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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  HK/Macau Day 5

well honestly Macau was so uninteresting that i don’t even feel like finishing my travel blog posts but oh well … :///



me and wan en’s faces + OOTDs !


DSC_4449 DSC_4448
went around San Ma Lo (新馬路) which is like the center of Macao … Macao is a little less hectic than HK i guess ?? hahah


the cute and intricate nautical-themed tiles on the streets ! super cute *o*


DSC_4453 DSC_4452
went to this place … well i don’t even remember what this place is called HAHAH


and OMG GUESS WHAT MY FAMILY FOUND ANOTHER LEITARIA I SON (aka the milk custard / pudding shop) and they just had to eat it again –___- why oh why . #ihatemilk #ew


Koi Kei is apparently the most famous company in Macau for pastries and souvenirs … so of course i had to try their Portugese egg tarts ! :9


DSC_4458 DSC_4457
ahh omg i’m salivating just thinking about these fresh-from-the-oven babies T___T


DSC_4461 DSC_4459
happy girls with our egg tarts ! omg i just realised our lips looked so pale :OOOO


the place prettily decorated with Christmas decorations ! we wanted to get to the Ruins of St Paul’s so we had to bypass this place


and we also had to go down a long curvy crowded street with ba gua (dried meat) shops at every corner . I’M NOT KIDDING . EVERY SINGLE SHOP WAS SELLING BA GUA / DRIED CUTTLEFISH / BISCUITS / PORTUGESE EGG TARTS . PHEW .


and finally we’re here !!! Ruins of St Paul’s !! SO SO CROWDED OMG


DSC_4471 DSC_4466
YAY ! these are bad pictures because my pic looks like it’s the Leaning Tower of Pisa instead of St Paul’s Ruins and wan en’s pic is bad because i didn’t manage to capture the entire fort . HAHAHHA


some better photos !! ahhh i love my legs here *w*


up close !!


the Ruins used to be a church !


inside the crypt ! didn’t take much pics cos you’re supposed to remain silent inside + there wasn’t much to snap anyway


then i went to the toilet because i felt something and guess what … i leaked . if you’re a guy reading this blog post and are feeling disgusted , you may leave . if you’re a girl , YOU FEEL ME ?! damn . i mean it wasn’t a bad leak , but like i had a little bloodstains in my pants :S wasn’t a bad leak but bad enough to make me wanna retreat home straightaway :'(( so we didn’t explore the Ruins of St Paul’s anymore !


still eating ice-cream despite having period HAHHAHAHA . nothing’s gonna kill my love for sweet desserts ! :p


Dairy Queen’s blizzard in a cone ! only bought one because it was pretty pricey as compared to the ones sold in Phuket which we tried previously :S


pork bun ! another one of Macau’s specialties ! i didn’t have one cos i was quite full + i’m not such a big fan of pork hahah


one of the historical churches we saw on our way home … didn’t take much pics again cos i just wanted to go home so badly :(


Wonton noodles and honey lemon for din din ! the noodles was pretty meh though :// HK food > Macau food


went back to our suite AT LONG LAST . scumbag dad and wan en decided to go to the grocery store again cos they were running out of things to cook for breakfast HAAHAHAH . i didn’t wanna go because i was pretty conked out so i waited for them to come home …

DSC_4499 DSC_4496
AHHH OMG THEY FOUND MY SOUGHT-AFTER HELLO KITTY INSTANT NOODLES !!!!! and i didn’t even want the sweets but wan en bought them anyway hahaha


i wanted these cup noodles ever since i saw Speishi post them on her twitter and she mentioned that they were from HK . so when i went to HK , i asked my Hongkee aunt to search for it but she said she couldn’t find them in HK that’s why i’m so happy that wan en found it in the grocery store !!! yay !! :DDDDD


wan en also bought a lot of other bullshit candies and sweets so we had a junk food fest that night . HAHAHAHAH



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