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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Tous Les Jours @ WOLO , Bukit Bintang
hello guys ! i know it's like February now ahaha but i still have so many blog posts waiting in line since 2014 :( therefore i'm sorry for the back-dated posts but i promise there's only a few left ! :p

sooo back in December , me and Kah Yee spontaneously took a trip out to KL ... yup , we daringly drove there HAHA (but with lots of assistance from Waze) . went shopping at Sungai Wang and had the best bargains ever !! i guess you guys know that i love shopping for thrifty items since i'm always broke ahaha

bought this lot for RM160 in total , so worth it ! :)

anyway , coming down to the main point .. on the way back from Sungai Wang we passed by Bukit Bintang of course and just happened to drive past Tous Les Jours , a Korean bakery in KL . so i was just telling Kah Yee that it looks really pretty and i've always wanted to pay a visit there . guess what ? we went there the next week . AHAHAHHA . Kah Yee aka my spontaneous-trips-to-KL-buddy , love her !

The place is honestly so pretty ! Love how all the palm trees gave it such a Hollywood-ish feel

lots of freshly baked bread and pastries and cakes on display ! did i mention i love dessert and carbs ? T___T

my fav part of the bakery is definitely their high ceilings and tall windows ! perfect for photos heheheh

cakes and pastries that me and Kah Yee chose ! i picked the strawberries and cream cake , pain au chocolate and mineral water , Kah Yee ordered a quesadilla separately and the moist chocolate cake shown in the pic . i didn't opt for a main course cos i prefer sweet things over savoury food heh

and because we are such vain + hiao girls , it's a must to sit at a spot right next to the window for good lighting , and also to take countless photos with our pretty food before we eat ^_^

most "pattern banyak" girls in the world HAHAHA i ain't even denying it


KY and her quesadillas !

will i ever stop ? (we all know the answer to that question) ... on the other hand , the pastry and cakes were really yummy !

so after we were done eating ... me and KY decided we weren't done with our photos and being the hiao girls that we are , we decided to fully maximize our time at Tous Les Jours ahahah

therefore ... more photos !!!!! HAHAHHA

my favourite spot with the ceilings and windows !

i got a lot of questions on Ask.fm about my jumpsuit that i wore in the photos above .. guys , my jumpsuit is from Bugis Street in Singapore :)

overall i loved my visit to Tous Les Jours because the ambience was great , the food was yummy and price was pretty reasonable ! will definitely go there again someday if i have the time to drive to KL :p

  1. Tous Les Jours
  2. Address: 3126, 126A-C, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 55100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

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  Sri KDU Prom 2014
hello guys !!! as i'm typing this i'm sitting at my tiny new desk in my tiny new room beside my tiny new bed . yup , its boarding school . been here for a week already and starting to adapt , but of course i miss home like crazy ; not to mention my previous high school life in KDU :( 

speaking of KDU !!!! here's the one-month late post on our prom night , which i'm sure some of you have been waiting for :P heh sorry for the delay ! typing this makes me miss that night so much , even though tbh i think we (as prom committee) didn't do quite a good job and ended up with lots of delays and not having enough performances :( 

so as you guys may know from my Twitter , my boyfriend (back then he wasn't my boyfriend) promposed to me back in August ... and that was how i got my prom date HAHA . (for details , check my top liked answers in ask.fm) 

about prom ? i'm sure it is every girl's dream of dancing with the guy of their dreams and wearing pretty dresses and acting all fancy . trust me , me and my friends have been talking about prom since January 2014 . AHHAHAHA . so after months and months of anticipating and preparing for prom , the day was finally nearing !!!! as part of the prom committee , me and Paggie had a lot to do ... and it wasn't easy ... lucky for us , prom was a few weeks after SPM so we had a bit of time to do whatever we couldn't do before SPM !
Paggie + David (not from our school but super cool artist) came over to my house to design the doorgifts and they brought me my favourite Lao Sha Bao !!! huhu 

even more designing to be done ... David is super talented !!! check out his blog at http://www.observablethoughts.com/ !

final product ! all credits go to David ... no idea how some people are so talented and i'm here with no knowledge of how to even operate photoshop ....

 with 3 days left to prom , i went to get my nails done at Nail Suite , Bandar Sri Damansara ! opted for an express manicure and picked that place because it was cheap (only RM25 for what i did above) . didn't do a full manicure because let's face it , i've invested a lot of money on prom and even paid a quarter of my prom dress with my own money so i'm pretty broke HAHA . also , i'm terribly rough with my hands so my nail polish ALWAYS ALWAYS tend to chip off ... point proven when my freshly painted nails got chipped off 2 days later aka one day before prom fml .

early in the morning on prom day i went to get my hair washed at CHRIZEN , Sunway Giza with Kah Yee and then went to do our makeup nearby !
our makeup artist is called Amanda and she's super pretty and skinny T___T she did my hair and makeup and i loved it !!! Paggie introduced me to her so Kah Yee decided to tag along too . She charges RM150 for both hair and makeup and can be found on Instagram as @mak3upqueen . do go and check out her work ! (P.S. not sponsored to do this , promoting her because i seriously loved how she styled me ❤ 

hair !! showed her a pic of what i wanted and she executed it so beautifully :')))))

drove home and waited for the bf to pick me up ! (don't take selfies while driving guys ...) (((seriously , DO NOT try this at home . unless you're me)))

behind the scenes : prom committee Melati arranging flowers , true to her name ! HAHA

behind-the-scenes : stage and dance floor

went to the venue early because i was supposed to supervise the pre-event . for those of you who are wondering , the venue was DoubleTree by Hilton KL , located at The Intermark in KL ! lovely place but came at a high cost .

thank you Mr Pang for the photos !! i personally like how professional i look in this photo , liaising with the banquet manager and all HAHAHHA

changed into my dress and off to the event !


dinner with my noob + my FAB girls who looked soooo hot and gorgeous that night !! ❤ food was good too , albeit being bite-sized but what do you expect from fine dining right ... 

after dinner , we proceeded with the awards presentation !!! totally unexpected , no idea who voted for us , but me and the noob managed to win Best Couple !! WHAT A JOKE HAHAHAHAH . even until today , we both can't believe we won lolol .
only pic i like of us on stage HAHA

all the award winners !

slow dance with the piece of shit ... aka the one and only pic we have of us dancing :((( the dance floor was super packed with couples that it wasn't even possible to dance .. so technically , everybody was just box-stepping in place while sweating like mad HAHAH

post-event with the 5A classmates !!! now that i'm in college , i miss them so so much :'(((

with Wy Junn !

with my FABxtended !!! looove the pretty Wordsworth girls hehe

hello ugly boy 

photobooth-ing with Lyn and Paggie - the girls in black dresses with side slits ! 

went double dating with Ming Xuan and Chee Yee after prom because me and Ming Xuan aren't exactly the clubbing type so we didn't opt for the after party ... instead , we bought ice-cream and chips from 7-Eleven and ate that instead HAHAH . 

last and final picture with my most favourite 9 girls in the world ... as usual , can't express how lucky i am to have them :( can't believe prom just came and went like that , and would also like to express my gratefulness for the prom committee this year although there were many obstacles we had to go through together . glad we managed to pull through in the end and still be on good terms with each other :) it has been a pleasure and i would do it all over again AHAHHA .

will blog again next time because the internet gets cut off at 11.30pm here .. sigh 18 months of boarding school ... see you guys soon ! P.S. Prom dress is from Dress Tale , Dataran Sunway , near Giza ! :) 

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