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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Long Weekend + random bits of my life

(scheduled post)

the rollercoaster of my life is currently going up up up :) Straight A’s for finals , lots of holiday plans lined up , mom seems to be nagging less haha , completed my task to bake the perfect macarons before i go off to HK , finally went on my shopping trip to Sg Wang etc etc . well basically life is just smooth sailing for me now , and i couldn’t hope for anything better :D

so last weekend was the long Deepavali / Awal Muharram weekend , and my weekend was pretty productive and fun !


Thursday’s mini haul from Sg Wang !! each item was only RM25 wtf max cheap .. regret not buying more T___T


also , new pink iphone cable from Fourskin since my previous one burned out fml

friday’s OOTD ! forgive me for the blurry picture haha


Oktoberfest dinner at Bavarian Beerhaus @ The Curve !! crazy amount of heat in one platter :S didn’t feel very good after that but the mashed potato was super yummy !!


OOTD and face on Saturday !! went to Sunway Pyramid and on this day , the most unforunate thing happened to me …


as in the lock code !!!! i know , you must be thinking , “how the hell can somebody forget her own phone passcode ? a simple 4 numbers ??” . well , i have a bloody legitimate explanation for that :(( i set up the temporary passcode in the morning to prevent my mom from checking my phone while i bathe . after a few hours in Sunway Pyramid , i wanted to unlock my phone and my mind just blanked out . completely . like i had short term memory loss (maybe i do wtf) . like i still remembered the numbers but i couldn’t remember the sequence T___T kept on trying different combinations until i had to wait one hour till my next attempt

FML x1732785793237813 !!!!! out of the stupid things i’ve done in my life , this must be one of the worst .

sooo fed up that i brought it to a shop and had it reformatted . there goes my RM30 , in compensation of my malfunctioning memory . :(


fine , whatever , i let it go . :( but when my phone came back to me , i noticed something … I HAVE NEVER BACKED UP MY PHONE . EVER . hence , all contacts + photos + whatever bullshit my phone used to have = gone . nice one la ng wan chi , come i clap for you .

haih up until today , i still cannot remember what the stupid password i forgot was . dammit .


didn’t do much on Sunday but on Monday i went to have my debit card done ! (pic posted on twitter)
999782_10201710641600260_174528524_n  1424433_10201710640720238_1218096230_n996649_10201710644040321_310834075_n
face and OOTD !!


after that i went to The Curve again haha

1459289_10201710644160324_1681967181_n 1385515_10201710641280252_34174476_n
went to try out Marche because my mom always wanted to try it but was drawn aback by its ridiculous pricing , but they have a lunch promotion now so it was worth a shot !


563196_10201710644080322_120579031_n   1385970_10201710644120323_1908328483_n
grilled honey mustard chicken and chicken schnitzel , both equally yummy !!! but the sauces , the sauces you see in those ramekins , THOSE ARE THE BOMB . SOOOO YUMMY OMG WHY IS THE SAUCE MORE YUMMY THAN THE CHICKEN

fluffy pancakes for dessert !


then finally on Tuesday (last day) , went to perm my hair ! there was a package for Korean perm on GROUPON and my mom is a huge fan of GROUPON so she decided to buy it for me ! she herself went for hair treatment !

1383608_10201717277366150_285984754_n 1385477_10201717277246147_1869625667_n
savouring my last moments with my straight hair by selca-ing hahaha


and Batman OOTD !! (different skater skirt from the one shown up there ok , this one is black and that one was navy)


salon shots hahaha this process takes forever i swear T___T cut + wash + perm + treatment = 4-5 hours , i was sooo bored out so i watched Masterchef while waiting , thank god for technology !! 


nicest mom in the world bought me this special Japanese ice-cream while i was waiting forever for my stupid perm haha


my permed hair !! haha it was still a little wet at the moment the photo was taken so i’ll post a better pic next time :)


before and after !


this was last year’s Japanese perm !! i guess it’s too early for me to decide whether i like the Japanese or Korean one more hahah


dinner at Wong Kok HK restaurant ! Korean noodles to match my Korean hair ahahah but it didn’t taste good :(


and molten lava cake from Tong Pak Fu !!! thinking of baking this soon ^w^ *cue the groans of the people who are sick of my baking blog posts*


speaking of desserts …

Macarons from Shakespeare Cafe in Subang Jaya !! LOVE THE CHOCOLATE GANACHE ONE OMG


so on Wednesday , i went back to school :(( all because i had to clear my bullshit in my locker and pay the school fees . otherwise i would’ve just stayed home because barely any teachers taught anything D:

 1441440_10201726463075787_1776189347_n  1394207_10201726462995785_1779559953_n1466067_10201726464235816_79711918_n
done clearing !!! spot that weird rectangular box ?? it’s actually a mooncake box i keep in my locker to put …


FOOD !!! actually initially got more biscuits + loacker quadratinis but i ate all of them muahahah . the reason why i have this secret stash of food in my locker is because i’m ALWAYS ALWAYS hungry during class hahah . so sometimes when i can’t stand it i’ll just go grab my food in between classes and eat :p


ending this post with my favourite kind of bread ever : DINNER ROLLS !!!!

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