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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Boyfriend's 18th Birthday Surprise
hello !! another birthday post ahahah , this time , it's for the person who makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world all the time ; my boyfriend . 

background introduction for those of you who do not know much about him albeit seeing him all the time on my blog & instagram : i met my boyfriend when i first transferred to Sri KDU in Form4 . we pretty much ignored each other for one and a half years but i heard stories about him since he was pretty *cough* popular *cough* . and when i say "stories" i mean stuff like he's gay cos he's never dated any girl / he looks like a monkey / he's hot / a lot of junior girls like him . back then i didn't think he was very hot but as time went by ok la i started to think he's quite handsome HAHAHAHAH (tky if you're reading this , don't get perasan or i won't give you Reese chocolate) . so anyway , in July 2014 , he finally had the balls to approach me (add me on snapchat) and the rest was history heheh .

if you've read my birthday post , you would've seen what he did for my birthday ahahah so just bear in mind that his surprise was 10x better than mine BUT i will do better next year !!! I MUST WIN AHHAHAHA .

when it comes to my bf , i never know what to get him because he's the type of person who doesn't demand for much , plus he already has practically everything he wants , so coming up for a gift for his special day was particularly challenging :/ 

SURPRISE #1 : for the first surprise , i decided to make a video of us and everything we've been through since we met . i also decided to make two special jars , found the idea on Pinterest and i thought "hey why not !!!"

this was the set up !! we were supposed to go to dinner together so i asked him to come over to my house first ahahah .

the video was about 8 mins long but unfortunately i'm not gonna post it here cos i wanna keep it personal . if you're wondering what's in the jars and what i wrote , one jar contains Hershey's Kisses and the other contains uhh .. air . HAHAHAH . read the labels i made below !!


hahahahahhaahah also , i decided to be fancy (aka stupidest choice ever) and bought mini candles to make the mood more sentimental !!!! i even wanted to play soft music while he enters !!!

unfortunately i am quite a noob at lighting candles and by the time my boyfriend was at my door , i was still lighting up the candle arrow ...... UGH . so i panicked and tried to hurry up and ended up spilling candle wax over the floor FML x138397423938 !!!! 

and so , i gave up like the loser i am hah .

merely lit candles feat. the spilled candle wax and a tissue , resembling a comet but is actually the product of my clumsiness and attempt to fix it HAHA . 

aftermath of the stupid candles : having trouble removing the wax from my wooden floors and ending up turning to google for solutions . on the bright side : boyfriend loved the video and the jars , especially the Kisses heh .

so off we went for our dinner + movie !!!
and by dinner i meant uh ... cinema snacks LOLOL .

SURPRISE #2 : this was two days after the first surprise !! basically my boyfriend and i have always talked about going on a picnic together but we never got round to it so i thought this was the perfect opportunity for it !! my surprise picnic revolved around a tea-party theme and lots of colourful props , inspired by Fourfeetnine's wedding . spent about a month planning the location + food + props and i was so glad to see everything turned out the way i wanted it to :)

a day before the surprise i baked some moist chocolate Oreo cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting !

before baking !!! I HAD SO MANY .... unfortunately , i made a baker's worst mistake by pulling them out of the oven too quickly whilst they were baking .. hence , many of the cupcakes sank into their cupcake liners and i was left with a mere 13 cupcakes :/
so ... this was how they looked like in a box HAHAHAH .

at least they're still pretty and yummy !!!! boyfriend loved them and demanded for more .. he still demands for it up till this day as i type this


early on Sunday morning i went all the way to Shah Alam to meet the baker whom i ordered macarons from .
super pretty pic from her instagram !!! i found this baker via Instagram because ... i like following bakers and cake decoraters on Instagram due to the fact that i love seeing their beautiful work + it gives me inspiration for my future bakes . Hence , this woman was one of them and i'm so glad i decided to place an order with her !!

uhhh .. not so pretty pic taken with my iPhone5 HAHAHA . 16 macarons costed RM50 , which brings it to about RM3.10 per macaron . THIS WAS SO WORTH IT , I MUST SAY . nowadays , macarons are selling at an average of RM4 in most bakeries so these macarons i got were a real bargain , not to mention HOW PRETTY IT LOOKS AND HOW GOOD IT TASTES !!!!!!! i ordered two flavours , Belgium dark chocolate in pink macaron shells and peanut butter salted caramel in blue macaron shells . love how the colours were exactly the pastel shade i wanted and the taste was really good !!!! i'm not even exaggerating when i say this .. being a big fan of dessert , i've tasted my fair share of macarons and this one is among the top in my list . would totally order from this baker again and i strongly recommend the peanut butter salted caramel flavour , everyone loved it ! (if you're interested to find out who the baker is please personal message me , NOT ask on my ask.fm)

after getting the macarons , i headed to One Utama to get balloons and the rest of the cakes and sandwiches for my tea party picnic !
picked 4 colours for the balloons : 3 white balloons , 3 turquoise balloons , 2 pink balloons and 2 yellow balloons . picked the matte balloons over the shiny balloons because the shop owner said it looks better for outdoor events . the total for 10 helium balloons was RM40 .. oh how expensive things are nowadays :/ walking around a mall with 10 balloons in my hand definitely captured a lot of attention HAHAHAH .

around 5pm i gathered all my props + food and got to the park where i was supposed to set up our picnic spot . unfortunately for me , after this pic was taken , i was carrying the huge IKEA bag to a shaded area and whilst i was busy doing that , the wind blew my balloons and they hovered a few inches above the ground , causing 2 balloons to be poked by the grass .. which made them pop . well .. there goes my 8 bucks and i was left with 8 balloons T___T

while i was halfway setting up , Ming Xuan and Chee Yee arrived !!! invited them since we were so used to double dating ahaha

them cuties helping me to set up hehe ^_^

top view !!

my favourite part is definitely shopping for materials and decorating the place up , such as the colourful paper plates and cups and the cute straws with functional pinwheels !!! 

balloons and a photo of us for decoration purposes HAHAHA . and an irrelevant bouquet of fake roses just to make photos look good because everyone knows i am the queen of pattern banyak heh 

bad picture of me because i was sweating the whole time HAHAHAH

the best part , of course , was setting up this three-tier dessert platter !! got the tray from IKEA , macarons from the Instagram baker , strawberries from my house and assorted pastries from different bakeries around my area . loooooved putting everything together and assembling it ... wish i could do this for a living :P

meanwhile , gave my best friend the duty to kidnap my boyfriend from his house and to "blindfold" him with garbage bags , Silver Linings Playbook style . HAHAHAHA . much thanks to Paggie for helping out with my preparations and for making Kun Yew feel awkward in her car , and of course , taking time out of her busy schedule to help me do all these things ^.^ 

Paggie brought him to the park and removed the garbage bags and surprise !!! heheh so glad it worked out the way i pictured it to be :)

photo credits to Paggie , the best photographer .. oh and , i was wearing cotton shorts , those aren't undergarments . 

big thanks and so much love for you T___T thanks so much again luv luv luv

KunChi - MickCheeYee double dating continues !!! ahahah always enjoy our double dates because we end up laughing so much xx

act candid a bit LOLOLOL .

last pic !!! once again , thanks to Ming , CY and Paggie for coming and helping out with my surprise as well as contributing to the celebration . and to the boy who makes me so happy everyday : i hope you liked it hehe . might not be as good or as expensive as the surprise you gave me but it's the thought that counts right huehuheue . 

hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as i enjoyed preparing for it , thanks for reading :* 

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