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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  12 Simple , Healthy and Fuss-Free Recipes
happy Tuesday guys ! as you people know , i am queen of "pattern banyak" and thus , i'm always looking for new stuff to do to not feel so lifeless HAHAHAH . on top of that , i'm also into healthy eating even though i'm kinda bad at it .... i'm forever eating bad food it's like everyday is cheat day to me heh . however ! during the summer holidays i had the time and liberty to create healthy breakfast / brunch foods since i no longer had to wake up at 6am everyday . 

people on my ask.fm often ask stuff like "how do you make (insert food i recently posted on instagram)" or "what do you normally eat for breakfast" or things like that . so today, i'll be blogging on simple and healthy food you can make under 10 minutes !

1. Yogurt Parfaits
one of my most favourite things to create / devour ! it looks complicated but is actually really simple and fun to make ahaha .

basically , all you need is your choice of fruit , yogurt and granola and simply mix it up , piling on the ingredients layer by layer ! my favourites are strawberries , bananas and blueberries and i like to use whole-wheat cornflakes too . as for yogurt , i normally use Nestle's fat-free fruit yogurt / natural Greek yogurt .

yogurt parfaits i've made so far :

bananas + Greek yogurt + whole wheat cornflakes

granola + strawberry yogurt + strawberries + blueberries + bananas

strawberry yogurt + whole wheat cornflakes + strawberries + bananas

2. Cereal Bowls & 3. Smoothies
this is probably everyone's favourite childhood breakfast : cereal !!! when i was younger i LOVED Coco Crunch , but of course now that i'm older i wanna eat something with less sugar and refined carbs . thus , i usually go for Special K's Whole Wheat Cornflakes . as for milk .. i never liked milk , except when it comes with cereal ahahah , i use natural Gluten Free Soy Milk ! you could also use rice milk / fat-free milk etc .

as for smoothies , there's no fixed recipes i use , i usually just blend up whatever i feel like having . it's really simple , what i usually do is make sure i have an approximate 1:1 portion of ice to yogurt , add in a banana/mango for creaminess , add in some berries (optional) , a splash of milk and then blend it up ! i usually like a thicker consistency , but if you want a thinner one then feel free to add more milk / sub the yogurt with milk :)

whole wheat cornflakes (really , my new found love) and blueberry smoothie ! (1 cup ice + 1 cup yogurt + 1 banana + 3 or 4 blueberries + 1 banana)

mix your cereal up with some fruits if you wanna be pattern banyak like yours truly

plain cereal and milk when i'm too lazy to give a shit + strawberry smoothie (same recipe as blueberry smoothie except sub the blueberries for strawberries)

4. Muesli Bowls
similar to cereal bowls , except this time its muesli + yogurt/smoothie . you could use milk too but i never tried it :O fell in love with Yogood's Muesli a few months back and i just can't stop eating it ....
muesli + smoothie + blackberries + bananas

muesli + yogurt + bananas + mangoes (hidden under the bananas)

5. Whole Wheat Crepes 
ahh , crepes ! i just love dessert for breakfast (or lunch or any meal basically) . crepes are usually filled with loads of sugar so i'm super glad to find a healthy-fied version of it ! 

this is the recipe i used : http://www.food.com/recipe/basic-whole-wheat-french-crepes-102058?photo=195963

you could either put toppings on your crepes or wrap them up with fruits like i did ! i also melted some dark chocolate and peanut butter to get some sweetness ahaha . trust me , you do not want to eat plain crepes as it is completely tasteless ... 

6. Fruit on Toast
a staple breakfast for me since my high school days , this simple yet absolutely delicious breakfast shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes to prepare :)

i like to use no-sugar added peanut butter but cream cheese is recommended as well . you could use fruit preserves / jam if you like ! to ensure your peanut butter is healthy , always read the labels . the ingredients should always ONLY contain roasted peanuts , food conditioners and salt . the lesser the ingredients the better .. note that Smucker's Peanut Butter / Ladies' Choice and other commercial brands are full of sugar so remember to check the nutritional contents . healthy peanut butter are usually pricier though .. for bread , i like Gardenia's 100% Whole Grain with Canadian Purple Wheat as the glycaemic index is the lowest i could find in the market + it's low in fat and calories ahahah . fun fact : i love reading food labels and comparing them . 

7. Smoothie Bowls 
it's basically a smoothie in a bowl + me trying to be fancy

mango smoothie + dragonfruit + walnuts .. me trying to be all health blogger / fitspo HAHAHA .

the professional ones like to pile on lots more fruits , nuts and chia seeds but ya i'm too lazy for that .. here's an example :
photo credits from domesticate-me.com

8. 2-Minute French Toast in A Mug

used my favourite Gardenia bread again to healthify it HAHA
recipe from http://www.prettyprudent.com/2012/01/entertaining-food/2-minute-french-toast-in-a-cup/

9. Egg Mayo Sandwich

one of my favourite things to eat for lunch because 1. it's so easy and fuss-free and 2. i love bread and carbs . all you have to do is boil and egg and while you're doing that , butter your bread . after the egg is hard-boiled , chop/mash it up with a spoon and add in some mayo ! i use vegetarian mayo from Telly but you can use light-mayo as well . (remember , check the food labels to get the healthiest one)

10. Banana "Ice-Cream"
as a big fan of ice-cream ... i constantly crave it .. thus , this snack gives me a quick fix for my cravings but keeps me healthy too hehe . this particular one is mixed with strawberries , blueberries and chocolate chips !

if you're wondering what this is .. it's actually frozen bananas made to resemble ice-cream . i used a Yonanas machine to make this !!

it requires you to pre-freeze bananas before making it but trust me , it's so worth it because the end product tastes just like ice-cream omggggg

11. Overnight Oats
nothing new to the world of health foods , this remains a favourite for a lot of people . the idea is to mix 1 portion of oats with 1 portion of liquid (yogurt/milk etc) , together with some sort of sweetener (honey/mashed bananas etc) plus whatever else you'd like to have in your oats , mix it all together , leave it in the fridge overnight and voila , breakfast is served the next day !

my version : couldn't decide whether i wanted milk or Greek yogurt in it so i put in both HAHA . 1/3 cup of oats + equal amounts of yogurt and soy milk , a teaspoon of honey and half a cup of silvered almonds .

here's what it looks like before chilling in the fridge overnight ..

topped it with some fruits the next morning ! anyway , there are thousands of overnight oats recipes online so feel free to try the more adventurous ones such as peanut butter , apple pie or tropical flavours .

12. Oven Fried Chicken
literally just tried this yesterday and i'm amazed at how it works !!! tastes like real fried chicken too , love how it uses not even half the amount of oil you would normally use , plus the process of preparing it and coating it in batter takes less than 10 minutes , and then all you have to do is pop it in the oven !

placed the chicken in a deep dish lined with baking paper after coating , i strongly advise you to do this to save time for cleaning up 

result !! LOOKS AND TASTE LIKE REAL FRIED CHICKEN I'M NOT EVEN KIDDING .. even my mom approved of this and trust me when i say she hates my healthy recipes ahahahh . anyway , here's the recipe : http://allrecipes.com/recipe/oven-fried-chicken-ii/ ; i omitted the paprika and only used one egg because i didn't use as much chicken as the recipe stated . i also didn't care about the measurements of the flour and breadcrumbs and just poured the amount i roughly needed on a plate HAHAHAH . i guess what i like about cooking is it's very subjective and you can do everything according to your own preference , unlike baking where everything is very fundamental .

sooo there you have it , things i like to eat which are healthy and yummy + can all be done under 10 mins !!! hope you like this post and do update me if you guys ever try making these recipes ! hit me up in the comments section or contact me on my ask.fm , link found in my sidebar . have fun and i'll blog soon x

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  Boyfriend's 18th Birthday Surprise
hello !! another birthday post ahahah , this time , it's for the person who makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world all the time ; my boyfriend . 

background introduction for those of you who do not know much about him albeit seeing him all the time on my blog & instagram : i met my boyfriend when i first transferred to Sri KDU in Form4 . we pretty much ignored each other for one and a half years but i heard stories about him since he was pretty *cough* popular *cough* . and when i say "stories" i mean stuff like he's gay cos he's never dated any girl / he looks like a monkey / he's hot / a lot of junior girls like him . back then i didn't think he was very hot but as time went by ok la i started to think he's quite handsome HAHAHAHAH (tky if you're reading this , don't get perasan or i won't give you Reese chocolate) . so anyway , in July 2014 , he finally had the balls to approach me (add me on snapchat) and the rest was history heheh .

if you've read my birthday post , you would've seen what he did for my birthday ahahah so just bear in mind that his surprise was 10x better than mine BUT i will do better next year !!! I MUST WIN AHHAHAHA .

when it comes to my bf , i never know what to get him because he's the type of person who doesn't demand for much , plus he already has practically everything he wants , so coming up for a gift for his special day was particularly challenging :/ 

SURPRISE #1 : for the first surprise , i decided to make a video of us and everything we've been through since we met . i also decided to make two special jars , found the idea on Pinterest and i thought "hey why not !!!"

this was the set up !! we were supposed to go to dinner together so i asked him to come over to my house first ahahah .

the video was about 8 mins long but unfortunately i'm not gonna post it here cos i wanna keep it personal . if you're wondering what's in the jars and what i wrote , one jar contains Hershey's Kisses and the other contains uhh .. air . HAHAHAH . read the labels i made below !!


hahahahahhaahah also , i decided to be fancy (aka stupidest choice ever) and bought mini candles to make the mood more sentimental !!!! i even wanted to play soft music while he enters !!!

unfortunately i am quite a noob at lighting candles and by the time my boyfriend was at my door , i was still lighting up the candle arrow ...... UGH . so i panicked and tried to hurry up and ended up spilling candle wax over the floor FML x138397423938 !!!! 

and so , i gave up like the loser i am hah .

merely lit candles feat. the spilled candle wax and a tissue , resembling a comet but is actually the product of my clumsiness and attempt to fix it HAHA . 

aftermath of the stupid candles : having trouble removing the wax from my wooden floors and ending up turning to google for solutions . on the bright side : boyfriend loved the video and the jars , especially the Kisses heh .

so off we went for our dinner + movie !!!
and by dinner i meant uh ... cinema snacks LOLOL .

SURPRISE #2 : this was two days after the first surprise !! basically my boyfriend and i have always talked about going on a picnic together but we never got round to it so i thought this was the perfect opportunity for it !! my surprise picnic revolved around a tea-party theme and lots of colourful props , inspired by Fourfeetnine's wedding . spent about a month planning the location + food + props and i was so glad to see everything turned out the way i wanted it to :)

a day before the surprise i baked some moist chocolate Oreo cupcakes topped with cream cheese frosting !

before baking !!! I HAD SO MANY .... unfortunately , i made a baker's worst mistake by pulling them out of the oven too quickly whilst they were baking .. hence , many of the cupcakes sank into their cupcake liners and i was left with a mere 13 cupcakes :/
so ... this was how they looked like in a box HAHAHAH .

at least they're still pretty and yummy !!!! boyfriend loved them and demanded for more .. he still demands for it up till this day as i type this


early on Sunday morning i went all the way to Shah Alam to meet the baker whom i ordered macarons from .
super pretty pic from her instagram !!! i found this baker via Instagram because ... i like following bakers and cake decoraters on Instagram due to the fact that i love seeing their beautiful work + it gives me inspiration for my future bakes . Hence , this woman was one of them and i'm so glad i decided to place an order with her !!

uhhh .. not so pretty pic taken with my iPhone5 HAHAHA . 16 macarons costed RM50 , which brings it to about RM3.10 per macaron . THIS WAS SO WORTH IT , I MUST SAY . nowadays , macarons are selling at an average of RM4 in most bakeries so these macarons i got were a real bargain , not to mention HOW PRETTY IT LOOKS AND HOW GOOD IT TASTES !!!!!!! i ordered two flavours , Belgium dark chocolate in pink macaron shells and peanut butter salted caramel in blue macaron shells . love how the colours were exactly the pastel shade i wanted and the taste was really good !!!! i'm not even exaggerating when i say this .. being a big fan of dessert , i've tasted my fair share of macarons and this one is among the top in my list . would totally order from this baker again and i strongly recommend the peanut butter salted caramel flavour , everyone loved it ! (if you're interested to find out who the baker is please personal message me , NOT ask on my ask.fm)

after getting the macarons , i headed to One Utama to get balloons and the rest of the cakes and sandwiches for my tea party picnic !
picked 4 colours for the balloons : 3 white balloons , 3 turquoise balloons , 2 pink balloons and 2 yellow balloons . picked the matte balloons over the shiny balloons because the shop owner said it looks better for outdoor events . the total for 10 helium balloons was RM40 .. oh how expensive things are nowadays :/ walking around a mall with 10 balloons in my hand definitely captured a lot of attention HAHAHAH .

around 5pm i gathered all my props + food and got to the park where i was supposed to set up our picnic spot . unfortunately for me , after this pic was taken , i was carrying the huge IKEA bag to a shaded area and whilst i was busy doing that , the wind blew my balloons and they hovered a few inches above the ground , causing 2 balloons to be poked by the grass .. which made them pop . well .. there goes my 8 bucks and i was left with 8 balloons T___T

while i was halfway setting up , Ming Xuan and Chee Yee arrived !!! invited them since we were so used to double dating ahaha

them cuties helping me to set up hehe ^_^

top view !!

my favourite part is definitely shopping for materials and decorating the place up , such as the colourful paper plates and cups and the cute straws with functional pinwheels !!! 

balloons and a photo of us for decoration purposes HAHAHA . and an irrelevant bouquet of fake roses just to make photos look good because everyone knows i am the queen of pattern banyak heh 

bad picture of me because i was sweating the whole time HAHAHAH

the best part , of course , was setting up this three-tier dessert platter !! got the tray from IKEA , macarons from the Instagram baker , strawberries from my house and assorted pastries from different bakeries around my area . loooooved putting everything together and assembling it ... wish i could do this for a living :P

meanwhile , gave my best friend the duty to kidnap my boyfriend from his house and to "blindfold" him with garbage bags , Silver Linings Playbook style . HAHAHAHA . much thanks to Paggie for helping out with my preparations and for making Kun Yew feel awkward in her car , and of course , taking time out of her busy schedule to help me do all these things ^.^ 

Paggie brought him to the park and removed the garbage bags and surprise !!! heheh so glad it worked out the way i pictured it to be :)

photo credits to Paggie , the best photographer .. oh and , i was wearing cotton shorts , those aren't undergarments . 

big thanks and so much love for you T___T thanks so much again luv luv luv

KunChi - MickCheeYee double dating continues !!! ahahah always enjoy our double dates because we end up laughing so much xx

act candid a bit LOLOLOL .

last pic !!! once again , thanks to Ming , CY and Paggie for coming and helping out with my surprise as well as contributing to the celebration . and to the boy who makes me so happy everyday : i hope you liked it hehe . might not be as good or as expensive as the surprise you gave me but it's the thought that counts right huehuheue . 

hope you guys enjoyed reading this post as much as i enjoyed preparing for it , thanks for reading :* 

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