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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Taiwan Day 3
Happy CNY Eve guys !! I'm finally back in my own crib again (happy to be back) but unfortunately there's only 4 days of holidays left for me :( here's Taiwan Day 3 ! Yes , i'm aware that i have like 2 months of un-updated blog posts to catch up on .. but A Levels is my priority , as academics always are , so i hope you guys understand :/ i'm sorry !!

Day 3 OOTD ! looking like a fatshit lol 

went to the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan because my sister is a big fan of mini stuff and she wanted to go there 

greeting you at the entrance of the museum is an array of Barbies ! my favourite back as a kid :P

lots of creepy-looking dolls

traditional dolls such as the Nutcracker too !

miniature houses and buildings , love how everything is so finely detailed , from the mini chandeliers to the teapots in the kitchen .. so intricate and pretty !

my hand in comparison .... the furniture is soooo freaking tiny omg

blurry photo in the museum heh

some movie adaptations : Phantom of the Opera , Cinderella and Pinocchio 

can this be my room , except 20 times bigger :((((

i wouldn't mind this one either :'((((

my favourite : CAKES AND DESSERTS !! look at how these miniature artists put in so much effort just to complete the decorations on the cakes ... talk about patience !


left the museum after that and decided to walk around the area . we were pretty hungry so we decided to stop by a little street shop for some traditional Taiwanese food :)

Rice with minced meat for me and the exact same thing in noodles version for my sister

grabbed a herbal tea egg from 7-Eleven whilst my sister got herself a cheesecake flavoured ice-cream  (no pic) , ahh i wish 7-Eleven in Malaysia served hot streets food as well :( 

after that , we decided to take the subway and head over to Taipower Station for tea , because what else is there to do in Taiwan except eat ? HAHAHAH

teatime at this little restaurant called Streams in the Desert ! found out about it since they advertised their teatime promotion in a leaflet . ambience was pretty good , there was a live pianist playing music :)

coffee and cakes . coffee was not bad but the cakes and pastries were nothing to rave about , meh :/ disappointed .

went back to the hotel for a quick nap and shower after that and went out again at night .
outfit of the night :) went to Shihlin Night Market again AHHAHAHA because my mom had no idea that me and my sis went there ourselves the night before :p

finally got to try the famous "Hot Star" fried XXL chicken !!!!!!11!1! the line was crazyyyy long , had to line up for at least 5 mins just to taste this omg

the amount of people craving for fried chicken ^ 

some selfies while queueing up

yay cravings fulfilled ! no chilli powder for me because i'm a noob HAHA . my verdict ? definitely tastes better and fresher than the Shihlin fried chicken available in M'sia ahahah

deek ice-creams ? whoops .

shopped around a little bit more then went back to sleep again because my family loves sleeping AHAHAH . and that's pretty much sums up my third day in Taipei ! see you guys soon , love you x

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