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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Happy Days in School Part 2
a follow up to my previous post , http://just-wanchi.blogspot.com/2014/08/happy-days-in-school.html ! while i'm typing this , i've already officially graduated from Sri KDU Secondary School with much sadness but with a great bunch of memories :(

typing this makes me feel so nostalgic but as the saying goes , "don't cry because it's over , smile because it happened" .. definitely do not regret my 2 years in KDU and in fact , i wish i had more ! but enough of my sappy talk and emotions , my main purpose here is to post the remains of the photos i have of my final days in high school !

towards the end of our school days , the prom committee aka me and Paggie were actively filming clips of students talking to be put into our CDs as doorgifts , but that's not the main point . anyway !!! we decided to make full use of Paggie's DSLR since she already lugged it to school and we had spare time ahahah . so here's us acting like we're in a TV series like Gossip Girl LOLOL (nowhere close i know)

one of the days where Nicole went dating in the library so me and Wy Junn decided to go and stalk her HAHAHAH . ahh , how i wish i was still in Form2 like Nicole :(

the other day , Terry invited us to his birthday party so Ming Xuan came over to my house to get ready ! and of course .... we had to camwhore hahaha , after all , why waste the makeup right ?

then we went to Paggie's house and even then it was still pretty early so we had a karaoke + food session with Paggie and Melati

people have after-parties , we have pre-parties ... people get high on booze , we get high on music *insert moon face emoji*

then off we went to Terry's party with Paggie driving !

halal gang because we didn't touch any alcohol or poker ... HAHAAH people drink alcohol , we drink orange juice ; people play poker ,  we play UNO :p

couple ice kacang with the bff !! so funny when i went to get the ice kacang because TJ was also there , and he was asking the ice kacang guy like "bang boleh buat satu ?" and i just jokingly said "NO" to him ... karma is real i guess because when it was my turn to get my ice kacang , the whole pile of ice fell off my bowl onto the table before i even picked up the bowl HHAHAHHA . sorry TJ !

towards the end of the party , a lot of the people started getting a bit tipsy ....

Paggie enjoying herself watching people get drunk :P and i have to admit , watching drunk people try to act sober is absolutely fun AHHAHAH

one with Ming Xuan , Chee Yee and Wy Junn !! 

one crazy day after Trial 2 when i decided to chop off my waist-length hair :((((( still miss it while i type this

went to A&W right after Trial 2 for waffles and fried chicken with the FAB girls ! waffles were pretty meh to be honest , i expected better since i love waffles T__T

attended my school's Merdeka Carnival ! (before i cut my hair off) and regretted not attending the one the year before :( 

a day where we had to take individual photos just in case we get straight A's in SPM hahahah what even . so here's us sitting in the shade waiting for our turns since we're such candle princesses ... (puteri lilin , get it ? no ? ok .) and for those of you who think i only ever wear the baju kurung to school , I'M PROVING YOU WRONG HERE !! HA !! 

went lunching with Kah Yee one afternoon after school and we went searching for prom dresses !

i originally wanted a pink dress for prom since it's my favourite colour but as you can see ... the pink dresses are quite ... ugly ... so anyway i settled for another colour which will be revealed soon hohoho

candid shot by Kah Yee , can you see how short my hair is now :(

a tuesday where only 5/10 of FAB came to school .. attendance in school is pretty bad when we're approaching SPM heh (back to pics of me in a baju kurung)

and our last lab day with Miss Stella :((( gonna miss her so much , most caring and nicest Chemistry teacher ever ... 

so sick of studying

SPM life 

with the FABxtended girls !! they're all so gorgeous with super nice bodies .. forever making us feel so ugly T__T 

not related to school but my brother came back from UK for his holidays the other day ! so here we are at Miam Miam (now called Franco) , One Utama .

their molten lava cake with softee was THE . BEST . SHIT . EVER . 

one of the days during study break .. went to D'Fortune Western Food with Paggie !! (yes i know we hang out way too much) ... and here's me cracking open a fortune cookie ! i love fortune cookies hahaha . as in , i like the taste of it 

and that's the end of our days in school .... ah , how time flies . i can still remember my first day in KDU , how me and Paggie had no friends and sat in the corner of a foreign class and nobody talked to us at all ... how times have changed now !!! truly grateful for all the friends i've met in KDU and everything we've been through together :'))))

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