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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Taiwan Day 5
the last post for my December 2014 Taiwan trip ! Phew ! as usual , sorryyyyyy for the late update , college life is much more stressful than i thought it would be :( 

woke up late on purpose to skip the hotel breakfast so i could have McD's HAHAHAH . isit just me , or do you guys always have the urge to try out McDonald's in different countries too ? :P tried the pork sausage breakfast McMuffin !!!

yey ! up fresh and early with my McDonald's burger and ..... my daily dose of green tea . (again with the green tea ahaha) to be honest , the burger tasted just like the normal Sausage McMuffin we have in Malaysia .

the amount of stuff we bought over 4 days HAHAHA . thank god we brought an empty luggage bag to store our hauls ...

we had ample time to spend since our flight was at night so we went back to the hotel and chilled a bit while my mom took a nap (yes , it runs in the family . we sleep at whatever time possible whenever we want to) then off to lunch !

lunch at a local Japanese restaurant in Ximending ! my beef fried rice + sister's pork katsu curry with omelet rice 

went to the C.K.S. Memorial Hall after our early lunch . unfortunately it was raining (AGAIN UGH) so we couldn't do much :/ even the museums were closed .. couldn't go back to the hotel since we already checked out so we decided to go shopping at SOGO .

no pics of shopping (we didn't buy anything anyway) sooo here's pics at Starbucks instead HAHA.

coffee break (hot chocolate for me) in between walking cos the rain made the weather so cold :(

last XXL fried chicken before leaving Taiwan !!! worth the calories because i love fried chicken heh .

airport selfie 

omg at the airport something terrible happened .......

MY HOME SCREEN BROKE !!! i totally had no idea why !!!! it just stopped working FML . i always have the worst luck when travelling i swear .. the previous time i went to London , something was wrong with my camera lens at the end of my trip . this time , it's my phone home button T____T  felt damn emo after that because if you know me well , i can't let little things go unresolved , no matter how small the situation is :( 

switched off my phone during the flight and switched it on again after i landed . and fortunately !!!! MY HOME BUTTON STARTED WORKING AGAIN THANK GOD . false misery ^_^

hauls over 5 days ! heheh

bought these condom chocolates for the BPF + boyfriend and the cute square chocolates for the boyfriend . so adorable !! from Jiufen Old Street , if you're wondering :p sooo in love with all the interesting sweets they sold there hehe .

i have to stop typing now cos the wifi is getting cut off in 4 minutes in boarding school omgwtfbbq ok bye see you guys !!!

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