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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar Graduation : Class of 2016

hi guys ! as the title suggests , today i'll be blogging about the end of one chapter in my life , the end of college life . Doing A-Levels in KTJ has got to be one of my best decisions in life , despite my initial doubts and insecurities ... being in a place far away from the bustling cities and staying in a close-knit environment with people you see every day (and night) really does give you a different perspective about life . That being said , it's no question that being in KTJ definitely didn't feel like being in a regular college , since it's a boarding school with uniforms and all . Although i never got the liberty of experiencing the scorching hot sun and eating Foh Foh Fried Rice religiously like most of my friends at TCSJ did , i've got to say that i thoroughly enjoyed my experience at KTJ , it was one like no other .

I would be lying if i said i didn't enjoy ending my school life at KTJ , heck - I've been binging on Orange Is The New Black nowadays and i'm hooked !!! but of course , a part of me inside will always miss the KTJ hallways and walking back to Jawahir with Crystal after our further maths classes , shouting up at Ning Shuen to go have dinner with me , girly midnight talks in SiQi and Saffron's room , and never-ending laughter in Econs class with Iza , Eun , Ash , Alex , Johaan etc etc .

ok enough of emotional rambling HAHAH . basically , our graduation was split into two events - dinner in KL and the main event in our school auditorium . The former came about a week before the latter , and most of took a bus from KTJ to the hotel in KL . ((frankly i can't even remember what hotel it was LOLOL i'm terrible))

my bus mate was Ash and Eun and we had a really fun time having deep talks on the bus !

my OOTD - little black dress from a random bazaar in Sunway Giza awhile ago !

table mates .. pardon the wrongly-orientated photo again .. i still don't know how to rotate pics on Blogger HAHAHA .

 partner-in-crime !

further maths class !! including those who dropped the subject after AS . HAHAH . seriously enjoyed classes with this bunch so much 😌  the "LD" in the second photo stands for the initials of our subject teacher , in case you were wondering .. also , just realised that we have two times the amount of boys than the amount of girls LOLOL .

Nicolette Ning Shuen my fav dinner buddyyyy 😘

Yee Chong - we used to be close hahah 

Crystal my main baeeee 💞  gonna miss this one so much !!

 our grad dinner consisted of a buffet dinner , performances by a band of juniors from our school , and of course - the most hyped about photo booth .

my photo strips of the day .. the third photo of me and Rachel depicts our relationship as roommates because every single night we would lie in our respective beds and play with our phones for at least an hour HAHAH .

 after that , a few of us headed to PLAY club for our own after-party .

bumped into Zelyn bby there !! coincidentally , her college mates and her were there too to celebrate the end of A2 

with some new friends i got to meet there ! they're all in Zelyn's group of friends and they were all super nice and pretty 😭💝

with Cheryl hehe ☺️

KTJ girlies - wish Iza was there with us !!

with Ash , Eun and Giselle . Giselle is my high school friend's cousin and I was so shocked when she recognised me even though she only met me once before this ! Clubbing is always enjoyable for me but that night was extra amazing because i met so many new people + there were so many familiar faces around 🙈

moving on to Grad Day ! we had rented robes and all our parents drove down to attend this prestiged ceremony . speeches were given , photos were snapped and scrolls were handed out . graduating really marks the end of our academic journey at KTJ and i must say that i am extremely blessed to be granted an opportunity to study here .

Saff and Crys bby .. missing Si Qi :( 

my favourite power couple - i love them individually and i love them both together !!! 

Jawahir girls - extremely grateful to be placed in this house that is always filled with laughter and happiness !

more than one year ago vs. recently .. can't believe time flies this quickly 😥

MY MAINS MY MAINS MY MAINS 💖  thank you all for always listening to my rants and listening to my problems , i wouldn't trade you girls for anything in the world .

Kelly ! cutest Melaka buddy and one of my first friends in KTJ .. i remember because i sat next to her in our first Econs class together HAHAH .

with Poh ahaha , king of all dad jokes .

mandatory cap-throwing picture with my favourite bunch of all , it was a pleasure graduating together with these people .

class of 2016 !!!! spot me in the front row HAHAHA .

although i didn't have the opportunity to get close to a lot of juniors in my house and didn't participate much in extra-curricular activities (i value my sleep and academics more HAHHA) , my days in KTJ were still very enjoyable and i end my life there on a high note . 

for those of you having doubts of entering KTJ , have no fear !! i was so nervous on my first day but everything started falling into place sooner than i thought and i will always remember this journey in the jungle where monkeys would climb onto our houses' rooftops HAHA . paninis in the dining hall are great too !

will blog soon , thank you for reading ❤️

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