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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Baking Cream Puffs
hi guys ! just got through my first week of university life , also known as Freshers' Week . That being said , I've also caught the "Freshers' flu". Actually, not much of a flu , just a really bad sore throat and cough . But other than that , everything has been going pretty well for me . There were some bumps along the way of course , such as setting up my bank account and trying to figure out the school printer , but I think things are finally beginning to fall into place . My mom left for Malaysia today after I had my first lecture and for the first time since I arrived here , I feel alone . Undoubtedly I'm very clingy to my mother so not having her around is definitely something I need to get used to ..

Anyway , back in KTJ , my friends have always been saying they want to visit my house . So one fine day during our summer holidays it finally happened !! Decided to bake some cream puffs since I wanted to try something new hehe . Here's the recipe : http://gooddinnermom.com/aunt-pats-famous-cream-puff-recipe/

I did add one or two more eggs than the recipe stated because it didn't look like the right texture to me , but I guess it all depends on the size of the eggs you're using ; it should vary .

babies puffing up in the oven ! I was super nervous as it was my first time handling choux pastry ..

very very glad at how the puffs turned out ! not to mention they smelled absolutely delicious too .

filled them with strawberries and cream the next day ! didn't screw up the choux as seen above , but i did overwhip my first batch of whipped cream and had to throw it all away :-) fml . why is whipped cream so expensive in Malaysia . my mom had to buy me another litre of whipping cream AND I FELT SO BAD .

but in the end all is well ! honestly one of the best things i've baked .. i usually don't like eating my baked goods because by the time i'm done baking i'm always so worn out that i lose my appetite . but these were really addictive and I couldn't stop eating them !!

last one with my friends ! we were supposed to have a pool party but none of us felt like swimming in the end HAHAHHA . so it turned out to be a chill-by-the-pool-and-eat-pizza party . nonetheless we had a really good time catching up and talking about future plans ! SO SO GRATEFUL for this bunch xx


  Chiang Mai 2016 - Day 4 and 5
hi people !! as i'm typing this , it's 6am on my second day in London and i can't sleep ... because i just woke up from my sleep from 6pm-5am 😂  anyway , here's the final part of my Chiang Mai vacation from July . (Part 1 and Part 2 here)

on the fourth day , we started off by grabbing breakfast for Kun (since i already had breakfast with my mom) by trying out their 7-Eleven's toasted sandwich and matcha milk . i always make it a point to try out 7-Eleven food when i venture into new countries because everything is so diverse and interesting !! 

actually both tasted very meh to me :( but apparently toasted 7-Eleven sandwiches and paninis are famous ??

took a Tuk Tuk to Wat Suan Dok after that , which is a Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai . I'm not a Buddhist but i thought - we ought to visit some tourist spots because so far all we were doing is eating every day and night HAHA .

the place was pretty deserted , i think cos we went pretty early .. but nonetheless it's super pretty !! 

asked a random tourist to help us take a pic and ... he focused on the background instead of us :'))

luckily he took a portrait one too but the horizontal one would've been much nicer 😓😢

next , we had no idea where to go so we went on Google on the spot and decided to go to this place called the Royal Park Rajapruek .. and to our surprise it's located really far from the city !!

pattern a bit before going in HAAHA .

from lonelyplanet.com : 
"Close to the Night Safari, this sprawling formal garden is another venture honouring the king and queen, with 21 themed gardens donated by international governments as part of Chiang Mai's International Horticultural Exposition in 2006. It sounds a bit corporate on paper, but the complex is actually lush, green and peaceful, with a vast wát-shaped central pavilion full of slightly OTT displays honouring the Thai royal family."

the place is huge !! it consists of many small parks within one big park and it would take forever to just walk one round without stopping . think Disneyland minus the music , rides and crowd . this place , again was really empty when we got there ... and soon we figured it was because it was super big + weather was sunny and humid hahaha .

in the pretty green house / flower garden ! as the temperature outside the green house felt like 38 degrees Celsius , i decided to change into a thinner shirt - thank God i brought an extra one !!

butterfly farm . it was really hard to get shots of the butterflies because they keep flitting around so yeah .

snacking on dried mangoes

The Royal Pavilion - situated smack right in the middle of this royal park . so so pretty and breathtaking , it almost looks Photoshopped .

AHHAHA just realised i focused on the background instead of Kun Yew , sorry boyfriend .

last one at the Nepalese park ! overall we only went through about 1/4 of Royal Park Rajapruek but we gave in to the gruelling heat (and mosquitos) and decided to leave 😅  super remote area and they had very limited transport to we had to pay more for a taxi to leave the place .

wanted to try out this famous restaurant we found on TripAdvisor but the place was closed and we were really hungry so we settled for a tiny restaurant next to it , called Peppermint Coffee House .

i forgot what soup i ordered HAHA . kun yew had Pad Thai and spring rolls ! 

face cmi after sweating like a pig . 

walked around a bit and found some coconut ice-cream after that !!

went back to the hotel to freshen up and we headed to the Wua Lai Walking Street at about 5pm . apprently , this is one of the more famous night markets because it's really big and it only opens on Saturday . decided to go early because TripAdvisor says that it gets really crowded later ahaha .

the only disadvantage of going earlier is that most of the vendors are still busy setting up their stalls so even if you wanna buy something , it's kinda difficult .

we had some street food as snacks and went back to the hotel to pick up my mom , since we had dinner reservations together at Paak Dang restaurant . this place is rated #8 out of more than 1000 restaurants on TripAdvisor , so we were really lucky we managed to secure a booking ! it's located by the river side and their lady boss was a Singaporean lady , which made ordering food very easy because we spoke with the same slang ahaha .

our dishes : green curry with , fried crab cakes , seafood tom yam kung , stir fried veggies and mango sticky rice . we absolutely enjoyed everything !! my mom usually hates the restaurants i pick back in KL , so i was really glad that she was very happy with her meal AHHAHA . 10/10 would recommend , despite the slightly higher price . they certainly deserve the TripAdvisor review !

 back to the hotel and since we still had a bit of time , we went for our last round of night market food hunting !


bought ourselves a Rotee to conclude the night , which tasted like diabetes HAHAHAH . 

on our last day , my mom wanted to visit this gem gallery so me and Kun tagged along .

some photos before we went in . no photos were allowed inside but my mom had a really fun time shopping inside and got herself a pearl necklace and a small ring ahah .

wanted to bring my mom to Lemongrass for lunch because we loved it so much (refer to Day 1 and 2 of this series) but sadly it was closed on Sunday :( so we went to a random shop near it . not as good as Lemongrass but not too shabby actually

had our final fill of pineapple fried rice and pad thai .. then it was time for us to leave for the airport .

no Dairy Queen in Malaysia and the last time i had a Blizzard was about 3 years ago in Macau HAHAHA . so i had to !! green tea for me and cookies and cream for my bf .

went home to KL with full tummies and happy hearts .. even though our plane had to divert to Penang International Airport for an hour due to heavy air traffic and insufficient fuel . all in all , it was a really enjoyable trip to Chiang Mai and i'm so glad i went !! will be starting at LSE in about a week , so hopefully i won't be too busy to blog .

thanks for reading loves !


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