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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Valentine’s Bake Sale

hey guys ! i know i’m almost two months late to blog this post but forgive me , for i have been so busy T___T



so as you guys may or may not know , Paramount Championship plays a big role in my school . it is an organization to help students unleash their various talents through many competitions , for more info go to paramountchampionship.com :D hahaha anyway , it so happens that the president of PC is my classmate and this year , i was privileged to help them in their Valentine’s sales , aimed to raise funds for their organization .

when my classmate first asked me if they could order cupcakes and macarons from me , i was more than honoured and happy to do it !!! HEHEHE you all know i love baking and to be given an opportunity to take on such a big project , i was thrilled !!

made one batch of heart-shaped macarons with chocolate ganache as a sample a few days before the real day ! first time trying to make heart-shaped macarons and i’m so pleased with the outcome <3


RM100 worth of ingredients o.o !! so i was told to make 40 red velvet cupcakes and 60 macarons … all which i did in one day


work space – all set


i had the fugliest cupcake liners ever … wanted plain white ones but couldn’t find any so this was the closest i could get :(


time for innovation ! i flipped the cupcake liners inside-out so that the patterned part would be inside and the white part would be on the outside , making it look like white cupcake liners . yay :D


red velvet cupcakes x heart-shaped macaron shells … the shells were supposed to be white but turned out beige after baking :(


MOST DELICIOUS RED VELVET CUPCAKES !!! hahaha not being perasan or what but they are really yummy T___T recipe from : http://recipes.howstuffworks.com/red-velvet-cupcake-recipe.htm


letting the macaron shells air for 30 minutes before popping them into the oven . my oven’s not a very big one so i took FOREVER just to bake 120 macaron shells :(


pairing up macaron shells of the same size … consistency is something i have yet to master :p



filled my pink and beige macarons with vanilla buttercream !


look at my whopping amount of shells :(


and done ! :D


now for the cupcakes …
one big tub of cream cheese frosting ready to pipe !


1522003_10202716207098769_1380547363_n 1534997_10202716207018767_249777596_n
piped them in the style of Georgetown Cupcake , where the recipe originates from ahahah and topped them with a candied heart !


had extra batter and icing so i made these mini babies as well !! too cute T__T


oh i almost forgot ! for Valentine’s Day me and my friends decided to do something like Secret Santa , but since it was Valentine’s , we called it “Secret Cupid” ! hahaha . for those of you who don’t know how Secret Santa goes , click here


so i prepared this for my secret Valentine !
1504139_10202716209178821_1879612682_n 1939849_10202716209218822_614763315_n
a box of two mini red velvet cupcakes + two macarons :D my secret Valentine was Paggie and sadly she isn’t much of a dessert person but all the same i hope she liked it ! :) and to those who are wondering , my secret cupid was Yee Lyn and she gave me a jar of jelly beans from Wondermilk ! loved playing Secret Cupid with the rest of my girls heheh


all the cupcakes ready to go !!!


brought everything to school the next day in a huge cardboard box + another huge paper bag … Lord knows how i managed :p


ending this post with my post-workout selfie HAHAHAH … haven’t been working out lately because my mid-year exams are in 5 weeks and shit is starting to get serious :S


for any enquiries and orders for cupcakes and macarons , email me at wanchi.chocolatetwilight@hotmail.com ! x

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