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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Melaka Day Trip - Easter 2016
a couple of weeks ago Kun Yew came back for his Easter holidays !! coincidentally , i had two weeks off of school too so we planned to go on our annual road trip together 😄 

last year we went to Penang and the year before that Singapore so this time , we decided to head somewhere a stone's throw away from KL - the heritage city of Melaka . very surprisingly , Kun Yew's parents allowed him to drive down there , so that makes things even more fun for us !

a few days before we made our journey , i took full advantage of the many food blogs i like to stalk and searched high on low for good food we could eat . since we're not really the type to visit historical museums + we only had limited time there , we decided to focus our trip on the biggest thing we both have in common : our love for food . i also heeded my high school friend Kher Ying's advice on tips such as where to go first and how to plan our journey . shout out to Kher Ying because her advice was on point for everything !! 😗

left KL around 8am and arrived in Melaka approximately an hour after that ! and no , that is not a GoPro , that is simply an RM10 monopod i got a day before our trip + fish eye lens that Kun Yew got for free HAHA .

when the lighting in the car is good heh

reached Melaka and our first stop was of course , the famous Jonker Walk ! parked right at the beginning of the street and headed to the nearest 7-Eleven to buy parking coupons because we are civilians who obey the law lolol . 

walked down Jonker Walk in search of chicken rice balls !! made that our first stop because the queue would've been crazy if we went at lunchtime or so .

and here we are , right at the end of Jonker Walk - Chung Wah Kopitiam's famous chicken rice balls ! while researching online , i found out that there was another famous restaurant selling said food , called Hoe Kee , which was also not far from Chung Wah . Hoe Kee is a legit restaurant and not a kopitiam with a prettier environment , but i opted for Chung Wah because not only have i been there before , but because it opens early HAHA .

according to the Indonesian maid waitress , the standard order for 2 people was half a chicken and two plates of chicken rice balls . thus , we ordered that . we were super lucky because at around 9.30am , there were only about three other tables occupied in the cafe . passed by again at lunchtime and there was a line beginning to form outside this place !! anyway , the rice balls were alright but we loved the chicken !!! it was really fresh and juicy since we went early and was a great way to start our day .

headed to Christ Church next ! there were a lot of uhm .. tourists from China . HAHAH . asked one of them to help us snap a photo but it turned out really bad so ..

i guess we have to settle with selfies lolol .

walked around Melaka River for awhile and then headed for dessert at Jonker 88 !

i ordered a Mango Ice Kacang (ice kacang minus the kacang , please) and my boyfriend ordered cendol . unfortunately , we didnt like our desserts as both of them were overpoweringly sweet ... felt like we were gonna get diabetes after that 😂   oh yeah and , second shout out to Xen , Khai Yee , Ruo-Yi and Resham , my friends from KTJ who spotted me walking here and decided to turn their car around (3rd shout out to YC for driving) just to see me again and shout my name from the car HAHHAHA . love you guys xx

after that , we went to look for the famous Nyonya Zhang (glutinous rice) at East and West Rendezvous but much to our dismay , it was closed that day . According to the shopkeeper from a souvenir store opposite this place , they don't have a specific rest day and just declare the shop closed whenever they feel like it . super unlucky for me and KY because we picked a day where they felt like taking a break :( 

so we headed to our next spot , Cafe Heng Huat for wantan mee . no photos of that because , well , i forgot to take some HAHA . however , do view my vlog below because i took videos !! the wantan mee was pretty good but i've tasted better in Penang hehe .

then we drove off from Jonker Walk to The Fat Bee at the Melaka Jetty .

honestly , can we talk about how gorgeous the interior of this place looks ?! i could not get over it . first found out about this pretty cafe via Kher Ying's Instagram and i had to visit it for its aesthetic value !!!! soooo pretty . we were pretty full by the time we got there so we decided to just get drinks and admire the place . 

ahahha pattern banyak a bit 😅

we went to Huskitory Cafe next !! to tell the truth , this was the MAIN MAIN REASON why i wanted to come to Melaka . saw this place online and in the photos there were so many huskies !!!! since i love dogs , i just couldn't resist not coming here 😓  unfortunately , we had pretty bad luck with this place . to start off , this place is pretty far off from the town centre so we wasted about 30 mins just to get here . secondly , there were only about 3 baby huskies in the place when we got there .. and as you can see from the picture , there was one other table that was occupied .. and the patrons there were playing with two of the puppies and they didn't seem like they were going to leave anytime soon . the other puppy was held by one of the waitresses (shown in pic) and she didn't release it the whole time we were there .

furthermore , each person visiting the cafe has to order a minimum of one drink and one food . since we had no huskies to play with , me and Kun Yew gave no second thought to it and left . kinda disappointed because when i visited Clawset Cafe (in KL) with my sister once , they were really packed but when the waitress saw that we had no puppies to play with , she immediately picked up a Pomeranian puppy and placed it in my arms . that's a place with intention to keep their customers coming back but apparently it isn't the same case for Huskitory . hmm , well , that's some time and energy wasted .. 

me and Kun Yew were so sad that we headed back to Jonker Walk for some burgers . the place with the burgers is called Baboon House , suggested by some of my KTJ friends . the place sort of resembles KL's Merchant's Lane or Penang's China House ,  since it was set in an old mansion which is great in length . i don't know why but photos of the place weren't allowed so i only managed a few shots of our food .


passed by a random Tau Foo Fah shop while we were driving to Baboon House and decided to give it a try !! this turned out to be the best decision of our day because it tasted so good !!! ordered one Tau Foo Fah with soya milk . LOVED IT . 

before heading back to KL , we had a bit of spare time left so we headed to another place in search of the Nyonya Zhang that we longed for . again , luck wasn't on our side as the place we found had already sold out their Nyonya Zhang's . sigh . better luck next time i guess 😞 

took a little de-tour to visit my grandparents who live near Melaka and then headed home , back to KL at around 5pm .
overall , it was a really well-spent day and i wouldn't have wanted it with anyone else , or any other way 💗

check out my vlog below for more insights of our day ! don't forget to view in HD and hit me up with a like :) subscribe to be the first to know whenever i post a new video ! thanks for reading , loves xx

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