? QUICKLY MADE A U-TURN AND WE HEADED BACK TO CAROL'S PLACE . 

surprise , surprise .... she wasn't picking up her cellphone again . this time , I was desperate . me and Zelyn straight up marched to her gate (it was open) and knocked on her front door . she came out looking confused and after we explained to her what happened , she said --- never mind , let me just type the whole convo here HAHA . wanchi - purple , carol - orange .

Oh so sorry ! It didn't chill long enough in the fridge .. Can you come back in 4-5 hours ?
No , I live really far from here .
Oh , where is the party place ? Publika ? Hmm too far .
If I leave it with you for 1-2 hours ? Can ? 
Okay can can .

me and Zelyn then drove and drove around till we found a mall . i can't even remember the name of the mall but it was a very Malay place . not being racist here , but the fact is that everyone in the mall was Malay except me and Zelyn .. seriously , we didn't see anyone of a different race except ourselves 😂  so we headed to Starbucks and chilled there for more than 1.5 hours then headed back to get my precious cake . 

since there was no parking when I got to Carol's house , i waited outside and got Zelyn to go down to collect the cake for me . after 5 mins , she came out with an older looking woman , who turns out to be Carol's mother . Carol's mother told me , Carol was carrying the cake and bringing it to me when she slipped and fell and now the cake is on the floor , crushed . Just like my heart . Normally I would've raged but surprisingly I managed to keep my cool (thankfully Zelyn was with me) and said its okay , just refund the money and I'll go get another cake . Since it's already been 5 hours since I woke up and left my own house , I was rly tired and decided to just get a gay-ass wondermilk cake because I couldn't think of anywhere else . Overpriced and overly-sweet , but I had no other last minute option .
Lo and behold , Carol managed to snap a pic of my cake before she dropped it lmao . Not that I'm angry at her , I'm just really disappointed because i booked the cake TWO MONTHS before that day and i took so much trouble to get to her place , lots of fuel , time and energy wasted and i had to go home empty-handed .

okay not exactly empty-handed ,  maybe with a handful of overpriced ugly cake .

 anyway quickly got home and got ready to go to the party location .
maxi floral dress that i can't stop tripping over because i'm short as hell ...

the surprise went well though ! Very happy about the attendance and at least my efforts weren't wasted because Kun Yew didn't expect it at all :)

back before my hair bleach faded - it looked so grey !!!

of course , i had to drag Paggie along with me to any social event HAHAH . gonna miss this one so much when she's gone 😓


for Michelle's birthday , Stephanie spontaneously planned a surprise about two days beforehand and surprisingly the turn up was very good !! decided to bake her a vanilla butter cake with sliced peaches and lemon buttercream ! was supposed to make her an ombre cake but since i had not enough buttercream , i had to improvise with peaches and made a naked cake !!

end product !! the crumbs at the sides of the plate were actually crumbs that fell while i was even-ing out the sides of the cake . but since they look like a nice decoration , let's just keep it that way . LOLOL .

surprised Mick over breakfast at Rimba & Rusa !! she seriously didn't expect it - hence her no makeup face ahahha cutie .

always a good time with my FAB girlies , 7/10 of us here but it's all good !! Glad we're still able to give each other little surprises and catch up on each other 💓

till next time , thank you for reading !

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