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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Happy Days in School
hey guys , as you all may or may not know , i'm 17 this year ... meaning its my last year in high school *cries rivers of tears* :( honestly i'd never thought that i would grow so attached to Sri KDU , but now that high school is ending in 3 months i'm beginning to feel the heartache of never putting on a school uniform again ... gonna cherish the limited time i have left in school .... i'm gonna be so emotional when it's time to leave because high school has played a big role in my life although i've been to three different ones .

so before it's too late , me and my friends as seniors decided to make the most out of our final days in school !

guess what's toasting in 5 Aristotle ? :P

that's right , it's toast and Nutella !!! really grateful for the guys in my class who brought the toaster + bought the bread and Nutella .. not the first time they're doing it either , super nice of them !!! 

snapchats are a must ahaha

bread and Nutella gang with my FAB girls + classmates !! they're the reason i love going to school so much .. and if you're wondering why we were so free to be making toast in class ... it's because our BM teacher was absent for a week AHAHAHHA


another good day at school ! brought my laptop because we were doing the voting for Prom King & Queen 2014 !! everybody was already done voting so we decided to do what girls do best ...

wanna be on top ? #SRIKDU'SNEXTTOPMODEL ahahaha

"sick of ur shit"

SPM ? SPM . (hahaha get my TFIOS reference ?)

can you feeeeel the loveeeeee tonigggghtttt

9/10 with my FAB girls ... an almost complete photo of all of us :((( minus Vic cos she was busy .. uh .. well we know where she went ;)

webcamwhorism day was also the day i got my car !!!!!! LEGAL DRIVER ON THE ROADS NOW WATCH OUT FOR THAT APPLE GREEN MYVI AHHAHAHA

meet one of my newest baby girls , Nicole !!! got to know her recently and we just sort of clicked cos even though she's only 14 years old this year , she's super matured and deep as hell ahahahah 

this was during the Trial 1 exams .. the form 5's had 3 hours free in between papers so Nicole skipped class to hang out with us
and by "us" i meant me and Wy Junn !! (my eyebags are terrible in this pic btw , that's what trials did to me)

love this little girl and Wy Junn ... they're always there for me when i need them , so thankful xx

right after Trial 1 , me , Paggie , Lyn and Kah Yee decided to go out together after school since we finished our last paper around 9am ! the rest of the FAB had other things to do / couldn't make it

woohoo double dating with my baby girls since two of us are already driving to school !!! 

 Kah Yee's caption for this set of photos "i was riding shotgun with my hair undone in the front seat of Wan Chi's car" HAHAHAH . so far Kah Yee is my 4th passenger after Hannah , Vic and Wy Junn !!

 lunch at IKEA !! i missed the meatballs too much T___T

then me and Paggie went to watch Lucy whilst Lyn and Kah Yee went shopping .. Lucy is umm ... quite disappointing in the end although the build up was exciting ... however , Scarlett Johanssen is VERY VERY HOT . 

ending my post here , can't wait to have more days like these in school hehehe . also , i swear that it is pure coincidence that i was wearing the baju kurung uniform in all these photos ... for your information i do wear the normal school uniform too okay ! :(

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  Melati's 17th Birthday Surprise !
helloooo guys , just finished my last paper of Trial 1 today and i promised you guys i would blog so here i am blogging !!! Trial 2 is in like .... 3 weeks though so please expect another long hiatus .. i'm so sorry :( 

currently blogging using my phone data + personal hotspot now because my wifi moved to my new house ... (moving in next week by the way !!!!) idk how to survive one week without wifi omgggg .... hopefully my data can last long enough D:

anyway , during the July holidays we decided to surprise Melati on her birthday !!! we had it all planned out , Nisha and Syazwana were gonna have "tuition" with her while the rest of us decorated her room , then after "tuition" Nisha would pretend to need to use her bathroom or something and then the surprise happens :P so since it was the holidays + Paggie could drive already , Paggie came to pick me up and we went and bought the cake together !
but first , OOTD !! is my hair long or long ?
waiting outside Melati's house (more like palace) until its safe to go in

waited outside the gate for her sister AHAHAHAH then we were so scared that we hid behind some bushes

room decorating in the process !!! halfway through putting the balloons up , someone knocked on the door and all of us were so scared that we ran , grabbed all the balloons and hid in Melati's closet ahahaha

and done !!! soooo pretty

setting up the cake ! it had to be chocolate cake for the chocoholic girl of course :P

lit the candles and nervously waited for Melati to come up ..

she came in and we started singing the birthday song and she was so stunned she almost cried hehehe , glad the surprise was a success !!

cake blowing session for my pretty flower 

group shot of all of us ! most of the FAB couldn't make it so it was just me and Paggie .. but glad that we could help out and made it a success !!

had nasi lemak lunch at her house after that and it was soooo yummy !!! i swear the food in Melati's house never runs out + the food always tastes super yummy !! 
had a little gossip session with the girls after that and then we went home .. to study ... because we had trials ... we're such nerds .. SPM life ...

ahahah anyway will try to blog a few more posts before i have to start studying again so stay tuned and thank you guys for reading ! :)


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