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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Summer 2015
On an exeat now (still ever so tired) so i finally have time to post this ! Here's a new vlog on my last week of summer holidays , hope you guys like it :) 

will definitely do a separate blog post for Yellow Brick Road because i have quite a few photos on that so stay tuned hehe ! don't forget to like and subscribe to my videos , thanks so much loves xx

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at the time i'm typing this , i am overwhelmed by all sorts of emotions . one , being grateful , having received my Maths papers results yesterday . two , feeling sad to leave home and my family again , as the new term at KTJ starts tomorrow . three is a mixture of anger and disappointment over someone whom i used to be close with . someone who i expected more from . honestly , i don't know how some people can change so much within such a short period of time and even then , they can still afford to live with themselves after all their wrongdoings . God please give me the patience and strength to withstand such circumstances , help me to be slow to anger and courteous in nature . Hoping all will be well in good time and all the unbecoming things will soon be erased and forgotten ..

on a more cheerful note , a few weeks ago i did a shoot with one of my photographer friends , Joanna . i first met Joanna when she was 13 and i was 15 ; in Bible Camp . back then , she had just started photography but had already impressed me at such a young age . since then , we planned on collaborating someday and now , 3 years later , it finally happened ! Check out Joanna's portfolio here and her blog here .

also , this was my first photo shoot done with a guy !! namely , my boyfriend la HHAHAHA . was pretty excited to have a couple shoot as its something new to both me and Joanna , plus i missed being in front of the camera . Glad i got to work with my amazing photographer , she was so fun to hang out with and the photos turned out lovely ! have a look :

loved how she managed to capture our candid and playful side and i'm in love with the way she played around with the bokeh effect from the sunset .

all in all , one of my favourite photoshoots ! hope to write again soon but no promises as A-levels is really no joke + my trials are coming up soon so please be patient :)

xxxx .

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  Barks Bunnies Cafe
today Kun Yew had a 4-hour break within classes (so jealous , KTJ please give me that type of timetable) , so i went over to his college and paid him a visit ! Had breakfast in McD and then chilled for a bit , then headed to Barks Bunnies Cafe because a few days ago i saw my friend Debbie posting about it on her Instagram , and everyone knows i'm the biggest fan of cute animals . HEHEHHE .
**Click here for my previous visit to a dog cafe**

Check out my Vlog below in HD and don't forget to like and subscribe ! 

Went there as soon as they opened their doors and i'm so glad we did it because we had the whole place to ourselves ! Plus , they only had two dogs at the time we went so i can't imagine what it'll be like if the place was packed .. Kudos to Barks Bunnies for their exceptional customer service , the waiter and waitress (i assume they own the place) were really friendly and nice towards us ! The waiter kept coming over to chat with us and we were given hay to feed the bunnies when we went to play with them :) 

Pomeranians are such cuties especially when they walk around with their fluffy butts HAHAHAH .

OOTD feat. doggy


food was pretty good but a bit salty .. no complains though , i came for the puppies ☺ i had their aglio olio with chicken and my bf had their breakfast set . just realised his bread is shaped like a heart ahahah too cute !!

sadly , we didn't manage to take a picture with the bunnies and also forgot to take a picture of me and the bf together :( i guess that just means we'll have to come again next time !

thanks for reading xx

Barks Bunnies Cafe
Address : 7, Jalan SS18/6, Subang Jaya, Selangor. 
Phone number : 03-5612 7633
Opening hours : Tuesday to Friday 11:00–22:00
Saturday to Sunday 10:00–22:00

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  Cafe Hopping - July 2015
only a few more days left until my summer holidays are over and i am torn :'((((( i mean , how did 7 weeks fly by that fast ? definitely wasted half of it on my internship and the other half being unproductive and lazy .. however , i did get the chance to eat lots of good food on the way !

last Monday i met up with Natasha Francesa Crystal Yap Su Yee (yes that's her full name) , my bae from KTJ to visit Cubs & Cups at Sri Hartamas , which is also close to where Crystal lives . unfortunately for us bimbos , we didn't check out their fb page the night before so when we arrived , we realised it was closed for maintenance FOL . i even brought my camera out with me in hopes to take photos of cute puppies ....... thus , we decided to make a detour and headed to Bangsar because according to Crystal , "Hartamas has nothing" HAHAHAHA . 

ended up at Mikey's New York Pizza for lunch !

here it is : the ever-so-famous super huge slice of pizza , Crystal ordered a slice with four types of cheese on it and i ordered one with BBQ chicken toppings . hers was about RM13+ whilst mine was RM15+ .. would dub it as overpriced but then again , everything in KL nowadays is overpriced .

helloooo baee ♡ we coincidently wore white rompers together on that day !

me and my slice of pizza which is bigger than my face

our food ! we also ordered waffle fries topped with melted cheese and gravy to match our meal ☺

photo together !! the lighting wasn't good so we moved our seats after this HAHAHAH #allforthesakeofagoodphoto

ahh , much better !!!

the next day i went over to Subang to look for my boyfie since he had a 2-hour break between classes and we went over to Empire Subang for lunch at Jibby & Co. !

i love how pretty the place is and i especially love their natural lighting streaming in through the glass panes

way too clingy

i ordered a caesar salad and he ordered their signature soft shell crab burger ☺ we also ordered a side dish , crispy salted egg yolk fried chicken

i felt like the food was better since my last visit there with Paggie (click here) . the fried chicken was WAY WAY too spicy for both of us so we didn't get to enjoy it at all . instead we kept having to drink water and refill our glasses until the waiter gave up on us and placed the entire jug on our table HAHAHHA . and since both our dishes involved crabmeat (no idea why they would put crab instead of chicken/salmon in a caesar salad) , we both agreed that their crab wasn't very fresh .. the crab was literally what i detested most in my salad , had a very fishy taste to it and the poached egg was soggy :/ bf's burger was okay except that he said the crabmeat didn't taste very good either ..




Total bill came up to RM93 which was a big "what the hell" considering the food wasn't even fantastic to begin with :/ kudos to the gorgeous interior but the food this time was disappointing ..

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  Room Tour 2.0 !!!
finally its here !! the blog post i promised you guys for so long ... my second room tour !! thanks for always supporting me and my lame blog HAHA and i hope you guys like the video and don't forget to like and subscribe because i will be making new vlogs soon !! :) 

here's some pics i took of my room (also found in video) : 


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