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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  UK Trip : Day 5

this is the story of how i almost got scammed in UK . but i’ll leave that part for later ;) if you only care about that part then please scroll down to the part you see a lot of coloured words HAHAHA


hey everyone ! thanks for checking back here for my updates hahaha , no idea how you guys seem to like my boring posts but thanks for always reading ! :D


Day 5 in UK was my one and only day exploring alone , since my mom had to attend a conference !

1901155_10202498375693120_463692330_n 1900055_10202498375733121_1248589947_n 1901257_10202498375773122_1523073525_n
first things first , outfit of the day + face of the day :p expect lots of pictures of me in this post AHAHHAHA cos there is nobody i know so i’m brave enough to camwhore everywhere


the neighbourhood i lived in !


selca on the way to the bus station !


selca after getting off the bus and while walking to the underground tube station ! #foreverselca #camwhoreeverywhere


andddd took the tube to Oxford Street ! shopping again wheeeee


another (sorta) ootd shot ! :p


shopped for awhile and then lunch at BHS cos my mom urged me to eat there wtf . anyway , roasted half chicken with carrots and mashed potatoes !! look at the mashed potatoes , it’s portion is almost as big as the chicken :S at the end of this meal i was sooo damn bloated even when i didn’t manage to finish the side dishes  D: ended up skipping dinner that night cos i was so so full !


1911943_10202498379213208_1895462512_n 1794629_10202498379253209_2020733656_n
NikeTown !! went there mainly to steal their wifi but football fans should flip at the sight of this shop … i think ?? hahaha


limited edition shoes in display cases !


1795670_10202498379373212_1952384309_n 400625_10202498379293210_1693344411_n 1904046_10202498379333211_1278816978_n
this is really the coolest thing ever : you get to DESIGN your own kicks , from the colour to the shape to the pattern , you even get to add your name onto your shoes ! not sure about the price but i bet it’s pretty darn expensive :O my friend Melati got her customized sport shoes done here and it’s so uniqueeee


bucked up the courage to ask a stranger to help me snap a pic ! HAHAH


then i was just lingering around and trying to steal more wifi from the shops when suddenly !!!!!!! this arabian (not sure of his race) man came up to me !!!

Unknown Race Man (UM) / Me

UM : You’re very lucky . you can speak english ?
Me : ya …
UM : You’re very lucky . i’m a fortune teller .
Me : … okay …
UM : i know your name , age , where you’re from . i know everything *in arabic / indian accent idk*
Me : …
*UM takes out a piece of paper and a book and proceeds to write something on the paper and folds it up*
UM : now name one flower .
Me : umm , rose ??
*UM opens up the folded paper and reveals what he wrote , which was “ROSE”*
Me : *slightly appalled* wow
*UM repeats his writing and folding up paper scene*
UM : now give me a number between 0-5
Me : 3 ??? idk
*UM opens up and again , it was indeed “3” written on it*
Me : o.o !!
UM : *starts talking some bullshit about me having ups and downs in 2014*
Me : *starts sensing that something fishy is going on*
UM : *hands me a small red rock* this is a lucky stone , bring it around with you , it will bring good luck
Me : um okay .. *plans to throw it away later because i’m not the superstitious kind*
UM : *opens up his book* now put some money in here , for good luck
Me : *I KNEW IT !!!!* okay let me see if i have some coins *fishes around pockets and gives him 10p out of courtesy*
UM : no no no , paper money !!!
(WAH THIS GUY DAMN SMART RIGHT !!! even the smallest paper money in UK is already £5 , enough to buy a meal or maybe more !!)
Me : umm i don’t have any money …
UM : check your wallet , check your wallet !!!
(at this point of course i wasn’t dumb enough to take my wallet out in front of him !!)
Me : i’m sorry i really have no money i need to go meet someone now , you can have your stone back
UM : *snatches stone away and waves his hand indignantly and walks away*


I . WAS . BAFFLED . i can’t believe there are still people like this trying to con the public with their stupid gimmicks !!! even in a place like Oxford Street ! seriously !! everybody please be aware of what’s going on around you and don’t be a victim to these immoral people . (always seem to hear on the news that some old aunties got conned by some sort of fortune tellers)

ugh such a bad ending to my nice day at Oxford Street ! anyway it was getting kinda dark (it was only 3pm but that’s the way it is in UK) so i went off to my next stop , Piccadilly Circus !

1653547_10202498380653244_820082382_n 1794592_10202498380693245_388011349_n 1653945_10202498380733246_1571616634_n 1959765_10202498380613243_1315179037_n 1962689_10202498388973452_1740054770_n
Piccadilly Circus is where all the musical theatres are !! i came here in 2011 to watch Matilda The Musical , based on Roald Dahl’s book !! if i lived in London i would probably come and watch one musical every month hahahah


another courageous attempt at asking a passerby to help me snap a photo :p


1904092_10202498387573417_538124242_n 1901185_10202498387533416_275768292_n
m&m’s world ! <3 <3


gay bars are not uncommon in London … kinda wish my gay bff was here though , then maybe i can go in with him and have a look HAHAHAH I’M REALLY CURIOUS


1903997_10202498388933451_1621961628_n 1653275_10202498387653419_1616641184_n
Chinatown !! felt so at home there because it was literally

hahahaha i’m not kidding !! yes there were ang mohs but mostly asians because hello it’s Chinatown !!! and also , overpriced chinese food .


one last selca before i ended my adventurous day alone ! love how the wind and lights made my hair look so red and flowy HAHHAHA


 1966725_10202498464735346_557205457_n 1932426_10202498464815348_302650193_n 1932245_10202498464775347_1727263433_n
and here are my hauls of the day !! accidentally deleted the original photos from my phone so i had to screenshot my Dayre posts … follow me if you haven’t !

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