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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Easy No-Bake Oreo Truffles
hi guyssss ! for Valentine's , i made my boyfriend a handmade booklet and a little ornament / keychain which was inspired from Pinterest :

contents of the booklet is private ahaha i'm sorry but basically it's a list of things we should complete before the next Valentine's Day and a compilation of our photos

the ornament thing i was talking about ^ basically , my boyfriend asked my what i was gonna do with all the roses he gave me for Valentine's Day , and i responded by saying "i'll make good use of it" , thus i found this on Pinterest and decided to give it a try ! bought the Christmas balls from an art store and glitter from Popular , threw in a couple of rose petals and voila ! simple , cute and meaningful hehe .

also , my boyfriend have always been hinting me to bake / make him something . so this Valentine's , i decided to fulfil his request HAHAHA . however , Valentine's also clashed with Chinese New Year .. hence i was short on time and had to whip up something quick . knowing my boyfriend loves cookies and cream , i quickly googled for Oreo-related recipes and found a really easy and quick recipe hehe . 

yup , Oreo truffles . super hassle-free and can be done within an hour :) so today i'm gonna show you guys how to make this yummy and easy dessert which doesn't even require an oven . 

  • 6oz Philadelphia Cream Cheese (any other cream cheese is fine , i just prefer this brand when it comes to baking)
  • 1 package of Oreos (i used the 154g one i think)
  • White chocolate for dipping / candy melts (should be easily found in any baking supplies shop , i'm not sure if it works with normal white chocolate)

The procedure is fairly easy ... firstly , leave your cream cheese out to soften for about an hour in room temperature so that it's easier to handle later . Next , crush up your Oreos (including the vanilla cream inside) in a ziplock bag with a rolling pin , or if you'd like to save the mess , blend it up in a blender like i did ! speeds up the time too :) save about a tablespoon of crushed Oreos for later and proceed with the next step .
Mix together the crushed Oreos and the softened cream cheese . this is the fun part ! 

after you're done , add the batter into moulds or if you'd like , just roll them into little balls . then just keep them in the fridge for about 30 minutes to harden up .
i put mine in heart-shaped moulds in-lieu with V-Day and this is what they look like when they're out . one package of Oreos only yield 8 truffles ... i expected more :(

while your truffles are in the fridge , melt your white chocolate by using a double boiler or microwave . i always prefer the double boiler method because it's so fun to see the chocolate melting HAHAHA .
with your melted chocolate still hot from the heat and your truffles still cold fresh from the fridge , quickly dip your truffles into the chocolate using a spoon and make sure its coated with chocolate completely . this part is tricky since you have to do it quick (explains why i had no time to get some photos of the process) . after you're done coating the truffles , quickly sprinkle some of the leftover crush Oreos over the top of the truffle just to add a bit of decoration . the hot white chocolate will then harden after coating the cold truffles .

place the truffles back into the fridge for about 15 more minutes and you're done !!
result hehe !!! THESE TASTE SUPER YUMMY , AS SIMPLE AS IT LOOKS . trust me !!! you will not regret making these !!!! wish i could eat all of them but i had to give them to my fat boyfriend *wails*

anyway , hope you guys will have fun making these and tell me how it goes if you managed to try it ! thanks for reading x

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  Cafe Hopping - February & March 2015
me and my boyfriend share one major thing in common : we both love to go on binge-eating trips (and then regret it really badly the next day) . sooo whenever i come home on weekends / exeats , the only thing we seem to do each time we meet is EAT and EAT AND EAT ALL DAY EVERYDAY HAHA . we eat so much that i have enough pictures to compile into a post here lol . enjoy !! 

okay this was actually in January but i forgot to include it in the January Cafe Hopping post so here it is .. tried out the ever-so-famous Cafe Bene , the branch in Sunway Pyramid ! the Chocolate Devil Brownie (in the skillet) was really good , in fact even better than their signature Cookies and Cream shaved ice . the latter left me disappointed because at the base of the dessert we got served was red bean instead of crushed cookies (as what i expected it to be) ... not a big fan of red bean so i didn't like it :(

 this one doesn't really count as cafe hopping since Baskin Robbins is so well-known but whatever HAHA

favourite cafe in KL !!!! dog cafe aka Clawset Cafe located in Damansara Jaya . me and the boyfriend went there on 1st Feb 2015 , waaaay before this cafe became super mainstream and everyone we knew began visiting it .. i say that to tell you guys that I AM A PIONEER VISITOR OF THIS DOG CAFE HUEHUEHUE . 

had soooo much fun playing with the puppies hehe , the cafe mainly consists of Pomeranian and poodle pups , they were all really obedient and tame and didn'y mind being picked up and cuddled , too cute ! there was a really huge and friendly Siberian Husky there too

ordered the peanut butter and chocolate waffle and the waitress told me "it might take awhile to prepare" and i said "okay sure" but in my mind i was like "ITS OK TAKE ALL THE TIME YOU WANT HUE HUE MORE TIME FOR ME TO PLAY WITH YOUR PUPPIES" . anyway , food was good !


went for lunch with the best friend after her class one day , since i had an exeat from school . went to Jibby & Co. at Empire Subang , one of her favourite places to eat .

her fried rice and teriyaki chicken ; my open chicken sandwich . sorry i'm not good at remembering food names HAHA 

dessert : her greek yogurt with cornflakes and my Belgium waffle with ice-cream ! the waffle was super small and overpriced , not to mention it was really doughy , not fluffy :( the ice-cream was yummy though . 

pattern sikit

pattern sikit lagi with my #OOTD

another day another place to visit !

for Valentine's my boyfriend (tried to) surprise me by hiding in my house but i knew about it because he texted my mom and my mom accidentally asked me to check her phone HAHA . to add on to that , he accidentally left his shoes outside my house door so it was pretty obvious that i would see it the moment i stepped in :P still , i appreciate his efforts *insert laughing with tears emoji*

ootd for Valentine's !

dessert before dinner @ Wafflemeister , KLCC . 

dinner was at Acme Bar and Coffee , Troika ! we went for their Valentine's set dinner which was okay , but i've tasted better things from their menu :/ well i guess that means we should've went ala carte , knowing that food in mass production would taste less satisfactory .
appetizer was Baked Oyster Mornay , Breaded Chicken Strip , Potato Wedges and Petite Salad .

one of the mains was  Pomfret Fillet wrapped with Roasted Potatoes , Steamed Courgette stuffed with Scallops and Shrimp with Citrus fruit dressing 

the other main course we had was Braised Beef Cheek with Fondant Potato , Root Vegetables in Shallot Red Wine jus

being an avid sweet tooth , i was looking forward to dessert but it ended up to be the most disappointing part of our meal :( dessert was Macaroon Ice Cream with Lover's Heart Praline and everything on the plate was overpoweringly sweet .... and if you're wondering how i managed to remember the names of all our plates , you're right i totally don't remember AHAHAHA i googled it .

we compensated by ordering ABC's signature dessert , their Sizzling Brownie !!! loved it , so so good hehe

boyfie's V-Day gift to me , feeling so loved xx

visited Journal by Plan B in Publika , Solaris Dutamas with mommy dearest ! as mentioned before , my mom usually disagrees with my choice of dining venues but Plan B is one of the few she likes :)

ordered their Big Breakfast to share between the two of us !


ended our brunch with their Apple Crumble with vanilla ice-cream ! i love Plan B's desserts hehe

visited Softsrve at Damansara Uptown about a week after their grand opening and it was suuuuper packed ! i could see why though , their Cereal Milk flavoured ice-cream is THE . BOMB . you know its really good when i say i prefer it over the dark chocolate flavoured one . and trust me , because i'm a chocoholic and this is the first time i prefer something over chocolate 

it was so good and i loved it so much that me and the bf went there again the next week 

AND AGAIN THE WEEK AFTER THAT . AHAHHAA . ^ notice how their ice-cream suddenly got up-sized from the previous one

Pasar malam adventures with my favourite boy !! we literally visited a different pasar malam every week , from Taman Bukit Maluri to Kepong to the biggest one in Setia Alam !! it was weeks and weeks of XXL fried chicken , endless apom balik , ramly burgers , keropok lekor and curry fishballs . oh and calories too .

finally tried Dip N Dip too !!! idk why some people think its too sweet ?? I LOVED IT HAHAHAHAHAHAHA #CHOCOHOLIC

Coconut ice-cream with toppings at Sangkaya , Damansara Uptown . they have a few other branches around KL too !! costed us RM9.90 for this ice-cream , titled "Signature" which is pretty pricey to be honest .. because the ones in Penang are only 1/3 of this price 

mini pancakes and fondue at the Paddington House of Pancakes , The Curve with mommy !! omg i never knew Paddington had such a wide range of desserts , i had such a hard time picking what i wanted !! they had from crepes to pancakes to waffles to all sorts yummy things , can't believe i never found out how much they had to offer !

another tea-time with mommy at Delicious , One Utama ! Teatime promo was free dessert with purchase of coffee ... free dessert was the chocolate eclair and we ordered another Macadamia Cheesecake . was pretty good but we both liked Plan B's Macadamia Cheesecake better .

last one !!!! breakfast at L.Table by Lavender in One Utama with my boyfie again .. french toast and crepes with fruits ! don't you love my simple and boring description of food ? ^__^ anyway i love desserts for breakfast !!! in fact , i love dessert for any meal ; all the better if it's all 3 meals of the day heheh x
conclusion of the post : you now realise that i hang out with my boyfriend way too much and we consume an unhealthy amount of sugar . if you wonder why we're not morbidly obese yet , let me assure you that we are indeed on our way to that destination :) 

not from a cafe but i made this salad in an attempt to make myself feel healthier . we all know i'm just lying to myself lol . 

thanks for reading and catching up with me , love you guys ! xx


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