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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  December Penang Trip : Day 6 and 7

hi all !! i’ve been pretty busy since i got back from India , and whilst in India i also caught a sore throat … NOOO :(

i know my posts are all super back-dated , but i’ll try to rush them as soon as possible ! follow me on Dayre for daily updates ! dayre.me/wanchi_c :)


anyway , hung out with #GENGNAKTAUSIAPAFLENADMIN on day 6 !! just in case you’re wondering what in the world #GENGNAKTAUSIAPAFLENADMIN is , let me break it down for you :

  • we had a whatsapp group the original plan was for all of us to book a night at the hotel and of course all of us will pay evenly but no progress came to that plan cos nobody knew which hotel to book etc etc .
  • so it advanced to hanging out at Carmen’s granddad’s apartment which was empty and i told everyone in the group that we were gonna hold a surprise party for Carmen … but Carmen was the admin of the whatsapp group . HAHAHAH . so everyone was like “wtf this carmen’s face so thick make surprise party for her ownself” … hahaha sorry carmen :p
  • cutting to the chase , we finally decided on pizza at Carmen’s apartment + chilling by the pool … BUT CARMEN WANTED TO GO TO GURNEY TO MEET HER “FLEN” YET SHE REFUSES TO TELL HER WHO THE FLEN IS AND WHY IT IS SO IMPORTANT TO HER .
  • hence , we called ourselves #GENGNAKTAUSIAPAFLENADMIN


my house is about 1km away from the place itself so i decided to walk there … saw my sis and her bf on the way (MY SIS HAS A BF) and asked them for a lift since my bro-in-law could drive HAHAHHA . yay ! reached the place and went in with Carmen , Zelyn and Jayne … Cheryl and Nic were a little late but as soon as they came we ordered Dominos !!

541409_10201960253240395_1441989282_n 1461171_10201960253320397_1978288923_n
pizza ! shared a pizza with Jayne ! yum yum Classified Chicken is the bomb


PHOTO WITH THE PIZZA HAHAHAHA we used the self-timer to take this shot ! look at Carmen and Cheryl , damn funny their expressions lolol and Jayne who never seems to open her eyes


one of the many pictures we took ! also played Heads Up there and it was soooo funny :'DDDD

so obviously after eating pizza you would have to wash your hands , and the toilet was located far away inside the gym . i went first alone cos i always eat super fast HAHAHAH so after i came back , nicole went with zelyn and jayne

in the gym ! so after this pic was taken , our most lovely nicole (the victim of it all) went in the toilet with zelyn and jayne …


then me and carmen and cheryl went over and locked the door HAHAHHA but this carmen even more geng , straight off the lights . AHAHAHHA . then we started hearing screams from inside the toilet while we tried to contain our laughter :'DDDD hahahah poor people inside the toilet

the one and only group pic from that day :( damn my face looks huge since i’m holding the camera :(

went to Gurney after that via a nice taxi !

as usual , dem retards wanted some Starbucks so we tagged along to camwhore hahah .


trinity !!! then Nic and Jayne went to watch Frozen BOOOO :(( i wanted to watch but didn’t cos my dad said he was gonna come soon .. Carmen already watched it and Zelyn wanted to go to Brown Pocket so we didn’t watch :(


1461441_10202026853686216_919148212_n 1479080_10202026859246355_1447699604_n 1466302_10202026860046375_366995352_n 1462866_10202026860126377_1643080656_n
at Brown Pocket ! the lighting was really pretty *o* didn’t order anything cos i just tried this cafe out the day before … Zelyn ordered their signature Triple Choc and Carmen and Cheryl shared Banana Chocolate i think :o




after eating we had nowhere to go so we went outside and took pictures … with the self-timer our best friend .


one group pic !


all our OOTDs ! :*


shortly after , scumbag dad came to pick me up and we went for dinner … then at night we went for dessert – my pick !!!! went to Victoria’s Sweet Pastry at Vantage Desiran Tanjung , which is super near my house haha

love the floral interior *o* can i pls have that side table …


1545112_10202136268200659_818930177_n 1464643_10202136268240660_234554496_n
my berry macaron and i !


parents’ Black Forest french toast … or smtg like that idk hahah


desserts 4 lyfe (Y) the toast took sooo damn long to come … i waited and waited for it so i could take a group photo of all our food :(


- end of day 6 -


received my parcel on the last day i was in Penang ! yayyy :p


played games on y8 while waiting for scumbag dad to fetch me to Queensbay … :(


and off to KL i went !


the disgusting spaghetti they served in the bus :X


lucky for me , le bf bought me cheezy wedges before i boarded my bus ! yay ! :DDD


stay tuned for my next post , bye bye ! <3

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