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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Last Day of High School
a few weeks ago .... (or rather , two months ago , since i'm typing this on the 1st of January 2015) we officially had our last day of school as form fives !!! We were given 2 weeks of study break before our SPM examinations and therefore , we had our last day earlier than the Form 1-4's . one thing that makes me love KDU more is that they allow the Form 5's to dress up on the last day of school in whatever way we want , no restrictions ... but of course janganlah turn up in a bikini or something LOL . as long as it's not too crazy , it's fine .

so my class , 5 Aristotle , decided we would do a 60s theme ! i don't know much about the 60s since i hate history , nor do i have any clothes that resembles an outfit from that era , so initially i wasn't too enthusiastic about the idea of it . (notice how my outfit isn't really into the theme later HAHA) However , glad that most of the FAB girls rose to the occasion well and looked like they all stepped out of a 60s movie !! Melati even rented a 60s outfit from a costume shop , talk about participation !

my ootd ... i know , i know , it's not 60s at all :S

lots and lots of pics with my FAB girls !! love all their outfits heheh , too cute !

Pictures with my add maths , bio and mod. maths teachers ! Honestly this school has brought me under the wing of some of the best teachers i've ever encountered .. i kid you not , the teachers you meet in KDU will be the most caring , nicest , cutest teachers you'll ever meet T___T

with my b(ro)

with my cute bby mick :*

with Xin Jae heheh 

with the 5A classmates and our school Principal !

one more with the FAB ! love love them

with Terry , Jimmy & David ! the CYNEX boys ahahah 

with my one and only Ripple Tank Chiang HAHAHAH

with the smartest people in school .... literally . Academic Excellence Gold , Bronze and Silver ! 

with the bestest friend in the whole world ... (NOT YOU WY JUNN) i know it doesn't seem obvious in the photos but right before these pics were taken , me and Paggie were literally balling our eyes out at each other at the thought of not having each other anymore and by balling AND I MEAN BALLING FULL ON CRYING WITH TEARS ROLLING DOWN OUR CHEEKS ENDLESSLY . LOLOL no idea why we were so sad even though we live 10 mins away from each other but once we started crying we couldn't stop HAHAHA .

with attention seeker Wy Junn (jk) who photobombed me and Paggie's moment 

with the cute Hannah Banana :P

with Addin who daringly dressed up as a girl AHAHAHHAHA omg and he's even prettier than me !! this is unfair ! 

and one with Wai Seun , my friend since Form 1 :'))))

oh and !! about one week before our last day at school , the FAB decided that we would each write 9 letters ; one for each other member of the FAB . (get it , since there's 10 of us) so on the last day of school , we would exchange the letters with all our musings in it and end the school year on a high note . 

for example , here's the letters Melati wrote for everyone 

and here is my version hehe !! thought mine looked pretty good until i saw everyone else's ....

90 letters all laid out and ready to be picked out !! omg ... these people putting my plain white letters to shame T__T seriously , look at Stephanie's hand-sewn hearts on her cards , Hannah's unique letters made out of paper bags and Kah Yee's booklets filled all over with foam stickers !!! I AM ASHAMED HAHAH .

all my letters from my 9 favourite girls !!! love how each and every letter has it's own personal touch + perfectly symbolises the writer :* sincerely grateful and happy to be given the opportunity to be a part of such a big and cheerful group , they've brought me nothing but joy and i'm so proud to have them as friends :')) glad that throughout these past 2 years , we had no drama , no complications ; just lots of fun , jokes and gossips .. truly the best bunch a girl could ever hope for , i had the time of my life with you girls .

till next time x

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