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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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hi guys . i know i haven't blogged in awhile (A2 trials in 2 weeks sorry !) . today's blog post is something out of the norm , it's about something serious and has been impacting me for quite awhile now , i've tweeted about it before but never really gone through it thoroughly . 

today's blog post is about : 

i'm pretty sure almost every girl has been cat-called at before . one of my freshest memories of such an incident happening to me when i was younger was at the tender age of thirteen . at that time , i'd gone to KL with two of my friends , a guy and a girl to the Bukit Bintang area to do some shopping . and even though me and my friends were tweens who looked so juvenile and probably acted like we were still in primary school , STILL there were men who whistled and stared at us . Even though we were with a guy friend who looked pretty big for his age , STILL these men couldn't keep their eyes to themselves and spoke about us in their native languages . you know that feeling when you walk past /  see someone and instantly you know they're talking about you ? yep . now i don't mean to be racist , but i think all Malaysian girls and women alike would agree that such actions are usually done by the foreign workers and immigrants in the country . What more when the KL city centre is filled with such people ?

fast-forward six years later and I am almost nineteen now . of course i no longer look the same , but regardless , the same thing still happens when i'm alone or even with friends or my boyfriend . one more incident i can recall is in 2015 . me and my KTJ house mates from Jawahir planned a Leavers' Night for our seniors in KLCC . we were playing station games in the KLCC park when two or more immigrants who were standing near us began staring and speaking to each other . a few minutes later , they approached me and my friend and asked if they could take a picture with us . of course we said no , who knew what they would do to those photos ? Afterwards he walked away but still stood close enough to watch our every move , which of course made us queasy to even think about it . later , after they walked away for good , a senior came over to me and told me "Wan Chi , they were taking photos of you ."

the reason i'm writing about this today is because i went for a run today . i live in a residential area with lots of houses and a commercial area . usually when i run , i only run around the compounds of my housing area or i drive down to the nearby park which is frequented by other runners too . today i decided to challenge myself by running TO the park instead of driving , as i've seen many people do that before , plus i wanted to train for the upcoming cross country . 

anyway , as i was on my way there , i ran past a group construction workers . needless to say of course , they began staring at me like they've never seen a girl before . one man called out to the other in their language and the latter responded with a laugh and an exchange of words . i was already feeling uncomfortable at this point so i ran faster than normal , away from them and towards the park . as i ran away , i could hear the faint noise of a phone camera's shutter clicking away , presumably a picture of me running .

i mean , have you not seen a girl running ??? does the image of a girl in shorts stimulate you to take a photo of her WITHOUT HER CONSENT ??? now , don't go telling me i can't wear shorts to run . if you do , you are the reason we need feminism . i live in a country where it's almost permanently 30 degrees Celsius everyday and i am obliged to wear shorts IF I WANT TO . if i can't even be comfortable jogging in my own housing area without having to worry and be scared of the people building our infrastructure , can i even be comfortable anywhere in this world ? 

when i was running back to my house , ANOTHER group of immigrants (this time they were residential guards) were cycling and looked at me in that weird way of theirs again . i glared back fiercely , but yet they had no shame and continued staring . 

the message i wanna send out today is that us girls shouldn't be so afraid and vulnerable to everything in the outside world . we do not need to change the way we dress , what we do or the way we act for others . others need to control the way they think , have more morale and keep their dicks to themselves cos frankly , they are the ones turning the world into a dangerous place . idk if you've seen this post , but this girl was raped by 10 immigrants , and she didn't even do anything wrong . all she did was wait for a bus and this is what she gets ??! when i read that post , it angered me so much and today i realised i could've been the next headline just by going jogging .

Disclaimer : although my post mainly revolves around the foreign workers in my country , this of course , does not just apply to them , but to all other men who've done the same thing to innocent girls . and to the men who i'm not even referring too , please don't come up with some stupid meninist statement because we all know what's going on is threatening your sister's safety , your girlfriend's , your female friends , your cousins , or even your mother . instead of standing up for obnoxious men , you should stand with the women of the nation , to lower the rate of rape / kidnap cases . after all , it all starts with a simple stare , which follows into a mild stalk , and then a rape case .

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