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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Diary of a Lazy Blogger #31 : Molten Cakes and Second Sunday
feels like forever since i wrote a "Diary of a Lazy Blogger" post .. and it has been . my most recent post of this label was back in July HAHAHAH . negligence much ? 

a little while ago me and Kun Yew decided to recreate one of our favourite desserts , Green Tea Molten Lava Cake ! for those of you who've been asking me , the recipe comes from here . up until the day we made this , i've always wondered what the batter of this cake is made of . finally found out that it was just white chocolate with Matcha powder ahaha . i get my matcha powder from my regular baking ingredients shop , i think you can get it at such shops / Japanese shops such as Shojikiya 😋

end result ! i think the worst part of making molten lava cakes is never knowing when it's really done and i guess the main contributing factor is because everyone's oven is different so it's pretty difficult to give estimates on oven temperature and timing :/ 

second worst part and also the most nerve-wrecking part : getting the cakes out of the ramekins SAFELY 

dust it off with icing sugar and green tea ice-cream and done !!

moment of truth ....

and yay ! wasn't exactly the right consistency i was hoping for and it certainly didn't ooze out as much as i wanted it to .. think i might have over-baked it but its alright , still tasted pretty damn good 😌😌 

and a random picture of tky 😈

a few days later i headed out with Paggie to Second Sunday in Damansara Jaya . initially we wanted to try Slappy Cakes with Debbie , but Debbie couldn't make it last minute ; so our alternate plan was Rubberduck / Pulp but guess what .. they weren't open on Mondays . decided to go back to Slappy Cakes but found out that THEY WEREN'T OPEN EITHER .. what is it with cafes and not opening on Mondays 😓

in the end we settled for Second Sunday because it was one of the rare cafes that actually opened on Mondays sigh ..

spot Paggie in the photo right above this ^ really liked the clean and minimalistic concept that the cafe had , it made the ambience really cosy even though the space was pretty small 

food !! my penne salad and Paggie's chicken wrap .. can't remember their exact names because i'm terrible at remembering fancy food names :(

hello bpf 😘😘

super white OOTD ! funny how i wore this romper around Christmas last year and i'm doing the same again this year HAHAH fml i have no clothes ...

that's the end of this short post i guess , will blog again soon , and as usual , thanks so much for reading ! 💋💋

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  Fatbaby Ice-Cream @ Subang Jaya
hi there ! recently got back from a 7-day trip to Outward Bound School , Lumut . tbh , i wouldn't call it a trip , it was more of a team-building camp for all Upper Sixth students of KTJ since it's been a annual tradition for a pretty long time . It was 7 days of no phones , no laptops , no technology and any means of communication to the outside world . Everything was back to basics , from the place we stayed in to the food we ate , it was all simple . We also managed to do lots of sports such as kayaking , whaling , jungle trekking and captainball ! Frankly , this may just be the most sports i did this year HAHAHAHA . i wouldn't say the stay was spectacular , due to the mediocre living conditions (by no means was it a resort LOL) , but i really had lots of fun there and grew closer to a lot of people in school , some of whom i've never spoken to before 😄 i think it was also such a good idea to strip us of our phones and gadgets , as it gave me time to reflect on myself throughout those seven days and i think i found myself a little bit more after that week 😌

so that's a bit on what i'm up to lately .. a few weeks back , my Penang friends a.k.a Carmen and Mei Sian came over to KL ! if you've been following me for awhile now you'll know that we used to be really close since we were in the same school together . Since its a known fact that Zelyn is also living in KL now , we decided to have a mini get together !

 drove to their hotel in Subang Jaya and met up with Zelyn and we decided to go eat Chilli Pan Mee . Mei Sian and Carmen already tried Jojo's Pan Mee the night before that but Carmen didn't mind eating it again HAHA . but of course , in the great debate of whether Jojo's Chilli Pan Mee or Super Kitchen's Chilli Pan Mee is better , i'll always be on Super Kitchen's side . Zelyn begs to differ . Anyway i managed to convince them to try the one i like and they agreed that it was better HHHEHEHEHHE . it was so good that Carmen couldn't stop craving for more even after she went back to Penang 😂

after that , we went over to Fatbaby's for ice-cream !

it was my first time visiting Fatbaby but i've always heard that the waffles are really good so i was pretty excited .

felt so good to reunite with the Penang girls again ! hehe

the place was pretty cosy albeit being a bit cramped , but i loved the pastel settings they did for their shop 😍😍

we ordered one waffle with 3 scoops of ice-cream because Zelyn had sore throat so she couldn't eat . i picked chocolate , Carmen had salted caramel and Mei Sian had vanilla .. proceeded to take 7385702 photos each as soon as the waitress placed the plate on our table HAHAHA .

my OOTD !

and Zelyn's ! while the both of us were taking these photos , Carmen and Mei Sian were on the other side of the shop taking grunge photos with a graffiti background HAHAHAH . well , that explains how there are two types of people in the world 😂😂

my lovelies 😘

photos outside Fatbaby . we were so unsure of who to ask to take the pic for us and we ended up asking one of the waitresses to come all the way out just for this HAHAHAH FOL 

thought the pics looked bad anyway so we went back to the hotel and got Anfanny to retake our group photos #desperate

didn't really help since the lighting was so bad anyway ... sigh .

guess that's all for today and i'll try to update again soon , thanks for reading xxx

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