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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Softcore Molten Lava Cakes
hi guys ! here's a little foreword before i begin my post (aka a small part where i update you guys about what's going on in my life lately) ... so the AS examinations are officially over ! which means i'm done with the first part of my A-levels life , which also means that classes resume as usual and my brain returns to it's initial mode of being constantly worn out .  

also , a bit on my social life , recently i've learned that a lot of people would just want to be friends with you for the advantages they'd gain out of you .. i mean , as i grow older , i begin to realise who the real friends are and who are those who only want the benefits out of a friendship . i'm sure i'm not the only one who've experienced this before . of course , in the context of this , i still love these friends .. guess that just means i'll begin to value them less and focus more on things that make me happy . 

a few days ago i saw an instagram post with a quote saying "only you can be in charge of your own happiness" and i was in awe of how true that was . if you radiate negative vibes , then you'll just keep looking on the down side of things and you'll never bring joy to yourself .. so in conclusion , don't let the small things get to you (i'm still trying really hard on that HAHA) and basically just focus on building a better you . 😌😌

continuing on to the main point of this post ! had a 5-day exeat in lieu with the Deepavali holidays so i decided to catch up with my friend of 4 years , Zelyn ! if you've been following my blog for awhile now , you'll know that i met Zelyn in form 2 and we were very close back then !! lately i've been emo tweeting on twitter HAHA so zelyn whatsapp-ed me about it and i was like , "HEY why not let's go out and catch up !!" and hence , we picked Softcore . we've both previously been to Softcore before this but i wanted to try their other flavours and Zelyn haven't tried their desserts before . went to pick Zelyn up at her hostel and then went to Softcore which is 5 mins away from the place she lives .

reached there at their supposedly opening time but the shop wasn't even open !!! so we had to chill in the car while waiting for them to open but they never did ... so in the end we went to knock on their shutters and ask if their open HAHA . and guess what , they were .. why did they not open their shutters then 😑😑😑

personally loved their interior ! so minimalistic and white hehe

one thing we love about going out with each other is we're both super vain so we understand each other's needs to take an overwhelming amount of photos of everything without ever judging each other HAHAHAH .

zelyn being sad cos the lighting on her side is so bad HAHA

much better !! 

our food ! my peanut butter molten lava cake + her salted caramel one ! didn't order any mains cos i already had 2 bowls of cereal for breakfast (my love for cereal is real) and zelyn said she ate three oreos already .. which sounds pretty wtf to me but ok HAHA

basically us everyday ^ taking pics of everything

best part of a molten lava cake of course , is cutting it open and watching the filling ooze out !!! 

unfortunately mine didn't flow out the way i wanted it to so yeah .. here's my face of disappointment :-)

since i tried the peanut butter and zelyn's salted caramel this time round , it means that i've already tried 4 out of 5 of their flavours on the menu (previously tried green tea and dark chocolate with kunyew) , only one i haven't tried is white chocolate ! out of all , i have to say my favourite would be green tea cos i think its real hard to get good green tea desserts , and the one from Softcore definitely tops my list 😋

spent about another hour just catching up and talking about life until we were no longer the only customers in the shop . hence , we saw an opportunity in this and we took it !!! a girl asked if she could charge her phone at our seat since there was a power supply there and in return we asked if she could take a photo of us HAHAHAH . and we made the right choice because the pics turned out pretty !!

yayyyy 💗💗

and these super long legs photos are credited to shifu zelyn , who of course knows all the best angles and poses HAHA .

in the end , it was a great catch up session and i'm so glad to reunite with Zelyn again after like 4 months of not meeting up !! definitely need more friends like her who are endlessly vain like me and love taking photos HAHA .


Softcore Molten Cake Co
Address : 56 , Jalan PJS 11/7 , Bandar Sunway , Selangor  . 
Opening hours : Mon-Fri: 1130am-11pm . Sat-Sun: 1130am-4pm , 6pm-11pm .

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  One Year

*gasps* November already ?! i think i always emphasise on how fast time flies because seriously , it felt like it was just yesterday that it was January and i started my boarding school life . in the blink of an eye , 10 months have gone since the year started .. which also means : my first anniversary with fatty :3 

i've never actually revealed this before but in my past relationship , our anniversary was the time at which our relationship was at its rockiest stage and we were falling apart , but i'm glad this time one year meant something good :) 

For our anniversary , he gave me a Tiffany necklace and i baked him mini cookies and cream cakes (no picture cos i forgot to take FML) . i personally hate surprises because i'm always eager to know everything HAHAHAH so when kunyew asked me whether i wanted his gift earlier or later , of course i picked the former !! 
ahh , all things pink and Tiffany blue , my top two favourite colours *heart eyes emoji* 

on the weekend after our anniversary , he took me skydining at Fuego , The Troika . it was both our first time there so we didn't quite know what to expect but the ambience was truly mesmerizing and the food was pretty good (albeit overpriced , like all skydining restaurants) . forgive the bad quality pics as it was really dark at night + i sent my camera to be fixed 

Fuego is an al-fresco based South American restaurant , one in four of the Troika skydining chain . took the lift up to the 23A floor and was greeted by a receptionist and headed on the Fuego . the place was packed , so thank god we made a booking beforehand !

OOTD of the night ! 

after looking through the menu , we decided to get three side dishes and one main dish plus one dessert , since there wasn't much to choose from their main dishes . 
our starters were : Salted Cod Roe Croquettes , Soft Shell Crab as Nachos and fried prawns from their new menu !

main dish was an Australian Grass-Fed Rib Eye steak .. loved the sear on the steak heh , especially the slightly charred parts :P

dessert was extremely photogenic ! Mini Ivano Magnum ! tbh i enjoyed the biscuit with cream more than the homemade magnum itself HAHA

bad snapchat quality pic of me ^

and of course my hensem date of the night hehe ^_^  as seen above , the clouds were covering the KL Tower and the Twin Towers so we decided to take more photos once it cleared up .

note that kunyew looks the same in every single pic HAHAHAH .

Fuego Sky Dining
Website : http://www.troikaskydining.com/fuego/
Address : Level 23A , Tower B , The Troika , 19 Persiaran KLCC , 50450 Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia
Phone :+60 3-2162 0886


looking back , i realise how much we've done and gone through together . although 1 year may seem like a short time , it flew by just like that without us noticing .
from our first photo together ..

to graduating high school together ..

to going to prom as a couple ..

and welcoming the new year together ..

our first Valentine's ,

birthday celebrations ..

even to helping me fix up my new house hehe !

and of course , lots and lots of cafe hopping and food hunting !!! (if you follow me on Snapchat you would know ... all we do is eat)

to end this post off , let me say that i'm forever grateful to have found such an amazing person to be with , one who understands and tolerates my flaws like no other (except probably my mom HAHA) , who always tries his best to pamper me , be patient with me and utmostly make me a better person . Thank you for always standing by me through thick and thin , for always trying your best to help me in all that i do and being my #1 supporter . They said don't look for the man with better qualities , look for the man that makes you a better person . Glad to say I think i've found mine . x


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