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  Taylor Swift Live in Malaysia 2014
blogging now because my level of lifelessness has reached it's peak and i've reached the maximum amount of times you can refresh Twitter , Instagram and Ask.fm , which , yes , i've temporary reactivated because i've been feeling so bored lately ...

so you guys should probably know that i am a HUGE HUGE fan of Taylor Swift since i was like 13 ahahahha , i became a swiftie since the Fearless era and never stopped :p back then i used to listen to her songs almost everyday and put her photos as my phone wallpaper and stalked her and stuff ahahah , at one point i was even an admin for one of her fanpages on facebook ! :P but of course as i grew up i had less time to do those things but nonetheless i still loved her and her songs and was always excited whenever i saw news about her ... SO OF COURSE I WAS SUPER PSYCHED WHEN I HEARD THAT MY TAYLOR SWIFT MY IDOL SINCE I WAS 13 WAS COMING TO MALAYSIA !!!! FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MYSELF AHHAHAHA

and on the day the tickets started going on sale (1st of March) , i waited right in front of my laptop , signed into my Ticketpro account and waited for 10AM .... i just wanted to get the best seats because i'm not gonna lie , i'm just like some other typical kiasu Penangite LOLOLOL . so at 10AM i was all ready to click BUY SEATS FOR CATEGORY 2 ... but as usual my luck like shit la ok . clicked buy but then the website was like YOUR LOG IN PERIOD HAS EXPIRED so i was like FAKKKKKK !!1!!@1!1 so quickly logged back in and quickly clicked it again and this time i was assigned seats so i was like "huh ??? i can't choose my own seats ?!?" (because when i bought tickets for Sungha Jung which was from Ticketpro too , i could pick my own seats) and by the time i decided that it didn't matter , CAT 2 WAS FREAKING SOLD OUT . WHAAAAAATTTT !!!!! so i panicked and the first thing that came to my mind was "I NEED TO GET THE NEXT BEST TICKETS" which was Cat 1 ... so i quickly bought the tickets before i could rethink my choices , punched in my mother's credit card number and felt a sense of relief as my order was confirmed . phew

ahahahaha long story short , i had to go through a lot of panic before achieving this la :p

and the tickets came about 2-3 weeks later ! :DDDD SOOOO HAPPY WHEN I RECEIVED THEM HEHEHEHHEHE

sooo finally the long-awaited day arrive heehhehehehe , time flies real fast when you ain't doing no shit
at Putra Indoor Stadium ! arrived there about 7.15PM because traffic was sooooo bad , didn't get to spend time at their roadshows either because my mom was just desperate to get out of the crowd :(

OOTD with the Taylor Swift poster ehehehe

the photobooth which was kinda suckish ahahahah and the photographer who was terrible

view from where we were sitting !

painted a "13" on my hand because that's what Taylor always does during her concerts ... unfortunately she didn't do it for this one :(

camwhore sesh with le sis while waiting .. wanted to go out and join the roadshow and maybe win some prizes but no re-entry was allowed so we were stuck in the stadium BOOHOOOOO

soooo we had to humor ourselves by watching videos on the screen ahahaha

opening act started around 7.45PM ! i honestly have no idea who the band were ... does anyone know ? hahaha i overheard the people sitting next to me saying "they should've hired someone well-known like Mizz Nina" LOLOLOL . tried googling who these people were but no results :x

panoramic view of the stage that night !! LOOK AT ALL THE PRETTY LIGHTS !

us being sad (or maybe just me) because Taylor still hasn't went on stage even after the opening act was done with 4 songs ... anyway totally didn't add any filter to this photo , no idea why it looks like i added some beauty filter ahahaha


hello Taylorrrrrr !! first song she sang was State of Grace , followed by Holy Ground and then RED i think :p wanted to upload a short video of it but some error keeps occurring UGH so i'll try again soon alright ?

guitar-jamming session omgggg her red guitar IS SO FREAKING PRETTY !!!! i'm so sorry that all my photos are so blurry cos they were taken with my noob iphone camera hahaha ... should've brought my baby J and it's zoom lens if i knew photography was allowed :(

this short clip of Taylor in black and white started playing before Taylor started singing The Lucky One .. wondering if it could be a potential new music video ? :p

photos of The Lucky One ! honestly one of my favourite songs from the RED album too :p my favourite line is "and they tell you that you're lucky but you're so confused , cos you don't feel pretty , you just feel used" heh x

"why you gotta be so mean ?" her shirt says "I LOVE KL" hahahah Taylor pls love KL more and come again next time T__T

I Knew You Were Trouble !!! but when we saw her we were all like .. "that dress isn't very nice"

but halfway through the song she ripped off the white gown and became a badass in black so we all went "Ohhhhhh"

PERF PERF PERF .. i think it was after this , she sang 22 , Enchanted , You Belong With Me and one more song ... but she was at the other stage at the other end of the stadium so i couldn't get a picture of those :(

All Too Well .. one of my all-time favourite emo songs from Taylor .. this song perfectly described how i felt back in March so i kinda have a soft spot for it heh :p almost cried while she was singing this live :'((( her piano was really cool too , there was this rotating metal thingy in it .. idk what it was for or how to describe it though AHHAHA

Love Story !!!! a pure Taylor Swift classic and i think this song bred a lot of Swifties when it was released back then haha

last song was circus-themed , We Are Never Getting Back Together ! :D ahhh love this set so much cos all the dancers looked so cute , and of course Taylor the ringleader looked flawless as usual !

anddddd no encore :( goodbye Taylor :((((((((((((

and that concluded my entire experience for my first ever Taylor Swift concert .. hope there's more to come because i NEED TO EXPERIENCE ALL THIS AGAIN . i literally screamed at every moment possible and sang my lungs out and danced to every single song ahahah , felt soooo tired after the concert but it was all so worth it ! yup , danced ... i know everyone is supposed to remain seated but at some point everyone just YOLO-ed and stood and danced !! except the sour losers behind me HAHAH JK

anyway i apologize if i got any of the information wrong here , i'm still facing the post-concert depression and my mind is a bit blurry ahahah :P also , i apologize for the terrible quality of the photos , so unsatisfied with them :(((( but all in all it was indeed an unforgettable night ... i mean it's not everyday you get to meet your idol ahaha , such an incredible experience and i can't wait for the many more Taylor Swift concerts in the future 

thanks for keeping up with such a long blog post , i love you alllll x

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