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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  UK Trip : Day 7

exams in two weeks !!! I CAN DO THIS *insert muscle emoji*

quick note : been feeling a little down lately … but i know whatever will be , will be ; and i trust God to make things better , so hopefully my rainbow after the storm will come through soon :)



okay leggo ! Day 7 was honestly the worst day of our trip because so many things went wrong :(( to start off , on Day 7 we checked into a hotel because my mom said it would be easier to get to the airport to the following day , since we were heading to Newcastle !


so first thing in the morning , we headed to where our hotel was , which is at King’s Cross Road . unfortunately it was POURING WITH RAIN , and when i say POURING , i kid you not , IT IS BAD . moreover the wind is howling like this swirling storm inside … (forgive my Frozen reference lolol) BUT SERIOUSLY THE WIND WAS SO STRONG AND COLD COMBINED WITH THE RAIN IT WAS JUST PURE MISERABLE .

upon arriving at King’s Cross Station , we asked around for our hotel – Travellodge . however most people gave us mixed directions and we were lost . in the rain . with our umbrellas about to blow off thanks to the wind . and then when we finally asked someone for like the 5th time , we realised : THERE WERE 2 TRAVEL LODGES , which was why we were given mixed directions FOL x9999


and finally after much searching , we found the right place , and it was about … 11am in the morning but we could only check in at 2pm . my mom asked the reception if we could check in earlier / leave our bags with them so we could go for lunch , but the reception told us that we had to pay 10 pounds (around RM55) for each option … we were like WHAAAAT … never in our lives have we heard that we had to pay just to leave our bags in their coat room .. so mom decided to check-in early since there was no better option … and even then we had to wait another half an hour while they prepared a room for us … seriously our luck was so bad that morning …

nothing great about our hotel room …


then we headed off to Holborn for lunch !

DSC_4858 DSC_4859
lunch at Shakespeare’s Head , one of the many Weatherspoon franchises . i love Weatherspoon’s menu T___T my hot chocolate , mom’s white coffee , and my steak !!! THIS MEAL WAS SO FILLING


thank god we had a good meal after a miserable morning :S


then we went to Oxford Street (again) cos my mom needed her Debenhems fix –___-

i didn’t wanna go to Debenhems so i went to F21 and I FOUND THIS DISNEY STORE ON MY WAY THERE OMG OMG OMG


their Frozen display !! *fangirls* they were also playing Frozen songs heheheh love love love




snacking at Debenhems’ cafe with mom ! seriously my mom drinks so much coffee i wonder why she hasn’t got diabetes yet (TOUCH WOOD) … my chocolate muffin – such a guilty pleasure .


and then we had to attend a concert so off we went in the rain again . it was raining all day which just adds to our level of miserable

went to the Royal Festival Hall !!


we were watching the London Philharmonic Orchestra ! unfortunately , no pictures were allowed during the show but they were pretty good albeit a bit boring . and it was so funny because in between songs , a lot of people would cough HAHAHAHAH . my mom said it was because they were holding it in while the songs were playing but i feel like some people just coughed on purpose to add to the effect HAHAHHA


and then !!! halfway through the show , my mom said to me : “i forgot the most important thing .” apparently she left the gifts for my brother back at her friend’s house and forgot to bring it to the hotel . so we had to leave the concert early and go back IN THE RAIN (dammit rain) , back to the other side of London to her friend’s house in Tottenham .

our miserable luck didn’t end there because when we finally arrived in Tottenham , we realised the football game had just ended (against Arsenal i think ?? idk) and needless to say , IT WAS CROWDED IN THE TUBE STATION , IN THE BUS , ON THE ROADS AND TRAFFIC WAS MOVING SO SLOWLY WE THOUGHT WE’D NEVER ARRIVE . but we finally did and i think my mom’s friends felt pity on us because we looked so lost and devastated that they offered us a ride back to our hotel . and I THANK THE HEAVENS THEY DID BECAUSE I WAS SO EXHAUSTED . by the time we got back to our sad hotel , it was already midnight … sigh


and our bad-luck day ended with the rain , just like how it started :(

mini haul !

cropped top from F21 - £5.50
heart-shaped silicon cupcake liners from TK-Maxx - £2.99


i love the silicon cupcake liners !!! i caught sight of it the first time when i was watching Blogilates’ Cheap Clean Eats and i was super excited to find it !!! it’s oven-proof , washable and reusable , how to not love !!! some more its heart-shaped and pink !!! :DDD saw it in Malaysia the other day and it was double the price plus it wasn’t even heart-shaped ugh . yay for good buys like this !!

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