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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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pre-note : actually blogged this as a draft last week , but had doubts about posting it so i held it off until now :p couldn't hold it off much longer because everyone kept begging me to update my blog AHAHAHHA good going , guys !

soooo a few weeks ago i had a sudden inspiration to write a long post about relationships but i had exams back then so here i am typing it now !

well to start off , i wouldn't say i'm very experienced in relationships but i've had my fair share of guy problems ahahha ... i've played the heartless ex , the girl who couldn't let go , the first love etc etc . alsooooo , i go on tumblr a lot and i love watching romantic movies so you can say that my idea of love is very far-off HAHAHAH .

so let's start from the very beginning , at what age was your first relationship ? mine was 13 . LOLOLOL i know right we were all dumb and stupid back then , but that was the age where everyone began to grew up , even if it was just a little . we all wanted to feel matured , since we finally graduated from primary school ahahaha ... so i had four boyfriends in 2010 . i kid you not HAHAHHA . i told you i was dumb !!! 

my first boyfriend lasted for two weeks .
yup . you didn't read it wrong . two weeks . thinking back about it makes me wanna laugh at my 13-year-old self ahahahah . this was how it went : i sat next to him in class and we somehow exchanged phone numbers and started texting (no whatsapp back then) so one day i was like "who do you like ?" and he was like "i like wanchi ..." and that was it . we were onz . HAHAHA WTH RIGHT . you're allowed to laugh at me because even i laugh at myself because the level of stupidity in our "relationship" was too damn high hahaha so of course it ended .

my second boyfriend lasted for one month .
also happened in my era of stupidity .... hahahaha he had big eyes and was considered one of the better looking guys in school and he liked me and i thought he was okay .. then one day he told people in school that we were together and i was like "nooo he didn't even ask me in real life" hahah so he came up to me during recess and asked me "will you be my girlfriend ?" so i nodded and ran away blushing . hahhahah so loserly i swear . it ended because i found out he only chased after me because it was a bet with his friend . few weeks later he told me that he seriously liked me but whatever , ain't gonna fall for that anymore ahhahah 

my third boyfriend lasted for six months .
it lasted from June to December 2010 . wah not bad right this one six months !!! hahahah . we were both the rebound partners for each other . i had just broken off with the guy stated above and he had just broken up with his girlfriend . so one day we were all hanging out together with our other friends and we were like "hey how about we try dating each other ?" and then it just happened .. HAHAHA . my love life at 13 was just ridiculous , wasn't it ? but it somehow worked because i used to think he was freaking handsome so i considered myself lucky to have him hahaha . and we broke off because i was leaving for Penang . and he was my first kiss . eh don't go think about dirty things okay it was just a simple peck on the lips , no French no nothangggg hahaha 

my fourth boyfriend lasted for two weeks .
shit i am back in the two weeks phase BOOHOOO . now this one's a real joke because i've never met the guy in real life before ahahaha , it was an internet + texting relationship . he was a friend of my best friend , and we all talked on MSN together (wow those were the days man) so he thought i was pretty and i thought he was not bad too , so we just kind of onz . idek what happened lolololol


my fifth boyfriend lasted for about two months .
this one was in 2011 and it was a bit complicated cos we had so much friction between us . WE ARGUED SO MUCH . if you guys know me you should know i'm a really terrible person LOLOL and i'm hard to tolerate so this guy couldn't tolerate me . he was a good guy though , buff and pretty handsome too . he was my brother's friend , two years older than i am and came round to my house pretty often so i guess that's when he decided to chase after me ? hahaha . he was real sweet too , he used to write me long messages and leave chocolate under my pillow ahahhaa . it ended because of one of our arguments that went over the top :X

my sixth boyfriend lasted for one year and 3 months .
it happened from October 2012 till January 2014 . i'm pretty sure almost all of you know who this person is if you've been reading my blog for some time . and since this was my most recent relationship , i guess i could say i learnt a lot from it ahaha . this guy was my primary schoolmate but we were never really close until we were in form 3 ... i previously blogged about the story of us but took the blog post down for some personal reasons .. anyway , as mentioned above i'm a pretty hard person to tolerate but this guy's tolerance level was like 99999999 and i really salute him for it . yea we had lots of fun and whatnot and i was his first love so we gone through a lot of things together . i can honestly say that my longest relationship is the one i cherish most because so many memories were made . we broke off because i didn't think he was "The One" for me since we were still so young and so much still lies ahead of us .
well also if you've been reading my blog / following my tweets for awhile , you would've known that i didn't handle the breakup well . yup , i gotta admit , i took it really badly when i found out that he'd moved on and found someone new because i really didn't expect him to ever move on from me . bet you guys read my emo post right right right ? but i'm pleased to say that i am much better now and completely moved on ahahaha . but since that was the peak of all my relationships , i really appreciated the time i had with this guy and all that he did for me .

saw this tweet the other day which was pretty relevant to what i felt so i'll post it here 

some posts from Tumblr which i find are very relatable ahahah 

so anyway , throughout all my relationships (pretty sure the first four don't count as serious relationships though) i've learnt a lot about myself and i think i've grown a lot thanks to these guys .... so what i wanna just say is that in life , there will be ups and downs and at times you just want to shut yourself out and cry in the bathroom at 2am ... i know because i've been there . i know what it's like to be so completely sad that you feel so numb and don't know how to be yourself anymore . but let me just tell all you girls (or guys) out there that everything will be fine , time heals everything and there is so much more to experience in this world . so even if you had your heart broken once or twice , don't let one person ruin your definition of love . instead , MAKE your definition of love . tbh i don't think i've found my definition of love yet but when i do , i'll make sure to hold on to it so you better do too .

i hope someday i'll be able to read back on this blog post and reminisce on what it's like to be 17 and completely clueless about love . HAHAHA . thank you guys so much for reading this , as usual and i wish you all the best of luck x


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