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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Diary of a Lazy Blogger #20 : Shopping with Wan En

right after our Macau trip , wan en decided to stay with us at KL for one day , which was coincidentally the day my mom had a conference at the Hilton … soooo me and wan en decided to follow her and since KL Central is adjoining to the Hilton hotel , me and wan en could easily take the monorail to Sungei Wang , which is my all-time fave mall despite all the lalas who go there hahaha . i love that place cos all the clothes are those you see selling on instashops , except at a way way cheaper price :D

my outfit and hair of the day ! it was Blair Waldorf-inspired hence the bow and the collared top and skater skirt HAHAHAH


car selfies !!! i permed wan en’s hair for her … got Korean look or not !! hahaha


OOTD at Hilton hotel before we depart on another one of our adventures .. i call them adventures because me and wan en go to these places alone HAHAHA #fearless


and then off we went !! went to Low Yat Plaza first to get my screen protector changed and the minute we stepped in … BOOM . ALL THE LALA SHOP ASSISTANTS FROM EVERY STALL STARTED FLIRTING WITH ME . ALL THOSE WITH LONG FINGERNAILS AND YELLOW COLOURED HAIR . I KID YOU NOT . you can ask wan en if you don’t trust me HAHAH . I am not proud of this .. if hot guys flirt with me , sure , go ahead . but these are handphone sellers we’re talking about … the ah beng type of guys , well , you know what i mean . not to discriminate but they are just not my type :S

was asking around various shops how much changing a screen protector would cost and most of them said RM25 so i left in hopes of finding a better price . went to this Digi booth and asked and they gave me the same answer so i left . and then …


Ah Beng : 小姐等一下!做么你不要?(hang on miss , why don’t you want it ?)
Me : …
Ah Beng : 算你十五块啦好不好?(i’ll sell it to you for RM15 alright ?)
*Ah Beng starts doing up the screen protector*
Ah Beng : 你很热是不是?要我那纸巾给你啊?(very hot isit ? need me to give you tissue)
indeed i was sweating lah cos Low Yat Plaza is damnnn freaking crowded
Ah Beng : 你们是姐妹阿?(are you guys sisters ?) *gestures to me and wan en*
Me : ya ..
Ah Beng : 你今年几岁?我看你是 FB 的红人是不是?
Me : …


anyway that wasn’t our full conversation , there’s a lot more but i’m too damn lazy to type it all out HAHAHA but the point is he wouldn’t stop flirting with me … i wanted to whisper to wan en : “can he just stop and faster stick the screen protector ?!” wtf


and after i paid and was about to leave , he freaking said : “我的名字是 D2 ,你呢?”wtf i just blatantly walked away hahahah .

then i went to hunt for a new phone cover in another shop . asked the guy “how much is this ?” , he replied by saying “it’s free if you give my collegue a kiss” . WTF SERIOUSLY

didn’t talk to anyone in Low Yat at all after that –___- maybe my BW inspired outfit was too lala ? idk :(


wan en on the other hand , was in search of a PSP and almost bought one at the price of RM320 … wtf max cheap !!!!

went shopping at Sg Wang after that … didn’t find many things i like , perhaps i was too picky :X

1471275_10202014111306813_708391577_n 1471947_10202014111386815_638987134_n 1505193_10202014111346814_791894200_n
Starbucks before we left ! my caramel frap and wan en’s favourite vanilla frap ! unfortunately they gave me the coffee-based frap … which wasn’t what i desired :((( boohooo


on the monorail on the way back ! :D super sweaty and disgusting faces hahahha ew . and our adventure ends here !!


on a side note ,


really miss my old long wavy hair … regret cutting it so much but i had so many split ends at that moment :((( i call it my Rapunzel hair hahhaaha

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