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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  OOTD #1
been neglecting my blog for wayyyyy too long omg ... has it been a month ? :P well as per usual i'm gonna use my SPM as an excuse heh , sorry guys !!!

my first set of trials (yeah i have two) are coming in 2 weeks time so ever since a few weeks ago , everyday to me is EAT SLEEP STUDY REPEAT ... fml . can't wait till trials are over with .. but then again , i don't want it to come by so fast :'((( 

anyway went shopping for a little while with Ming Xuan today ! i had some spare time before leaving the house so i decided to try out my tripod stand that Paggie got me for my birthday HEHEHEH , plus it's been too long since i've used my baby J :p


tried out these shots in my mom's room at first , but decided i didn't like the background ahahaha

so i migrated to my room AHHAHAH

close up on my OOTD :
Necklace from a bazaar - RM10
White lace top from TOPSHOP - RM102
Black bodycon skirt from H&M , UK - RM30 


on a side note , my hair is in really bad condition right now ... look at that terrible pudding colour + my dying hair ends ... not to mention how frizzy my curls look fml x9724831 i need a hair makeover

andddd that's all for today folks , yep it's just a bunch of photos of me HAHAHAHAHA i'm sorry !!! 

bye for now !! if you have anything in particular that you would like me to blog about , go ahead and drop me a comment down below or head over to my Ask FM : ask.fm/wanchi_c !!


  Ming Xuan's 17th Birthday Surprise
hey everyone , i'm not sure if you still keep up with my dead blog but if you do , thank you and here's a hug *sends virtual hug* HEHEHE . anyway , i've been really busy with driving classes and prom committee duties , not to mention the need to study for SPM , so i apologize for the hiatus and the hiatuses that are about to come in the future months ahahaha .

today's blog is about a surprise party ! specifically , one for my deskmate Ming Xuan / Michelle :) she's a really nice and sweet girl and a great friend ; so since her boyfriend is about to leave Malaysia soon .... i decided we should throw her an early birthday surprise since he won't be here on the real day :/ obviously i was gonna bake AHAHAH so the birthday girl's boyfriend , Chee Yee asked for my help to bake her a red velvet cake .. so we started planning the surprise two weeks ago and yesterday , it was finally time to bring the plan into action ;)

icing the cake ! i don't have much photos of myself baking so when Chee Yee came over to bake the cake with me , i told him to take this photo AHAHAH . 

TA-DAAAHHHH , our finished product !! so proud of this , definitely one of my prettiest cakes so far :D

top view ! :)

sooo it was just another normal day at school for the FAB and Ming Xuan had no idea what was gonna happen after school .. 

Chee Yee purposely made Ming Xuan mad by breaking his promise of hanging out with her so she got really pissed + sad and cried after school :(
after Ming Xuan went home , the rest of us had to follow Chee Yee's car so this is a photo of me and Hannah rotting on the floor ahahahah

went to OU to get party supplies after that !

car selfiesssss ... my goodness there were 7 people in the back + 15 balloons so we had such a hard time squeezing in and poor Terry had to sit on the floor at Paggie's feet AHAHAHHA

went back to CY's house and bathed and prepared the birthday board !

proud to say i cut out all the glitter words !!! #queenofglitter :P

final result of the front and back of the board !! nice right my glitter font AHAHAHAH 

then it was time to go set-up at Ming Xuan's house !! BUT FIRST ... LET ME (US) TAKE A SELFIE

6/10 of FAB !!

this is Chee Yee squeezing himself into his wardrobe in order to take the above photo for us hahaha


#teambake with our hard work before we left his house !!!

and one of me because I LOVE BALLOONNNNNNSSSS

squeezed ourselves into the car again but it was easier this time since Paggie and Terry left already .. went all the way to Ming Xuan's house and before we left the car ... GUESS WHAT . Melati looked around and said "wait where's the board ??" .. we freaking left the birthday board back at Chee Yee's house FOL x5731907472 my goodnesssss how could we forget *sigh* . so we had to drive back to get it and drive back to Ming's house again ahahah

made sure we didn't forget anything this time ...

setting up in her karaoke room !

hid behind the couch in the room and asked her sister to bring her downstairs ... she opened the door and SURPRISEEEE ! she was so touched by our efforts that she cried tears of joy :) had a video of it but i'm sooo lazy to edit + upload it so you guys please imagine the scenario in your heads okay ahaha :P 

us with the birthday girl ! wrote all our heartfelt messages on the board for her , we love you Ming !!

and the main characters of the day , awww :') definitely one of my fav couples in school #relationshipgoals

birthday girl blowing out her candles :)

then we made her open Chee Yee's gift to her ..

and she was so happy that she jumped onto him AHAHAH AWWW !! he bought her the perfume from VS that she wanted :'))))) thanks to the FAB too because we told him how much she wanted it !

ordered pizza after that and ate till we all felt like puking ahahah BUT omg it was sooo yummy , i love party food !! 

then we played with helium from the balloons ... there are videos of that too but as usual , i am being a lazy pig so check out the 15-second video on my Instagram (@wanchi_c) !! 

last photo with my cute darlingggg , i'm only 158cm so it's hard to be shorter than me but Ming Xuan is !!! ahahah that's why she's so tiny and adorable !! love you my deskmate xxxx

took a taxi home with Vinn Kee and Stephanie after that since we all live in the same area ahaha , was such a tiring day but it was so worth it seeing the smile on Ming Xuan's face when she got the surprise ahahah :) sooo glad she didn't find out we were planning it because we accidentally made it obvious to her in school :P but all is well and the plan went successfully .. loved planning and bringing it into action and i would definitely do it again hehehe , happy birthday again to the birthday girl , if you're reading this i hope you have beautiful days ahead and i'll see you in school darling ! 

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