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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Taiwan Day 3
Happy CNY Eve guys !! I'm finally back in my own crib again (happy to be back) but unfortunately there's only 4 days of holidays left for me :( here's Taiwan Day 3 ! Yes , i'm aware that i have like 2 months of un-updated blog posts to catch up on .. but A Levels is my priority , as academics always are , so i hope you guys understand :/ i'm sorry !!

Day 3 OOTD ! looking like a fatshit lol 

went to the Miniatures Museum of Taiwan because my sister is a big fan of mini stuff and she wanted to go there 

greeting you at the entrance of the museum is an array of Barbies ! my favourite back as a kid :P

lots of creepy-looking dolls

traditional dolls such as the Nutcracker too !

miniature houses and buildings , love how everything is so finely detailed , from the mini chandeliers to the teapots in the kitchen .. so intricate and pretty !

my hand in comparison .... the furniture is soooo freaking tiny omg

blurry photo in the museum heh

some movie adaptations : Phantom of the Opera , Cinderella and Pinocchio 

can this be my room , except 20 times bigger :((((

i wouldn't mind this one either :'((((

my favourite : CAKES AND DESSERTS !! look at how these miniature artists put in so much effort just to complete the decorations on the cakes ... talk about patience !


left the museum after that and decided to walk around the area . we were pretty hungry so we decided to stop by a little street shop for some traditional Taiwanese food :)

Rice with minced meat for me and the exact same thing in noodles version for my sister

grabbed a herbal tea egg from 7-Eleven whilst my sister got herself a cheesecake flavoured ice-cream  (no pic) , ahh i wish 7-Eleven in Malaysia served hot streets food as well :( 

after that , we decided to take the subway and head over to Taipower Station for tea , because what else is there to do in Taiwan except eat ? HAHAHAH

teatime at this little restaurant called Streams in the Desert ! found out about it since they advertised their teatime promotion in a leaflet . ambience was pretty good , there was a live pianist playing music :)

coffee and cakes . coffee was not bad but the cakes and pastries were nothing to rave about , meh :/ disappointed .

went back to the hotel for a quick nap and shower after that and went out again at night .
outfit of the night :) went to Shihlin Night Market again AHHAHAHA because my mom had no idea that me and my sis went there ourselves the night before :p

finally got to try the famous "Hot Star" fried XXL chicken !!!!!!11!1! the line was crazyyyy long , had to line up for at least 5 mins just to taste this omg

the amount of people craving for fried chicken ^ 

some selfies while queueing up

yay cravings fulfilled ! no chilli powder for me because i'm a noob HAHA . my verdict ? definitely tastes better and fresher than the Shihlin fried chicken available in M'sia ahahah

deek ice-creams ? whoops .

shopped around a little bit more then went back to sleep again because my family loves sleeping AHAHAH . and that's pretty much sums up my third day in Taipei ! see you guys soon , love you x

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