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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  UK Trip : Day 9

aaaaaa one week away from exam ! *dies* :S trying to cram as much as i can into my brain but really form 5 is tough because we have to finish all the syllabus by June and then its trial exams after trial exams … and then the real one . ugh .


here’s UK day 9 !!! a few more blog posts and i’m done with my trip documentary HAHAHHA SO PLS BEAR WITH ME I KNOW ITS BORING T___T

 DSC_4873 DSC_4875 DSC_4876DSC_4877
walked to Quayside to see the Greyshead Millenium Bridge ! omg as if the weather wasn’t cold enough , the wind by the quay was SO DAMN STRONG AND FREEZING COLD . quickly took some pictures and hurried to the nearest shelter HAHAHA , which was the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art , located at the other side of the bridge !


brunching in BALTIC’s little cafe ! my first time trying Eggs Benedict after watching so many mouth-watering episodes of 4 seasons Masterchef <3 it was pretty meh to be honest … :( not a good one for a first try .


hahaha this is what the judges always do when they wanna check the perfectness of the poached egg ! #masterchefhere


then went around the museum just to avoid the cold outside :S not supposed to take photos but i sneaked a picture ! :p


also went to the top of the building to see the view

THE VIEW IS SO PRETTY !!!! can i live in UK forever , minus the freaking cold weather of course :(


Sage Gateshead is situated super near BALTIC so we went there to have a look too ! there wasn’t much to see , considering it’s just a place for concerts to be held


and then off to St. Mary’s church ! initially we just wanted to look around and waste a bit of time but they had a free lunchtime concert so we stayed to watch .


the free lunchtime concert – some quartet from some school … i can’t remember what school but they were pretty good !!! loved the fact that they even played some modern songs like Viva La Vida to keep it interesting :D


went back to the hotel to rest after that ! OOTD :p


and in the evening my brother came over to bring us to his campus to have a look !went into his hostel and boy , it was small

in my brother’s messy little room ! :S kinda makes me excited though , i can’t wait to have my own little dorm in the future :DDD


took a bus to Tynemouth , where my brother’s (sort of) foster parents came to pick us up and we had dinner at their house !
here’s my brother’s set of foster parents ! (and my mom as usual haha) technically they aren’t his foster parents , but they met in church and he goes to their house for lunch all the time . they took care of my brother a lot , so they’re kind of but not officially his foster parents ? hahaha . anyway the food they served was amaaaaazing and they’re super nice people T___T they even fetched us back to the city centre !!


so hopefully someday when i go overseas to study abroad alone , i’d be fortunate enough to meet kind and good people like my brother did :D

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