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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  #19thwanchiday : Part 2
as a follow up to Part 1 of my 19th birthday post , here's Part 2 !

On the real day of my birthday this year (20th May) , i had an A-levels Maths exam , namely Further Pure Maths 1 . somehow , throughout the 5 years i've been in high school , there will always be an exam on my birthday .. this comes as no surprise to me , since May is usually the month of mid-year examinations . However , i'd thought i'd be able to escape this curse once i advanced onto college . NOPE . OF COURSE I'M CURSEd to have my birthday on an exam day consecutively on both years of my time in college :-) welcome to my life .

so anyway , on my birthday i was already feeling pretty off since everyone left KTJ for an exeat ; all except the students taking the FP1 exams . it sucks to be lonely on your birthday , right ? furthermore , my friend Johaan was being real inconsiderate to me because he kept rambling on and on about our other friend - Iza's birthday surprise . I mean , i love Iza a lot ; but isn't it an unspoken rule to NOT talk about someone else's birthday to the birthday girl ??? Anyway , more on that later .

My point is that i was already feeling pretty shitty on that day .. and the traffic jam back home to KL didn't make it any better . When i arrived home , i was in a pretty grouchy mood and unintentionally started quarelling with my mom - which made me feel shittier HAHA . luckily , my younger sister was there to calm me down and after apologizing to my mom , we had a quick cake-cutting session with a chocolate cake my sister picked out from Komugi .

one of the most dense chocolate cakes i've ever eaten in my opinion .. HAHHAHA

bare face feat. Wan En's birthday gift to me !!!

yeyyyy thank you Wan En for the clutch / make-up bag in my most favourite colour in the world - baby pink 😍😍  a funny story is actually behind this gift .. when i first unwrapped it , there was a black security tag still attached to the zipper of the clutch . i showed it to Wan En and her initial reaction was "WHAT THE HELL ???? how ?!?!?" . HAHAHAH . turns out the shop forgot to remove it after my sister paid for the clutch . Since my sister had bought the clutch all the way from Pavilion Mall , i was reluctant to go all the way there just to remove the tag because everyone knows how bad the jam is around Bukit Bintang area . hence , we resorted to our best friend - Youtube . turns out the way to remove a security tag properly was burning the plastic part out and then cutting off the spring that holds the tag in place , but don't go around shoplifting after this , kids .

the next day , I was supposed to go out to watch X-Men : Apocalypse with my KTJ friends . But alas ! my day turned out to be shitty again . Me , my sister and my mom went out in our car and sent it for polishing around Kota Damansara . since we had nothing better to do , we took an Uber to The Curve to do some shopping . my mom promised me that the car would be done at 1pm so we could head home and I would be able to drive out to catch my movie , which was screening about 3pm . At 1.30pm , the car still wasn't done yet ... so we took another Uber back to Kota Damansara to check on the car . The man told my mom it wasn't gonna be done for another hour or so ... and i badly wanted to watch Apocalypse because I love the X-Men movies 😓😓  so i told my mom "I can't wait anymore , i'll take an Uber home with Wan En okay" . i thought i could head home , take a quick shower and then take another cab to watch the movie ; but the Uber driver who took me and Wan En home was a clueless uncle who needed me to show him the way and drove pretty slowly , so when i got home it was practically almost 2.30pm . 

As i stepped through the doors of my house , i told Wan En , "i give up . this day couldn't get any shittier . i don't wanna go anymore la" . texted my friends to tell them i wasn't able to make it and basically just chilled at home till my mom came back with the polished car (finally) . a few hours before dinner , my mom had taken out some frozen food to be defrosted so she could cook later . then my sister suggested that we go out to eat in Bangsar . not wanting to piss my mom off , i said to my sister and mom , "nvm la we eat at home since mummy already took the food out .." , but Wan En kept going on and on about going out to eat . so we went back and forth like that for a bit and then my mom , who'd gotten so done with us burst out : "GO OUT AND EAT LA . your friends made a surprise for you". I just went ".... Oh ."

and that is the story of how my mom ruined my birthday surprise HAHAH . but fret not , friends-who-have-worked-so-hard to surprise me ; the best is yet to come . 

i quickly went to shower and prepare myself , which explains why i put on high heels and a tight skirt for something i wasn't supposed to know about LOL . got to the place and there were about 2 other birthday celebrations going on so Wan En accidentally took me to the wrong table HHAHAHHA FOL . walked to the right table and i immediately started crying tears of joy because i was so touched !!!

 me and my swollen eyes AHHAHA . now you must be wondering , why am i crying if my surprise was actually no longer a surprise to me ? the thing is , when my mom ruined my surprise - in my mind i was expecting the FABxten girls , but when i arrived for dinner .. i saw friends from almost all the years of my high school life . 

friends i've acquainted with since i was 14 - the Penang girls 

friends from KDU - the FABxten girls 

.. and last but not least , friends from KTJ !!! 

 I am seriously so so blessed this year to have not just one group of friends celebrate my birthday this year , but three !! Turns out , Johaan had pissed me off on purpose so i wouldn't expect anything ... well , he succeeded in making me depressed for most of the day HAHAHA . also , Kher Ying and Jayne came all the way down from Melaka and Bangi just for this celebration . Zelyn too for giving KY and Jayne a place to live , and for being one of my closest old friends 😭💖  it truly touches my heart how someone can go the distance just for me ... My FAB girlies who have stuck with me since we were 16 , i love how we still try to surprise each other even though we're all on different paths now 💘  so much love for all of them , my BPF Paggie for planning this out for weeks with my roommate Rachel , Kah Yee for always being her funny self and entertaining me throughout that night , Victoria for sending me a really sweet long message and coming that night , Vinn Kee for being such a great friend and always attending everyone's surprises .. Vinn Kee you da real MVP i'm so grateful for you !! and finally , Ming Xuan my high school desk buddy who's always so cute and very sweet to me .

Also to my bunch of KTJ friends - in my first year of KTJ i wasn't really sure which "clique" i belonged to in school , sometimes i felt kinda sad because of that .. but this year we all managed to be brought closer somehow and i'm so glad for every single one of you ; thank you for being such good friends to me . thank you for the laughter , the cries (AHEM JOHAAN ABRAHAM) , the spontaneous food trips and all our deep talks . my journey in KTJ was so much more enriched because of all of you , thank you xxx

My cake is from .... I'd rather not mention where this is from because of recent happenings - more on that in future blog posts !!

happy happy girl with my pretty cake hehe . i actually photoshopped off that strand of hair in the second photo in order to post it on Instagram . but here on my blog you guys get everything au naturel ok !!! NO EDITS NO FILTER HAHAH . ((mainly because i am such a lazy person))

thank you Kah Yee for the beautiful photos of that night ! 

one more of my cake ! :) 

last but not least , individual shots .
Rachel - my roommate . Both of us won't deny that although we are great as friends , our road as roommates has been quite a bumpy one .  our living habits are as different as sky and earth , but we somehow managed to pull through two terms together ☺️  thank you Rachel for tolerating me , and for trying your best to accommodate my needs . Thank you for contacting Paggie to plan out this amazing surprise for me , you truly are , the best soulmate someone could ever hope for 😭

Vinn Kee bby thank you so much for showing up and being such a great friend throughout these 3 years . i still remember our high school baking moments and the times when i cock-blocked you during House Sports practice sessions HAHA . love youuu 💗

the one most responsible for my birthday despair 😒  and then my happiness la 😂  well , should've expected it from #1 top-notch actor of the year , Johaan . AHAHHAH .

Chiang Kah Yee bby who can talk about just anything and everything ! love your hilarious jokes and thank you so much again for the gorgeous photos taken that night hehe ❤️

Paggie Tan BPF est. 2013 for always putting her best efforts in making me happy , consoling me when i have something to rant about , going out of her way to make things happen for me 😌😌  i appreciate and love you so much , thank you .

WAN EN !!! for trying so hard to coordinate the surprise with Paggie , she kept telling Paggie stuff like "don't worry i will not fail you" , and she was outraged when my mom leaked the surprise to me !! HAHAH . my little sister has always been my biggest supporter and best friend , and i don't know what i'd do without her sometimes .

and finally , Eunbae ! the most un-nerdiest nerd anyone has ever met , the super hot super skinny friend of mine . thank you for always being so understanding to me and listening to my rants and problems , for being the vainpot in our group of friends with me HAHA . its forever us wanting to snap photos !! thank you for making the effort to come for my surprise 😙

dear all readers , i'm sorry for the long and draggy post , but i truly am ; very very happy for my birthday this year . i dont tell a lot of people this , but : i've never liked my birthday because it always made me feel small , insignificant and unappreciated instead of the intended purpose . therefore , i'm always really touched by the actions of those who go the extra mile to surprise me . I thoroughly value sincerity over gifts , and this year i just wanna say that i've never felt more blessed to have such a loving group of friends .

to many more years as amazing as this one , signing off now . 💌

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