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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Diary of a Lazy Blogger #28 : The Rest of 2014
hello guys !! final blog post i'll be posting before i leave to boarding school , which is in one day HAHA . sorry for the delay , as i've been busy packing up and preparing for college :( not sure what to expect but i hope everything will go smoothly .. will update you guys when i'm there !! (hopefully i'll have time and they'll have good wifi)

so here's the rest of my 2014 in pictures , these are the events that are too small to have an entire blog post dedicated to them , but nonetheless i think they do play a significant role in my life . therefore , here's a summary on my November-December 2014 :)

made mini red velvet cupcakes for Wy Junn's birthday surprise hehe !

surprised him at school during the form 5's study break , with Kirjane , Xinjae & Nicole !

loooove all these cuties , best people to have deep talks with :p 

attended my second and last Performance & Awards Nite at Sri KDU !

was in a rush so i forgot my eyeliner ... ugh

sorry ah idk how to rotate pics on Blogger hahahah plz tilt your head slightly ...

while waiting for our awards ... we studied on our phones (downloaded notes to read for SPM which was one week away) . hahahah once a kiasu , forever a kiasu - applies to all 3 of us 

receiving my award !

so honoured to receive the Academic Excellence Bronze Award in 2014 .. for those of you who do not know , this means i placed third in the whole form . Truly thankful and all glory goes to God for this award :)

one of my sad attempts to try to eat clean before prom ... HAHAHAH AT LEAST I TRIED OK !!!

attended the annual school play , The Fortunettes , on the last weekend of SPM 

with the boyfriend , Wern Hao and the best friend !! Paggie said i could've captioned this as "bf sandwich" if Wern Hao wasn't there lolol

with my darling Nicole ! would've been one of my fav pics if my arm wasn't so fat in the photo ... Mr Pang Y U DO DIS TO ME 

with Wy Junn & Nicole hehe !

with the Wordsworth girls , Nisha , Syazwana & Alyssa :)

went to visit my future school for the scholarship interview ... still amazed at how i managed to get 50% scholarship :S

i secretly think i'm a hamster HAHA JK

Nisha's Deepavali open house ! also learned to play FIFA for the first time there HAHAHA

random day out with the BFF after SPM ! 

last day of SPM calls for some sampat photos at the school waiting area ..... as Paggie says it , this photo symbolizes "WE DID IT !!" (SPM)

made Oreo cheesecake brownies for the last FAB party aka our drunk party at Paggie's house ahaha . if anyone is wondering , the recipe is from thebakerupstairs.com !

knowing me and my friends ... i think you guys should know by now that we take wayyyy too many photos heh . the last FAB party was right after our Bio SPM paper , to celebrate the ending of our SPM papers since we never really bothered with EST anyway hahah . it was sort of a potluck thing , which explains why i brought the brownies 

BBQ party !!! had the absolute time of my life eating freshly grilled lamb chops and chicken breasts , not to mention Lyn's mom's home-cooked salmon was the bomb !! we even had satay that Kah Yee dapao-ed from a nearby shop hehe .. overall , it was such a good night and we had so much fun sitting in a circle and gossiping together after that

oh did i mention we all planned to get drunk that night ? (pls notice how i bolded the word "planned")

drunk gang reunite !!! if you don't get what i mean , read this post .

had a really good karaoke session with my girls and ... as mentioned above , we PLANNED to get drunk .. but only 2 of us ended up really drunk HAHHA . won't mention who the two people were and the events that followed after , so you can make a wild guess ;)
as for me .... i took a tiny sip of vodka and GOSH I HAVE TO SAY IT TASTED ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTING . no idea why they make the bottle so appealing but the taste so terrible . seriously , i can't imagine why people like alcohol . anyway only after a few sips , my entire face and body turned red hAHHAHA . it's not that i was drunk or allergic or anything , it's because (according to my brother) , we inherited our parents' genes of not having the ability to drink . oh well , i don't like the taste of alcohol anyway ahaha . Stephanie (in pic) on the other hand !!!! IS A REAL PRO AT DRINKING . SHE WASN'T EVEN DRUNK EVEN THOUGH I THINK SHE DRANK QUITE A LOT OMG . doughnuts sponsored by Victoria !! what a fat day it was ...

baby sis came over right before New Year's so i took her to try the ever-so-famous Village Park Nasi Lemak !! of course , it didn't disappoint ... i think i'm becoming a regular there now based on the amount of visits i pay them

Lyn had a Christmas party about a week before Christmas and sadly not all the FAB could make it , but it was fun all the same !!! we played Secret Santa , which explains why we're all holding random objects HAHA . i was Kah Yee's secret santa and i gave her a box of cookies , she was Vic's and got Vic some VS products , Vic was Paggie's and gave her a plush toy , Paggie was mine and got me a F21 necklace . as for Melati and Lyn , they both got each other , which was so coincidental !! Melati got Lyn a mug and Lyn got Melati a notebook and a passport holder i think !! can't really remember ugh

food by the Yeong's is always good !!!!! loved their turkey and nasi lemak T___T

(inside joke)

will we ever stop taking photos ? the answer is no of course not HAHAHA . in this pic we're trying to enact a family photo , thus the weird arrangement we're standing / squatting in . Paggie & Lyn are the dad and mom , and the rest of us are their daughters !

and here we're trying to act out a scene where the parents wanna act lame and try to be funny HAHAHA . 

with Yee Mae , Lyn's sister who is ever so loving and sweet !

with Paggie ... trying to act like we're gifts HAHAHA . bad imitation , i know .

and one with Kah Yee cos we were super matchy-matchy that night ! reindeer ears + red / white plain dresses :*

LADUREE macarons from Korea from the bf heheh , he knows what i like best ˆ.ˆ

anndddd 1 Cerdas SSB reunion at Morgan'sfield , Publika !

ended my perfect 2014 with my favs hehe . gotta say that 2014 has been insanely good to me , i loved every moment of it 

and now .... back to packing for boarding school :/ 

can't guarantee when i will be blogging the next time , so if i do , it'll be from KTJ and if i do , it means A Levels have not affected me that terribly yet . HAHA . till then ! see you guys , love you all and thanks for reading x

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