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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Diary of a Lazy Blogger #25 : April happenings
time for another Diary of a Lazy Blogger post !! like almost always , this one's about the random bits and pieces of my life that isn't long enough to be made into a blog post of its own but deserves to be on the blog to serve as a piece of memory to reminisce on in years to come . AHAHHA no idea why i had to type such a long sentence for such a lame blog post .

dance practice with Paggie , Hui Kee and Vic !! you guys probably have never seen Hui Kee on my blog before and that's cos ... she's a new student in our class ! :)

went to Wondermilk at Damansara Uptown with my mom after dance practice ! first time trying out Wondermilk hehehe the place is soooo pretty 

the legendary Wondermilk cupcakes lololol , i didn't try any though :( 

the pretty and cosy interior ! it was a bit cramped though :x

mom's creamy tuna spaghetti 

my burger !! hehe super yummyyyy

strawberry smoothie 

anddd more pretty cupcakes hehehe i am so in love with this place !

so if you guys recall , Seventeen Magazine called me twice before , once in December last year and once in January this year , but both times i wasn't free so i couldn't go for their photoshoot :( this time , however , i was finally able to attend !!!
my ootd to the place ! was actually quite surprised that my mom offered to drop me off at the studio hahaha

hair and make up session !

and shooting place !! i only had one scene with another girl though , not sure what they're gonna use my photo for so i'll update again once i find out the outcome , which is most probably gonna be in the July issue :) 

and done !! super love the curls they did for me ♥ 

then i had to go home by taxi but i realised i forgot my house keys FML x9999 T___T so i asked the taxi driver to drop me off at Giza and there i stayed , wasting 4 hours with nothing to do :(

my super sad lunch at Secret Recipe alone :( moral of the story : always bring your house keys out no matter where you go

another photo of the heaviest make up i ever had on my face ahahahah

i honestly love the eye make up though ... that winged eyeliner is so perfect ... i need to learn how to draw eyeliner like that T___T

after what seemed like an eternity alone at Giza , mom finally came and picked me up after work !

dinner at Uncle Jang !! it was nice but a bit too oily for my taste :S

half and half ahahahah 

the amount of cotton pads needed to remove the massive amount of foundation and eyeshadow on my face :/

BPF Paggie was craving brownies the other day so i made her S'mores Brownies !! recipe is from halfbakedharvest.com , it's their milk chocolate brownie recipe but i tweaked it a little and added marshmallows on top ! :)

also met up with the gay BFF after one year !!! missed him too much heheheh

he drew this for me within 15 mins !!! so talented :OOOOO 

totally unrelated but i am still so in love with my fairy lights and flowers combination ahahah , and unrelated camwhore photo at the bottom with my hand on my face cos there was a pimple on my nose HAHAHA . ok will blog again soon , thank you guys for reading ! xx


  Paggie's Birthday Celebration #2
hello hello i'm back with another update !! trying to rush my blog posts but i'm so lazy heh :p 

Paggie's more official birthday celebration was held at Tujo on the 6th of April ... she picked the place cos she said it was very photo-friendly + had good lightings and knowing us vain girls .... she definitely picked the right place HAHAHAHA

the interior of Tujo ! 

all my lovely bb girls :* after ordering we just did what we did best ... camwhoring ... so basically be prepared to be spammed with pictures of vain girls camwhoring hahahaha

Lyn , Vic and Kah Yee ! Vic's hair is so freaking long i am so jealous T___T 

with deskmate Ming and superstar Syazwana :) WOW FOR ONCE I LOOK TALL HEHHEHEHE THANK YOU TALL SHOES

mwah mwah :* hahhaa Paggie's derp face in the first photo though :p

with gorgeous Jasmine ! 

of course have to kiss the birthday girl also !!! love this sampat girl 5eva

with the girls from Wordsworth !! HAHAHA LOOK AT JAS AND SYAZ TIPTOE-ING 

berposing at the jukebox with the birthday girl , i personally love this set of photos a lot !! 

and one with Ming Xuan and Vinn Kee !

with pretty Alyssa and Nisha ! 

the "pretending to laugh at a joke pose" HAHAHA WHY ARE THESE PEOPLE SO GOOD AT IT

mini break from all the pictures with faces in them , here's some food ! appetizer was cheese pizza and fried calamari rings .... BOTH WAS REALLY GOOD 

my main course was roasted chicken with mustard sauce or something like that ... i can'r really remember since it was 2 months ago HAHAH but anyway it tasted really yummy too !!! i'm not paid by Tujo to write this but honestly everything they served us on that day was A++ !! i even tried my other friends' food and we all agreed that everything tasted really good , regardless of what we ordered .. even Paggie who doesn't usually like fish ordered their sea bass and said it was damn nice !! so as long as the birthday girl is happy , all is well :p

shared Molten Lava Cake with Vic because HOW COULD I NOT ORDER DESSERT ? HEHEHEH

then it was time to cut the cake !! super glad to see Paggie so happy heheh , love her to the sun and moon and stars and back 

group photo with everyone ! Happy birthday again Paggie !!!! (after 2 months hahaha)

cutting the cake x

hahahaha this blur Vinn Kee , we were all waiting for her to get off the phone !! 

everyone's iphones .... bet you can't beat us :p 

all in all it was a super fun day filled with amazing people and scrumptious food , i always love parties like these because it's the time where all of us can finally come together and talk and eat and just enjoy , super therapeutic and nice :D looking forward to the next party hehe , see you then ! x

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