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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Paggie's Birthday Surprise 2016
as per every year , my friends and I would surprise each other on our respective birthdays . this year , Paggie was (supposedly) home alone on her birthday so we wanted to surprise her by buying all her favourite foods and bringing it to her house ! but after discussing with Lyn , me and Lyn realised that a lot of food would be difficult to take away .. with the exception of fried chicken and pizza . hence , we came up with the idea to buy all sorts of fried chicken available + get a cake for Paggie's birthday !

a week or two before the surprise , i tricked Paggie into thinking we were going out for dinner so she would dress nicely and put on makeup HAHHA . however , on the day itself , her parents came home from their business trip so she wasn't home alone after all ... and furthermore , her mother was reluctant to let her go out with me . little did Paggie know that it was all part of the plan since her family was also included in the planning process . anyway after much complication , the crisis was settled and the rest of hurried to get our fried chicken from all over KL lol .

hid behind her sofa and i texted Paggie "im downstairs" so she came down thinking it was me ready to pick her up for dinner but instead it was everyone else come to celebrate her birthday with her 😚😚😚

set up her dining table and boy did it look like a feast !!! one of our friends , Nelson accidentally bought 50 roasted chicken wings from Paggie's favourite place and to make matters worse (or better , actually) .. Paggie's parents had also went to the exact same stall and bought like a dozen chicken wings . HAHAHHA . so basically there was so much chicken but it still tasted pretty amazing .

fried chicken from everyone + cake from a place that Lyn loves !

overall it was such a good time reuniting with everyone again and also celebrate my best friend's birthday 💞💞💞  you guys have no idea how much Paggie means to me because she's one of the very select few who i can share literally anything with 😌


oh and here's a rare OOTD of mine .. i barely have OOTD's anymore ever since i went to boarding school HAHA .

and Paggie if you're reading this , a month late but happy birthday again to my best best best best BPF !!! thank you for tolerating all my shit and being the most understanding person i have ever had the privilege to be acquainted with 😭❤️ much much love for you always and i pray that you'll always find positivity and happiness wherever you go , because you're one person who truly deserves it x

thank you guys for reading ! sorry if this post sounds a bit rushed because i typed this at 12am and frankly i'm quite sleepy HAHA .

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