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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Turning Eighteen
hellooo !!! let me start by saying  ... SO HAPPY TO HAVE 4 DAYS OFF MY INTERNSHIP !!! thank Malaysia for raya holidays omg .. seriously i've never thought work would be so stressful and boring , moreover when i'm not even getting paid :( 

anyway , today's post will be a super long one (YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED) with about 60 photos in total so please bear with me . two months late but , finally here's my birthday blog post ! 

On the 20th of May this year , which is obviously my birthday , i had a public external exam . meaning , i had an AS maths paper on the day of my birthday ..... i don't know how much more unlucky i could get . somehow i've always always managed to have exams fall on my birthday throughout my high school years , every single year . when i came to college i thought "this will be the year i won't have exams on my day anymore" ... but nope . not this time around :)))))) 

woke up in my dorm with a lovely surprise though !! my Jawahir babes decorated my cupboard with lots and lots of sticky notes filled with drawings and birthday wishes hehehe . special thanks to Qing Ning who sneaked in at 2am to paste everything while me and my roommates were sound asleep :)

so anyway i had my C2 on my birthday so it was pretty uneventful during the day . during the night , the KTJ January intakes planned a little surprise for me !! as mentioned in my previous posts , we are pretty bad at masking surprises since everyone is so used to the same old plan HAHAHA . so when it was my turn , i already knew what was gonna happen so i just went with it.

big thanks to Crystal the bae for the chocolate cake !!! she knows what i like best *insert heart eyes emoji* 

anddd floral H&M romper from Jun Qi , Stephanie , Crystal and a few others !! of course , i am floral queen !!! super in love with this especially since i'm into rompers nowadays

thanks to the Ipoh people , Ee Xin , Pan + a few others for the yoga mat HAHAHAHA . i already have a yoga mat at home but i've been contemplating getting a new one to put in KTJ but never got round to it . therefore getting it for my birthday made me so happy !! THANK YOU GUYS and thanks to my wife Yee Chong for suggesting it to everyone aahahah . 

honestly felt so blessed to have met such a great bunch of Jan intakes in KTJ because i love how all of us are so united and care about each other genuinely . love them so much T___T

not really related to my birthday but the next day i went jogging and after that i whatsapp-ed Yee Chong saying i went jogging then he replied "eh me too" so i looked out my window and he was there with Marc and Dillon HAHAHA . Ning Shuen was also downstairs after her sports activity so the guys forced us to go "jogging with them"

and by "jogging" i mean walking around the jogging track being all vain and shit 

decided to go chill at the cricket pitch and sent the above picture to our friend who is a national cricket player . we asked him "what's this" (referring to the two little sticks Marc is holding) , to which he replied "five cows' .... for about 5 seconds i thought the sticks were really called five cows but then i realised he's calling us cows HAHAHAH . 

so on Friday i left KTJ to go back home and on my way home , Kun Yew pissed me off while texting me .... but when i went home ,

this welcomed me in my room (room tour soon btw i promise) !!! T___T photos of us hanging from balloons floating near the ceiling and my gifts waiting for me on the bed .  my boyfriend pissed me off on purpose so i wouldn't get suspicious since his Valentine's day surprise failed ahaha

also , a guinea pig ??? HAHAHA it had a balloon attached to its back and was running around my room . my first reaction was "am i supposed to keep it ???" lol . according to my bf , he rented it . he wanted to rent me a puppy at first since i love love love puppies , but no pet shop was willing to let him do that since puppies were too expensive . so instead , he got offered a guinea pig HAHA

the note on the guinea pig's balloon says this ..

my gifts , all in pastel pink ; as he knows how much i like that colour :) handmade heart collage by him , super pretty bouquet of roses in shades of pink and Michael Kors' Jet Set Travel Saffiano Leather Continental Wallet (i googled the name lol)

couldn't stop staring at the roses !!! so so so gorgeous and all in my favourite colours !!!! i just wanted them to stay fresh forever HAHAHA . thank you so much tky T___T so lucky to have him 

oh and what's in the box ?
two boxes of Yogood Strawberry Crunchy Muesli HAHAHAH . i recently got obsessed with this muesli , and i mean seriously obsessed like i would eat it everyday , so i told him to take me seriously and buy it for my birthday . and so he did ahahah

he went home to shower and i continued to swoon over my gifts until it was dinnertime . his driver came over to fetch us and off we went to Thirty8 at Grand Hyatt . the breakfast we had at Grand Hyatt was actually a week before my birthday and purely coincidental !! 

dinner with a gorgeous view :)

our starter was bread AND I LOVED IT . i mean i love all sorts of bread but this was really fluffy and soft yet crunchy on the outside ... i can even say this was my fav part of the dinner HAHAH . so next time don't have to bring me fine dining , just buy me nice bread lol .

our main courses shared between us : grilled prawns and rack of lamb . i don't get why Grand Hyatt has such terrible lighting at night ??? i get it , it sets a romantic mood by why does it have to be so dark if it's fine dining and they know customers will wanna take photos of the food ..... 

of course for dessert , we had to try Thirty8's Signature Cake !!! checked some old web entries and Thirty8 only charged RM18 for this cake in 2012 but when we went , it was a whopping RM38 !!! wow inflation is real . 

the process of how the cake was served and plz blame Thirty8 for the bad quality pics due to their terrible lighting HAHAHA 

 then we had a second dessert !!!! 

boyfriend surprised me with a birthday cake even though it was only the two of us ... chocolate cake decked with flowers !! AHHH it was so pretty i didn't have the heart to eat it !!! it was really huge too so we only managed a small slice and kept the rest . 

finally took some brighter photos at the reception area and stairs !

after that we went walking around the Bukit Bintang area and decided ... we wanted third desserts . AHHAHAHA . never challenge me and tky at desserts , we'll show you who's boss .
so we went to get Gelatomio !!!! super fun day with this boy hehe

when he dropped me home , we unwrapped the cake in all its glory and believe it or not , we ate another slice :')))) it tasted really really good btw , the ganache was on point !!! for those of you who are wondering , my cake is from @bakedinchelsea on Instagram . thank you !!!

next day !!! went to One Utama with Kah Yee and Paggie to watch Pitch Perfect 2 , wasn't much of a birthday celebration but just to catch up with them ahahah
ootd !

after the movie we decided to visit OU's secret garden on their roof since we've never been there :)

vain session since we're girls

thank you Kah Yee for capturing these photos of me !! 

tbh i felt quite sad after that that the FAB didn't really care about me anymore after high school since the rest of them didn't show up so i was feeling quite bummed about it :/ 

met up with bf and we had more desserts HAHAHA

fondue at Haagen Dazs , so expensive but so good T___T torn between going broke and going hungry ..

also , finally tried Nana's Green Tea's softserve and tbh i think it's pretty overrated ... i've had better green tea ice-cream elsewhere , not sure why everyone else is so hyped about this :/

went home and the next day , boyfriend came over saying he wanted to take me to lunch and to wear white ... at this point i was pretty suspicious but just followed along . he took me to his car and blindfolded me ... meanwhile ,
my poor FAB bby's were preparing to surprise me somewhere near my house HAHAHA . here they are standing under the scorching sun in Malaysia's humid weather , sweating their butts off to surprise me T___T 

bf took me there and removed my blindfold and !!!! OMG 1!!11!! i felt so bad for thinking that they didn't care about me anymore when they planned this all along :'((( ahh they didn't forget about me !!! thank you so much to all my non-biological sisters from FAB , never thought you guys would do this for me and i miss you guys so much and all the times we had together in school :(

Vinn Kee !!!! the girl with the cutest laugh ever and the pao face i'll always miss !

StephHUHHHHH my most beautiful Korean lookalike bby and hot model hehe

Hannah my most gatal friend who never fails to make me laugh with all her jokes ahh i miss her T___T 

and of course , the BFF who got everything planned and bought the paper flowers and decorated the place , knowing my exact taste in decorations and stuff HAHAH

the boy who contributed !!! thanks for sticking with me hehe 

 no idea why i can't find the solo pics of me and Ming and Kah Yee but i love them so much for coming too , seriously had no idea how much i missed seeing these familiar faces on a regular basis .. it used to be everyday now it's once in a blue moon :'(

group photo !! thank you to 6/9 of my FAB bbg's who took their time off their busy schedules to come and do this for me , it really means a lot and thanks for the gifts too T___T 

BONUS : Vinn Kee's the cutest hahahahaha a few days before my birthday i tweeted that i wanted a pretzel so she went to my ask.fm , pretended to be an anon and asked me what flavour i liked (Caramel Almond) . so on my birthday she surprised me with a pretzel HAHAHA TOO ADORABLE !!!

after the girls surprised me , we had lunch and cut the cake . and believe it or not , the cake was from the exact same place my boyfriend got me my chocolate cake !! since i had no nice pics of my red velvet cake , i stole some from the baker's instagram :

the red velvet version of my birthday cake !!! it was really good too , so if you'd like some rustic and pretty cakes go to @bakedinchelsea on Instagram . 

to end this post , i just wanna express how grateful i am to have some of the most wonderful people in my life . from the KTJ friends to my ever-so-loving boyfriend to my amazing and caring girls from high school . to me , birthdays are when you truly know who cares about you . the efforts and time they put into trying to make you happy , especially on your special day ; will truly reflect who you are to them . and if you are loved , like me , do take some time to appreciate the things people have done for you . 

to be completely honest , nobody , and i mean NOBODY has ever surprised me on my birthday before this . i know you all probably think it's not possible since i have many connections , but its true . everytime i saw people getting surprises from their friends i always felt a sense of envy in me , like "when is it my turn to experience that ?" .. glad to finally say that i got it on my 18th birthday , in three different versions from all the people i love . to everyone who contributed to my birthday , thank you so so much , you guys really made it the best birthday i've had in my life xxx

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