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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  My August holidays – second half
well … the holidays have already ended .__. and as usual , here i am , looking forward to the next one , which is .. in three months OH GOD WHY .
so if you read my blog post on my first half of the hols , you should know that i’ve been pretty lifeless , hanging out with myself at home . if you haven’t , read it here ! :D
anyway here’s how my second week oh holidays went !
on Tuesday , i took a flight alone back to my beautiful island . my flight was at 8.50PM , and my mother very cleverly suggested that i went to the airport at 5PM and i very cleverly agreed to her plan ha ha ha . very smart of my mom because i could only check-in at 7PM and i had two hours to waste alone HA HA HA .
met up with Amanda who lives super near ! only met her for a little while though , and by the time Amanda left , it was still waaaay too early for me to check-in .

so i sat alone … waiting … and waiting . until i was hungry . so i went to look for something to eat but everything sucked so i went back to Starbucks :(

things then started to get better cos when i was about to pay for my Blueberry Cheese Muffin , the barista told me that my card had sufficient credit to pay for it ! i was like , wtf is happening o.o !!! i’ve never reloaded my card with any money so idk how that was possible haha . then of course , i was curious about the card so i went to the Starbucks website to find out more . and it turns out that when you register your card online , you get a free Grande-sized beverage ! so i registered !

free muffin , free choco cream chip , it’s my lucky day !!!! hahaha

reached Penang International Airport and my best friend was already there waiting for me with a sign ! :'DDDD i cannot tell you who it is but if you follow me on twitter you should know ;)
the ugly LINE bear my best friend drew on the sign HAHAHAH

the next day i went for a mini photoshoot with my primary schoolmate , Mingwaiy :D
1009839_394372470685659_124879507_n 1097988_394386437350929_695117223_n 561274_394379794018260_943336271_n 994592_394366077352965_521523004_n
these are some of the pics she posted earlier !! super love the results !! it was an awkward shoot cos we haven’t talked in a long long time but nevertheless she was very professional and I LOVE THE PHOTOS SHE TOOK !! SHE IS GONNA BE MY WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER HAHAHA .
then i went out with my friends ! namely Jayne , Nic and Carmen . Zelyn couldn’t go cos she was at CF camp and god knows what happened to ky .
933978_10201188495226927_1704476915_n 1157523_10201188494786916_424152781_n
group pic first !!
Nicole wanted to watch The Conjuring super badly but she chickened out and admitted she wasn’t 18 yet when the lady at the counter said “we are very strict . you have to be 18 and above to watch this movie .” omg nicole whyyyyy . but since i already watched it , i don’t really mind .
so we ended up watching …
the movie was uh … fine i guess . what would you expect out of The Smurfs right ? hahaha . anyway it was 2 hours long . 2 hours long of bullshit hahahah

camwhoring in the toilet after our movie ! Jayne was too tall to fit in the frame , i’m not kidding !

before the movie we went to camwhore at the park ! (lots of vain pics ahead)
we all have such different ways of dressing LOLOL .

1005378_10201188492226852_89145872_n 581788_10201188492866868_1476342458_n 1208522_10201188493226877_897206903_n
as you can see , jayne is very manly .

Nicole picking her nose – caught on camera !!!!! (ok la to save nicole’s face , she was really just rubbing her nose , not picking)

let’s take a closer look at Jayne , shall we ? :D
^ bitch high as fuck

^ because running like a normal person is too mainstream .

then carmen went home so me , jayne and nic walked around aimlessly until we decided to get cheese fries from Crazy Potato (which was RM12 so each of us paid RM4) but then scumbag dad came to pick me up before they finished frying the french fries so i didn’t get a bite of anything T____T

and then the next day i went to Gurney again . this time with my sister !
went to Miam Miam @ Gurney Paragon because i wanted to try out the french toast that everyone keeps raving on about .

i must say , me and wan en waited approximately 40 minutes for our french toast to come . even the people who arrived in the restaurant later than us got their food earlier than us so you could imagine how much time they were taking with our order .

but that’s probably because …
“from scratch” . okay , i understand they’re waiting for the chickens to lay eggs so they can make our french toast . they’re still rolling up the flour and adding the yeast to the bread to make our french toast . they are still adding sugar to the cream to top our french toast . they are waiting for the bees to leave their beehive so they can get honey for our french toast .
sorry i am being so sarcastic but i am so angry that they made us wait for so long whilst the other people who came later than us , i repeat CAME AFTER US , got their french toast earlier !!! >:((( what turf ! okay end of rant . no hate towards Miam Miam .

so finally it came anyway .
TA-DAAAAH ! the famous french toast which has been appearing on everyone’s instagram . RM16.80 by the way , expensive or not ? your call .

wan en drizzling the honey onto it .

the taste was .. alright . but not sublime to the level that i would post a photo on instagram and say it tasted fabulous . and not to the level that i would be willing to go back again to eat it and pay a whopping RM16.80 .
okay sorry , once again no hate towards Miam Miam hahaha .
then we went to buy the ingredients needed … to make a bento for my BFF >:)) and after buying , wan en rewarded herself to Gelatomio ! haha
DSC_3176 DSC_3175

and off we go (home) to make our my bento !
i didn’t take any pics of the process cos me and wan en were super stressed out + the kitchen was a mess cos my grandma was peeling prawns and using up the sink and nagging at my maid and my maid was busy walking around helping my grandma and cleaning up and i was trying to make a heart-shaped egg but the paper got stuck to it so wan en sliced off the paper and then we had to make popcorn chicken which we don’t know how to and cook japanese rice which we haven’t done before either and IT WAS SO CHAOTIC and wanxin came down to kacau and WE ALMOST DIED .
DSC_3178 DSC_3177
here’s the end result : my cat bento !
anyway i’m very proud of me and wan en’s hard work even though my heart-shaped eggs are more like peach-shaped and the orange juice is from Peel Fresh . but the popcorn chicken was really good !! we had some for ourselves hehehe . and the japanese rice was quite moist but it tasted alright as well so ALL IS WELL !!


also wrote my best friend a short note ! and he/she came to collect the bento and cried when he/she ate it cos it was so good . (no joke)

and the next day i went to gurney AGAIN . (i know right , it’s practically my second home) this time , with my best friend !
but first , breakfast with wan en !
DSC_3188 DSC_3187 DSC_3186
After breakfast , a cab came to pick us up (sent by my best friend as part of his/her surprise plan) and took us to gurney !!

and i saw my best friend standing there with my one of my favourite things …
BALLOOONSS !!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 and one balloon is shorter than the rest cos the taxi driver gave it to me (also part of the plan lol)

ok more balloon shots :
DSC_3195 DSC_3194

then me and best friend went for lunch at Sakae Sushi cos i was craving ramen .
yay !

and another balloon shot hhahahha . the balloons were super attention-grabbing , everyone kept looking at me non-stop throughout the entire day , which was very uncomfortable D:
anyway i did give away a few balloons la (a bit reluctantly) and a few more popped :((
and we watched Wolverine !
it was good :D

went to Paragon for awhile too !
DSC_3201 DSC_3204
sorry i’m a bit obsessed haha . and as you can see , the number of my balloons have decreased rapidly at this point :( there were originally 20 balloons :(((

also went up to Paragon’s arcade and DID YOU GUYS KNOW THEY HAVE PURIKURA MACHINES THERE ?? I LOVE PURIKURA OK !!!!!!! so me and best friend took purikura pictures but i ain’t posting it here hahaha

then we went to watch another movie , Tales of The Dark 2 .
it wasn’t very scary or creepy but it was very gory , especially the last tale . I HATE GORY SCENES AND I CANNOT STAND BLOOD T____T WHICH EXPLAINS WHY I AM NEVER GONNA BE A DOCTOR .

then we went for dinner at Manila Place !
DSC_3205 DSC_3207 DSC_3206
while i was slurping my spicy olio spaghetti , the sauce accidentally went in my eye HAHAHAHA . it hurt so bad but it’s also such a dumb thing to happen hahaha . i am definitely the worst (Y)

and when i went home wan xin stole my balloons haha .

so i spent more than 10 hours with best friend that day , which was good , cos i was leaving the next day .
this time my flight was at 6.50AM , and scumbag dad is a tad bit smarter than my mom , for we left the house at 5AM . for normal people , it would take around 50 minutes to drive from my house to the airport . for scumbag dad , only 15 minutes HAHAHHA . that’s how crazy he drives .
last meal with best friend before i fly off :( and yes , he/she came to the airport at 5am-ish just to see me for the last time :'DD

then for the rest of the saturday i basically did what i normally do , also known as NOTHING .
and on sunday i went to Ichiban Boshi for dinner !!
i love eggs so naturally this is my favourite sushi hahaha

mom and grandma’s set

1148892_10201194702422103_131875349_n 10879_10201194699742036_2111487622_n
my chicken cutlet with omelet and rice !

and then i went home and baked red velvet cupcakes , which i will blog about next :p

and now i have to go do what i’m best at – nothing . so goodbye guys and hope you guys had a fabulous holiday unlike mine hahaha .

thanks for reading darlings ! <3

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