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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Diary of a Lazy Blogger #29 : Term Break
Hello !!! OMG FINALLY (FINALLY FINALLY) DONE WITH EXAMS AND TESTS !! *throws confetti* For those of you who haven't been keeping up with me , throughout May and June i was having my AS and A2 papers for Maths , and even after our last paper , my Physics and Econs teachers decided to torture the class by giving us end-of-term exams .... seriously idek what's wrong with this school (kidding) . 

anyway !! after like a billion years , i'm trying to clear out my old posts i owe to this blog !!! pretty sure nobody really cares about my back-dated adventures but the reason i'm still gonna post about it anyway is because i like reading back on old posts and see how far i've gone since then :) 

all these events happened waaaay back in the beginning of April , when Term 2 ended . at the time I'm blogging this , we are at the end of Term 3 . do you see how slow i am at blogging ??? AHAHAH . anyway , i had a one week break after term 2 !!

we all woke up at 5am on the last day of Term 2 to take these photos under the prettiest tree in school HAHAHAA . i kid you not , we really woke up to take photos ... if that doesn't prove how vain Jawahir girls are then i don't know what will .

Right when term break started , i participated in a MUN conference , namely MNMUN , which stands for Malaysia National Model United Nations . I got to know about MUN by joining the club in KTJ , and this was my first conference ever !! didn't really have the courage to speak up on the first day but seeing my friends go out to talk really boosted my confidence so i gave it a go on the second day AHAHAHHA . it got kinda boring during the second and last day though , so a lot of people ended up leaving early , myself included .. oops .

for Paggie's birthday i made her brownies !!! i know you can't really see in the pic but it tasted really good !!! here's the recipe i used : http://allrecipes.com/recipe/best-brownies/

also bought her flowers in a box cos i saw it on Instagram and thought it looked really pretty !!! Plus , it is me and Paggie's tradition each year to tell each other what we really want for our birthdays since we always get presents (from other people) that we end up not liking AHHHA . this year she asked for flowers , and since she always has a constant craving for brownies , i decided to add that in too :)

she was having MPU classes so i went over and surprised her !

many thanks to Victoria the messenger girl as well :*

after surprising the birthday girl , and and the boyfriend headed to Sunway Pyramid because we always wanted to have high tea !!

TWG's signature teatime set ! we ordered some Vanilla and Rose tea (i think ??) and well .. it was gross . HAHAHAHA . the sandwiches and macarons were good though , and the chocolate cake was a huge slice .


one time i was trying to be a fitspo so i made pancakes made with SOY MILK , super little sugar and wholemeal flour . ahahhaa

this was the outcome !!! drizzled it with melted peanut butter and it was really not bad !!! Here's the recipe : http://sallysbakingaddiction.com/2014/01/02/whole-wheat-banana-pancakes/

Went back to Penang for a few days with the mother ! went to pick up my younger sis after school and we went for coconut ice-cream ! :9

fav coconut ice-cream !!!! totally on par with Sangkaya in terms of taste and only one-third of Sangkaya's price huehue

just me being childish with my baby sister's bike HAHAHAHA . fun fact about me : i can't ride a bike unless it has four wheels (like the one above) :c

went to pick up wifey who is also my neighbour and we headed to Paragon !

sat in Brown Pocket and just gossiped like typical girls for about an hour , felt so good to reunite with her !! one of the people who i still kept in touch after leaving Penang , so grateful to have this girl xx 

after going back to KL , me and Paggie spontaneously decided to go Dining in the Dark one day . we've been planning to go since we were 16 and finally , 2 years later , we went !! LOLOL

couldn't get a full picture of this because the waitress was trying to lead us into the restaurant but me and Paggie just kept taking photos of everything so we had to rush ahahah

photos by the main stairs ..

photos in the hallway .. (i think this pic looks really nice by the way !!)

photos by their minibar ... you get the drill .

before heading in we were given cocktails to drink , with the waitresses making us guess the ingredients in it to test our tastebuds for later . then we had a game where we were both blindfolded and given a tiny can filled with rice and paper clips . while blindfolded , we were supposed to pick out the paper clips . sounds easy , but it took me like 5 minutes HAAHAHAH maybe my sense of touch is terrible .

and off we go !!!! Our server came out to bring us in . something special about this restaurant is that all their servers are blind or partially impaired , so they're used to the dark . no phones or electronic devices were allowed inside so we were given locker to put our belongings . it was also compulsory to order drinks even though i didn't want to since my favourite drink is plain water ... so i had to order bottled water lol .

The experience : Our server, Cornelius, asked us to place our hands on his shoulders and led us into the main dining area. once we left the reception area and entered the full dining area , it was pitch black. LIKE . REALLY REALLY BLACK . you know at night when you turn off your lights and after awhile your eyes begin to adjust to the darkness and you're able to see some stuff after that ? NOPE . DIDN'T HAPPEN . i mean i know its called "Dining in the Dark" for a reason but i seriously didn't think it would be so dark . ahahaha . anyway we were led to our seats and served . The meals came pretty quickly and were served in very unique plates , mostly little wooden trays with moulds to fit small plates , based on what i could touch . we ate with our cutlery , at first it was a little challenging but Cornelius was very helpful ! he would tell us things like "I would advise you to start from the upper left and go anticlockwise from there" and stuff like that . throughout the meal , Paggie would sometimes reach out to me just to make sure i'm there ahahah . then i had a random thought . what if there was a ghost / demon or smtg beside us .... and we wouldn't even know cos it was pitch dark ... like what if something suddenly touched us .. ahahah just me and my creepy thoughts .

the food was pretty good but i wouldn't say amazing .. for my first time fine dining , i sorta expected more but it was good cos Paggie doesn't like ice cream so i had hers as well as my own lolol . after the meal , the menu was revealed to us !

sorry for the really bad pics lol . anyway , for those of you who want to know , the prices are listed on their websites so you can google it . me and Paggie got a bit of a discount cos we paid online , so it was about RM130+ per person :) i would say its worth the money but you wouldn't pay to visit it again , it's sort of a one-time thing :)

nothing much , just us colour coordinating ..

made my mom breakfast for her birthday !!! AM I MASTERCHEF YET HAHAH . really like using my waffle machine and making food for the people i love :) 

one day me and my boyfriend had a crazy idea to go hike up Broga Hills HAHAHAHA so we left KL at 5am . thank god for his driver who followed us on the trip because it was as dark as Dining in the Dark at 5.30am .... reached the top about an hour later i think ?? waited for the sunrise then left after snapping a few pics lolol sometimes i don't understand why we do the things we do ..

wind was really strong up there

visited Clawset Cafe again after that because i was kinda sad (can't rmb why i was sad now) .. the puppies there are always so cute i just wanna kidnap all of them T____T

went over to Paggie's house one day because i wanted her to help me snap a few photos and SHE STILL HAD LEFTOVER CNY COOKIES EVEN THOUGH CNY WAS MONTHS AGO ???? not that i minded , i was more than happy to help myself to all sorts of fried snacks HAHAHA .

also !! made molten lava baby cakes one afternoon cos me and the bf were so free ahahah . and that , folks , was how i spent my 1 week break . my 2-month break approaching soon omg i can't wait !!!! ok bye i will update real soon i promise this time !!

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