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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  The KTJ Life
Happy April guys !!!! yes , as we move forward into the fourth month of the year , here i am , still blogging about things from January HAHA . so as many of you now know , i'm currently taking my A Levels in a boarding school in Mantin , Negeri Sembilan . more specifically , a boarding school called Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar , more commonly known as "KTJail" to most of its students . 

for those of you who are wondering , yes , i did pick KTJ on my own . in fact , my mother wanted me to stay in KL . i picked KTJ because it was a good reputable school which is academically-inclined , which suits my personality i think . i could be a day boarder , it's possible ; but i would've have to travel approximately 3 hours per day (inclusive of the journey to and fro) , waste around RM20 for tolls each day and not to mention tire myself out . thus , i picked the boarding life . 

i write this post to give you guys an insight to my life over there , since there seems to be lots of anons on my ask.fm asking me about boarding life and how things work in KTJ . this blog post is also for those yet to enter KTJ and might be wondering how to cope there . soooo , if you're about to enrol in KTJ and decided to google it and found this blog post , CONGRATULATIONS !!! this is what you're looking for . (ahahha i would know , because i googled A LOT about KTJ before going there and i visited their website like 152678424 times as well) 

on the 11th of January 2015 , it was finally time to go . time to leave my comfy bed behind , goodbye my princess room .

hello KTJail .

this picture is taken in Jawahir house , aka the house i'm in . there are 3 floors in Jawahir , the ground floor consists of the common room , the pantry and the laundry room and these rooms are shared by everyone . the other two floors consists of the dorms and the shared toilets . there are three girls houses , namely Jawahir , Irinah and Alia . Jawahir and Irinah are somewhat similar in our accommodations ; however , if you get Alia , lucky you . Alia's accommodation is the biggest and the newest among the girls' houses and their building kinda resembles a small apartment ahaha . not complaining though , i love my Jawahir :')

and welcome to my room !!! i got a triple room , meaning i have two roommates sharing the room . typically , a form six student taking A Levels would get a single / double room , but due to the overwhelming amount of people enrolling in KTJ recently , they didn't have enough of those to provide for us . so most of the January intakes got triple rooms . it's a little bit squeezy , but we manage fine :)

a little bit of home . heheh i have fairy lights with me all the time ^_^

everyone gets a bed , a softboard above the bed , a table and shelf as well as a cupboard (as seen in the photo before this) . soooo basically that's it . the bathrooms and toilets are shared , which can get a little gross because some girls don't seem to know how to flush and the floor always seems to be grimy and wet :X therefore i shower with my slippers on , a tip i learned from Khai Yee , a fellow KDU-ian in KTJ !

meet my roommates , Stephanie from Johor and Jun Qi from Ipoh ! they're always super envious of me because i get to go back every weekend and they don't because they live too far away ahaha . oh yeah , sixth formers get to go on outings or mini-exeats every weekend . an exeat basically means a break from school where everyone gets to go home , which usually lasts 3-5 days . but a mini-exeat is a privilege only sixth formers get , which is to go home every weekend hehe :p to go home , i usually take a taxi from KTJ to the Batang Benar KTM station , then take the train back to KL . the taxi fare is RM20 , which is pretty pricey for such a short distance but oh well :/ 

on the first week of school , all the new January intakes had to go through "induction" for about a week , which was basically orientation (with a fancier name) to get us to know the school and the students . the induction varied from weird tasks like asking us to get signatures from seniors to treasure hunts and planning a short sketch . trust me , it was VERY VERY tiring because we had to juggle all those along with our classes . according to the August intakes (the people who took IGCSE's and went to KTJ in August the year before us) , their induction lasted about 1.5 weeks and they had no classes at all . however , since we were Jan intakes , we had to learn everything at a quicker pace and thus , we couldn't afford to have no classes . SO WE WERE DRAINED . every . single . day . i swear our first week was soooo tiring and everyone just kept on complaining about how tired we were , aside from how we keep getting lost on campus .

one of our induction tasks : to be waitresses for our seniors !

and another one : to don this hairstyle for the whole day in school . however , it only lasted for half an hour because the principal disapproved of it HAHAHA

we wear ties and long-sleeved shirts on Monday mornings because there is assembly . you're not allowed to wear hoodies and jackets during schooling hours , so if you're cold you have to wear your blazer . by the way , all grey blazers (for sixth formers) had to be tailor-made , mine costed RM245 .

during our induction week , we also had guardian angels !!! guardian angels are basically secret seniors who are assigned to get to know you and make you comfortable in school , and are only revealed to you once induction is over . therefore , any interaction with guardian angels are usually made by posting notes on the board in the Sixth Form Centre , the place where sixth formers usually gather .

gifts from my guardian angel ! SO GENEROUS T_____T 

ah what else ? FOOD ! i'm sure you're all wondering about the food in a boarding school right ? everyone hates school food , unless you go to Gardens International School in KL and have Ben's cater for you . school food is shitty to everyone , what more if you have to eat it 3 meals a day right ?? wrong .

as you can see , the food at KTJ is pretty good , although it gets repetitive and boring sometimes . taste-wise , i'm not complaining ; their dining hall food isn't the best , but tbh , it tastes pretty good AHAHAHA . also , as you can see in the last pic , i'm stealing 4 bananas .... and that's because fruits are forever high in demand in KTJ and always scarce . therefore , whenever i get my hands on fruit , i make sure to take lots to store for my upcoming days ahahaha .

finally , the people in KTJ ? they're really really nice !!! and one thing about KTJ : everyone there is top-of-the-class-smart . like seriously , i've never felt this dumb in my entire life , until i entered KTJ . everyone , and i mean EVERYONE , is super smart and the competition is tough . that aside , i love everyone because they're so friendly and funny !!

fun fun fun with my Jawahir girls !!

when i have free periods , sometimes i go to the Sixth Form Centre to sleep AHAHAHA
but then there's people like Crystal and JS so now i just go back to my dorm to sleep ... one of the advantages of being in a boarding school is that you literally live 5 minutes away from class , so even if you're "late" to class , you're not really late . 

fun fact about KTJ : you'll somehow be hungry all the time , even though you're not . i know that doesn't make sense , but it will once you enter KTJ hahaha .

hello Jun Qi !

also !!! there is a convenience store in the school itself , so if one day you run out of toothpaste or pads or even chocolate , fret not !!

speaking of chocolate .... the boyfriend gave me so much chocolate to store in KTJ that i don't think i'll ever finish it ..

what i love about KTJ is they have weekly visits from universities to give talks to the sixth formers , which really helps if you're still clueless on what to do after A Levels . they also give a lot of information about personal statements , thank goodness because i have absolutely no idea on how to write a good one

well , i guess that basically sums up my life thus far in KTJ . it's definitely stressful because everyone there is so smart and sometimes you can't help but feel like an idiot , but it's mostly fun and laughter because you spend every single hour of your day with the same bunch of people so you tend to become really close and intimate although you've only known them for awhile :) 

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