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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  First 3 Months in London
Hey all ! Recently just started my winter holidays here @ uni and i'm honestly so so relieved because i finally have space to breathe !!! Swear I'm not exaggerating or anything when i say that i'm super busy during term time, juggling between school , studying , extra curricular activities and a part-time job ... Been promising to tell you guys about my London adventures so finally , here I am now ! 3 months late but hey , better late than never aye ? 

starting my blog post with one of the last few photos i took of my room , aka the hardest thing for me to leave behind *sobs*

flew from KUL to LDN with my bf !! the flight and transit was torturous though

first breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien !! tbh i hate cured meat HAHA i only wanted everything else on that plate ...

when we first got to London , we were really fortunate because the weather was more than 20 degrees everyday , so so similar to Malaysia's .. thus explaining why i could wear tank tops and skorts .

and of course , with all the amazing dairy products in London , how could a dessert lover like me say no ? HAHA gonna be so fat by the end of my time here in this city :-) 

soon after I arrived in London (about a week or so) , I was officially enrolled in my choice university , The London School of Economics and Political Science . This time , last year - I could only dream of attending this place , i even had pictures of it pasted on my wall !! My then roommate Rachel can vouch for it LOL . with the blink of an eye , here i am !!!
speaking of Rachel , we met up for burger and fries after she arrived in London too x

lots of freshers' events means lots  of drinking ... and here's a rare one of me glowing tomato red with Alex .

more deliciousness ...

mandatory touristy shot on the London Bridge !

visited Regent's Park with Zoe and Megan ! no idea where to group pic of us is but .. SO IN LOVE WITH THIS PLACE TBH 

KTJ reunion when Kelly and Michael came down to London !

MSOC picnic on the first week of uni ... it's so funny to look back at this photo now , because back then I barely knew anyone in the pic and just took the photo for the sake of being in it ! but now we happen to be really good friends HAHA

more KTJ reunions because we're so clingy tbh AHAHA

food here is not bad , although it comes at a hefty price . most of the times i still mentally convert everything into RM before purchasing stuff but i should really stop because all it causes is pain and heartache :'(

first Malaysian meal in London @ Roti King ! quite disappointing tbh , bring back my Kayu mamak and Village Park nasi lemak hmm

one of my favourite places to eat is Eat Tokyo , mainly because its super affordable for its portion size + its really near to LSE so yippee for convenience ! 

happy child

On The Bab is another really good place i tried , although my bf didn't like the Korean fried chicken ahaha .

Eat Tokyo again .. i probably go here once every week .

Tombo matcha bar , and again - bring me back to KL where i could have countless amount of matcha lattes from Tsujiri :( :( :(

tried out the super famous Cereal Killer Cafe ! pretty interesting little place but they ran out of the Reese Puffs cereal i wanted so i had to opt for something else FML

Crosstown donuts ! had these on the last day of the term alongside the cereal up there . wanted to go for the last Maths lecture of the term since its the only one i have with a good lecturer ... but Daniel and Jun Sern convinced me to go to Shoreditch with them HAHA .

if you asked the 17-year-old me if i'd go for donuts and cereal with Daniel from 5E and Jun Sern from 5M , i'd be like "whaaaaatttt" . but fast forward 2 years later and i realise we all actually click pretty well !! what can i say , food unites people 

with Ruth and Sie Yin for MSOC committee photoshoot day !

more KTJ reunions ..

Halloween with Eun bae when she came down to London again !! coincidentally twinned as black and white angels huehue

Li Wann ! again , one of the people i barely knew before coming to LSE but so so glad we got to know each other better here :)

Jun Sern ! jeng jeng jeng come and see us act together in LSE's MNight ;)

Vinn Kee came to visit London one day and we had Kanada-Ya for dinner ! that makes 2/10 of the FABxten babies :3

Liyana came down from Warwick for MVoice ! haven't seen this one in super long so it was good to catch up xx

truth reveal : every time i take an OOTD , i mentally brace myself for the cold , wait for people to get out of my background , strip my coat off as fast as possible and make my photographer (whoever it is at that point) to just SPAM . HAHAH . and in those 1000 photos they spammed , hopefully i find one that is to my liking ...

to end this blog post off , i just have to say ... HJDAKVJIOF I MET DAVID BECKHAM + BROOKLYN + HARPER + CRUZ . okay technically i didn't meet them ... me and Jo just bumped into them at Winter Wonderland . we really wanted a pic together but the bodyguard straight up said " NO" before i even finished my question lol . so disappointed but me and Jo were honestly so starstruck and hyped up after that hahaha .

soooo yeah , so far so good in London i suppose . i don't deny that it is super stressful at LSE . heck , i want to cry every day because i've never felt so dumb in my life before . but i know i'll pull through , just gotta have a little faith + a lot of hard work . thank you so much for still keeping up with my blog and i hope to update soon !


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