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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Taiwan Day 2

hello guys ! as i'm typing this , it's a sunday at KTJ and also my first day off where i'm completely free of activities !! trust me , KTJ is stressful :( sooo here i am scheduling this post for a few days later since i'm free now and i know i'm bound to be busy again *sighs* 

Taiwan Day 2 aka the one and only day where i bothered to dress up properly (while bracing the cold) AHAHHA . the rest of the days i was bundled up in ugly long-sleeved sweaters or hoodies and tights / jeans .

see what i mean ?? ahahah can't believe i had the nerve to wear a sleeveless top + a short skirt when the weather was ranging among 12-16 Celcius :p

took the subway out early to Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall !
good morning Taiwan

destination of the day

LOL my hair is such an ugly pudding colour now zz .. and gave up on my attempt to be fashionable ahahah whipped my plaid shirt off my waist in no time to shelter from the cold :P you win , weather .

i'm not a person who's familiar with History but here's me with a painting of Sun Yat-Sen ahahah

museum findings ... as stated above , i'm not a History person so naturally i find museums boring :/ only went there because my mom wanted to .. and everything was written in Chinese and my Chinese is terrible so even if i wanted to find out the story behind Sun Yat-Sen ... i can't :(

watched some marching performance going on


"Gimme a high 5 !" HAHAHAH the loserly things i do in museums 

with baby sis in front of the statue of Sun Yat-Sen


 went to the National Palace Museum at Shihlin after that ! (again , wasn't my idea)

touristy shots around the area ! the sun was soooo blazing hot and yet the weather was surprisingly cold

keeping ourselves hydrated in the sun .. did i mention how much green tea i drank while in Taiwan ? if i didn't , you're about to find out soon AHAHHAA

after exploring the National Palace Museum , we stepped out to the streets of the ever-so-famous Shihlin !

picked up some egg cakes (??) on the way . direct translation from the chinese name sorry :P

unfortunately it was way too early for the night markets so we walked around a bit . walked around until we accidentally stumbled upon an underground food court HAHAHHA
it was too early for their business too but most of the stalls were already setting up in preparation for the night crowd so they were willing to serve us :p ambience was not very nice but i'm always up for food .

Loh Bak and sizzling beef ! yummmm

and this , some special Taiwan delicacy called 大餅包小餅 , which translates into "small biscuit wrapped by big biscuit" , basically it's soft on the outside and crunchy on the inside , and you can pick whatever stuffing you want ! sister picked the peanut stuffing and it was pretty good !

left the place and mum wanted to go shopping for clothes , so me and the sis decided to look for even more food :p

WE FOUND FRIED CHICKEN !!! i love fried chicken !!!111!!1!

nom nom nom

saw a vendor who brought her dog to work omgggg too cute T__T couldn't resist going over to touch her puppy 

another kind of egg cake ?? i picked the original flavour !

then we headed over to the tallest building in Taiwan , Taipei 101 !
but first , another round of green tea and flavoured milk for the sister and i . my sis was determined to try out all the different flavours of milk available in the convenience stores of Taiwan haha

Hello Taipei 101 ! inside felt a lot like Marina Bay Sands / Pavilion , because all the shops were branded :o didn't stay for long as we couldn't afford anything , so we went back to the hotel AHHAHA

street performance at Ximending , perks of booking a hotel near a popular street .

after taking a shower and a short nap , me and the sister decided to sneak back out to Shihlin , since our mom was tired and wanted to sleep + we still had our subway travel cards . so back to Shihlin we go ! :p

something different from the usual night markets , Shihlin offers mini games too !


and here's the part where i document all the food i ate :

hugeeee tempura

sis with her coconut milk + fishballs

pork sausages !! ok tbh they weren't pork ... they were made out of wild boar ... sounds gross when you say it that way but let me assure you that it's mad delicious !!! me and wan en literally ate at least one EVERY . SINGLE . DAY . the white thing wrapping it in the second photo is a cylindrical rice ball ahahah


didn't exactly eat much that night since we were super bloated already so me and my sis quickly took the subway back again just in case our mom finds out we've been gone for too long heh :p 

will try to blog again soon , thanks for reading ! x

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