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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Taiwan Day 1
back in December 2014 i had the privilege to go on a trip to Taiwan with my mom and my sister ! ahh so blessed to have my family tbh , wouldn't trade them for anything in the world :) basically the entire trip was super chill since there isn't much to do in Taiwan except eat .. so that was exactly what we did HAHAHAH

sooo on the 23rd of December , we all woke up super early and headed to the airport .. i personally hate morning flights because i'm so tired all the time :( midnight flights are the way to go !

breakfast on the flight was good :p

arrived in Taipei's Taoyuan Airport , went to check-in at our hotel , took a short nap and by the time we were awake , it was dinner time already . since our hotel was based in Ximending , we decided to walk to the Ximending night market which was a 10 minute-walk away from our hotel , to our convenience :) the best part about Taipei was that the temperature was just right , not too cold but not hot at all ! it made walking around such a breeze (literally)

first food stop was this hotdog stall at the side of the road .. looks yummy but to be honest tasted too doughy and was loaded with flour for its coating :/

as you guys know ... i take photos with everything heh

next stop was candied fruits ! forgive the blurry photos ahaha , i was too excited :p i opted for strawberries whilst my sis picked cherry tomatoes ! there was way too much sugar though , it was overpoweringly sweet ... and judging by that , you should know that that's way too much since i'm the sugar queen ahaha

hello Ximending Night Market !

fried quail eggs ! my favourite :9

Day 1 OOTD

saw this mini food street and immediately headed towards it AHHAHA

Polo buns and egg waffles , also known as gai dan zai (雞蛋仔) ! i've never tried gai dan zai before and i love sweet carbs so i decided to queue up for it 

ordered the chocolate flavoured one !

yayyy hehehe ! my verdict ? pretty good , but i wasn't able to finish the entire thing cos it was so big :(

while i was buying my gai dan zai ...
my sister Wan En went ahead and bought this baked cheezy mashed potato thing ! i'm not quite sure what it is but it's sort of like a baked mash potato topped with bacon and corn and drowned in cheese sauce ... yup , super fattening but omg it tasted so good T___T

ice-cream time is all the time  if you're wondering why my hoodie magically turned from blue to red , it's actually cos we went to send my mom back to the hotel since she was tired . so Wan En and i went to the night market again after that and i changed my hoodie because previously my sister accidentally spilled cheese sauce on my blue hoodie so i had to wash it ASAP :(

last photo in the hotel room toilet that night !

sorry this post is a little bit short , have been busy but will try to update the next post again soon :)

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