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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  The Color Run MY
omggggg new blog post after 3 months !!! *throws confetti* i would apologize for the hiatus but honestly i'm not sorry , i've been studying my ass off every single day in the past few months just to get through SPM and now , after the long wait , it's finally over ! 

anyway , there are so so many things i wanna blog about , so so many things that happened over this short period of time , so hopefully i'd be able to rush all my blog posts before college starts . which reminds me , i'll be starting college on the 11th of January (but more on that later in a separate blog post !)

this post , as the title suggests , is about The Color Run MY !! also known as #happiest5k , short for happiest 5km on the planet . now , just to clarify that this particular colour run is in no way associated to the upcoming color run in Penang (saying this because there has been much confusion). The Color Run MY is the only official Color Run in Malaysia which is held by the international organizers (click here) whereas the Penang color run is a separate event organized by private organizers for charity . however , they do share the same concept , which is why people tend to believe that they're linked :) 

basically ever since i started losing weight last year , i've always dreamed of joining The Color Run because it always seemed so cool on tumblr AHHAHA . plus , i've never been in a walkathon / marathon !! so when the registration opened for The Color Run MY , i signed up straightaway via the website and paid the RM75 fee without even bothering that i had nobody to go with and the fact that it was going on during my first set of SPM trials !! Thankfully , my friends Amanda and E-Lyn had signed up for it too , so i figured i could just tag along with them :p 

the morning of 17th August ! can't remember what time it was but mommy accompanied me to the train station so we could take the train to KL ! wore my own basic white tee cos i wanted to keep the official colour run shirt :p also , this was way before i started eating like a pig due to SPM ugh

reached Padang Merbok and gave E-lyn a call only to realise .... she'd already start running !! all alone too !!!11!1 so then i called Amanda and thankfully she said she'll wait for me although she's with her friends :') so i rushed there and met up with her and we quickly squeezed our way to the starting line

starting line ! omg it was flooding with people i swear ....

began the run after what felt like a long time of squeezing among people ..

first colour zone - the orange zone !!!! 
genius me decided to use my phone to snap pics and ended up with an orange-splattered phone ... also , we all escaped the zone looking like Cheetos HAHAHA

Cheetos coming your way !! say hi to Amanda and Kah Yee on her right !

next was the yellow zone !!! the Cheetos faded a bit lah i would say haha . the coloured powder also tends to enter your mouth no matter how much you try to avoid it ... and you have my word , that it tastes ABSOLUTELY UNPLEASANTLY DISGUSTING . wear a mask if you must because ... the taste of the powder stays unless you gulp down like a whole gallon of water :/ 

the next colour zone was the blue zone ! this time , i've learnt my lesson and placed my phone in a zip-lock bag which i carried around HAHAHA . Amanda just YOLO-ed and used her exposed phone - with fish eyed lens , no less .

and the blue zone changed us from Cheetos .... to Avatar . say hi to Bryan , Sze Yinn , Su Lynn , Kah Yee and the korean boy ! (tbh i can't remember his name , John i think HAHAHA) .. Amanda's friends were all super nice and friendly to me even though it was my first time meeting them ! glad we could go through 5km of fun and laughter together and pick up coloured powder from the ground to attack each other :)

final zone was the pink zone !!! no photos of that because we went all out and attacked each other until we were literally rolling on the coloured powder ground :p

walked a bit more and decided to stop for a photo break
with Amanda ! so happy to be reunited with this crazy girl xxx

with the two boys who were very kind and approachable ! :)

groupie with everyone ! <3 p="">

and one more which we asked a random stranger to help us take !!! spot my ziplock bag with my phone in it HAHAHAH

at the finishing line !!! 5km really didn't feel like 5km at all when you're having so much fun :')

then headed to the stage for the live performances 
as usual , so so crowded hahaha .. couldn't stand it for very long + idek how to rave LOLOL so i called E-lyn and met up with her for awhile !

hello babeeee ! E-lyn is one of the most dedicated and hardworking runners i know .. the amount of marathons she takes part in is just .. wow :o

last one with me alone !! :)

and this is my shirt when i got home hahaha notice the two weird shoulder patterns from my bag :p also , the colour is darker at some spots cos thats what happens when the coloured powder gets soaked with sweat .. disgusting , i know ... 

anyway , that concludes the end of today's post !! hope you guys missed me as much as i missed you and thank you for reading ! xx

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