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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Diary of a Lazy Blogger #27: New Year Thoughts
hey guys , let me start off by wishing everyone a Happy New Year !! 2015 marks the 5th year this blog has been running and if you have been following me since the start and watched me grow up , thank you thank you thank you for the endless support and always keeping up with my crap blog haha . if you've started reading along the way , that's fine as well and thank you too for being part of something that i initially started just because it was the era where everyone had a blog .. 

anyway , my purpose in writing this isn't to explain why i started this blog ... on a side note , i know i still owe this blog lots of overdue posts from 2014's November and December , but i'll skip that part for now and take this opportunity to pen down (more like type down) my thoughts in conjunction with the brand new year . :)

2014 has indeed , been a year of ups and downs for me .. here's a short summary of the highlights of my year based on my Instagram

In January , i officially started school as a senior ! senior year always felt so far away for me but in the blink of an eye , a year just whizzed past like that and i had to say , senior year was the best of all my high school years 

In February , i went to UK with my mom (click here) and reunited with my brother .. also , did a Valentine's bake sale in collaboration with my school's PC Committee ! (click here)

March was the month of sports , but also , unfortunately , a bad month for Malaysia . the series of misfortunate events of our country began in March , the disappearance of MH370 . i remember this clearly , as it happened on the exact same day of our school sports day :/  March was also a pretty sad month for me , i was having trouble getting over an ex , and that made me pretty emotionally unstable throughout the next 2 months ..

in April i finally had a chance to shoot with 17 Magazine ! not a very big part but i was really excited as it was my first time taking photos for a magazine ! (blog post here) It was also the month of my best friend , Paggie's birthday (blog post here)

May , again , was a pretty sad month for me .. Although it was my birthday month , it kinda sucked because as of every year , my birthday clashes with the annual Mid Year Exams ... and thus , i never really had a good birthday celebration :/ and again with the relationship problems hahah (but that's in the past !!) 

in June i finally began picking myself up and from then on , my life started getting more and more eventful .. not to say it wasn't eventful from Jan-May , but i think the lower half of the year was better ahahah .. finally saw my role model perform live !!! I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT HEHEHEHHE . like literally , the only albums i own are hers :P (concert blog post here)

in July we began prepping for our trial exams , but in between had lots of bonding time in school , such as our photoshoot day :P it was also around that time when i was introduced to my current bf , so life was good HAHAHAHA . oh and Ming Xuan's birthday was in July ! (click here)

in August i began sitting for my Trial 1 .. which i worked extra hard for , since i needed to use the results for my college application .. this resulted in me getting the best grades i've ever gotten in my upper secondary life HAHAHA . and as the saying goes , work hard ; play hard ! participated in The Colour Run with Amanda and met a few new friends along the way ! (click here) Other events include another photoshoot , and an open house i attended 

September calls for another month of studying , as we all prepared for our second set of trial examinations , our Trial 2 .. managed to save some time for parties though ! (click here) also , lots of bonding time with classmates and friends hehe , so blessed to have them

in October we had our final days in school and successfully graduated high school !! (click here) no graduation day with robes and square hats like American high schools whatsoever but i thoroughly enjoyed the last few days of school with my girls , as heartbreaking as it was :( will definitely miss all 9 of them !!

in November our nightmares began . and when i say "our" , i mean all of us who were 17 studying the KBSM syllabus .. yup , the dreaded SPM month started .. which means .. boring boring boring , studying all day everyday . glad we were able to take some time off the last week of SPM , went to watch our annual school production with the bf and best friend , titled The Fortunettes ! don't regret one bit though , the show was realllyyyy good !!

ah , and finally .. we have December ! December was a month of holidays and getaways .. proms and parties .. and in the midst of everything , i had lots of free days where i enjoyed doing what i do best : nothing . if you know me well enough , you'd know that i am actually super lazy in person and i can take naps up to 4 hours despite having sufficient sleep the night before hahaha . yes , i do enjoy the pleasure of doing absolutely nothing , just laying in bed and playing with my phone , scrolling FB , Twitter and Instagram on repeat and basically , not thinking about anything .. unfortunately , December came to an end pretty quickly and as i type this , there is merely a week left until college .

Oh college . if there was an option for April intake in the college of my choice , you'd bet i'll be signing up for it . but then again , wishes don't grow on trees and i guess sometimes you just gotta make do with what you have .. for those of you who do not know , i will be attending Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar .. it is a boarding school located in Negeri Sembilan and is an hour plus drive from KL .. yup , you heard that right , boarding school . fancy me , going to boarding school !! gotta warn you guys that i think my life is about to get a whole lot more boring in 2015 , since i can't be out that often anymore :( however , i'm not quite sure what to expect from it .. hope it'll be good , fingers crossed and i trust that my God will provide for me :) 

here's to a better year , may it be as eventful as my last and may i meet lots of new interesting people and friends but still keep in touch with my old ones .. hopefully , A-levels will treat me gently and i'll be bringing good news to you guys in the months to come ..

as i turn 18 this year , i still can't believe how fast time flies . how i still remember my first day of high school , of being 13 . and now , 5 years just came and went .. my high school years were a whirlwind of emotions , friendships , relationships , academics and lifetime events ; and i can sincerely say that i regret none of it . everything i learned in these 5 years made me who i am today , and i can't thank God enough for the experiences he gave me , be it good or bad . 

as the new year starts , i wanna wish you all a wonderful new year , stay true to yourselves and make the best out of every day . (especially those of you in your senior years !!!! HAHA) 

thank you so much for reading this lengthy post , i love all of you x


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