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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  HK/Macau Day 1 and Day 2

good day all my lovely readers ! :D just came back from my one-week vacation to HK and Macau and i can’t wait to share it with you guys !! (mostly because i am still not over my Disneyland visit hahahah)

i hope i have time to finish blogging all 7 days in time because i have lots more to blog about :( without further ado , let’s begin HAHA .

so my dad told me , on any trip you go on , you’ll waste at least one or two days at the airport , which leaves you the remaining days to truly go on holiday . and he’s right because as much as i love airports , i hate how it eats up all our free time , what with all the checking in and waiting and boarding and waiting even more >:(

airport OOTD and face with Wan En ! as you can see i didn’t even bother to dress up or put on contacts hahaha . wan en even more geng , she intentionally did not bring her contact lens and wore glasses throughout our whole trip wtf


touchdown in HK airport !!


with my grandma who came along with us ! <3


so after wasting our first day at the airport , we headed back to our hotel to collapse hahah . as me and wan en and my grandma were sharing a room and my grandma sleeps super early , me and wan en snuck out at night in our pajamas LOLOLOL65008_10201881115502001_1060520227_n
walked a few meters from our hotel and saw this sign !!! took a pic of it because … every single time i google my name , google will respond by saying : “did you mean ‘wan chai’ ?” hahaha so i finally found the place my name is similiar to :p


walked and walked until we found a 7-eleven and by that time it was already about 11pm at night . surprisingly it wasn’t scary though , the streets were still bright and lively so we weren’t worried :p

we only had like … 13HKD … in coins because we wanted to get rid of our coins hahaha . so we had a really hard time picking what to buy in 7-Eleven cos we were so broke :((( when we finally got to the counter , the lady was so pissed that she asked us “ARE YOU DONE YET ?” and so we left as soon as possible FOL


our buys !! Wan En’s fresh milk and my Famous Amos cookies ! yum yum !


while walking back to our hotel we spotted this statue and i thought it might be famous so might as well HAHAHA . i tried googling it but i still have no idea what it’s called or what it’s famous for lol .


the worst part of our hotel ? wifi is only available in the lobby F-all-the-guests-lives . so here’s a picture of the lobby and pls spot everyone using the wifi hahaha


wan en drinking her milk … idk how some people can drink milk fresh from the carton … its so gross D: i can only stand milk when it’s infused in baking products (you can’t even taste it anymore) or when i eat cereal . even when i eat cereal i only add the milk to make my cereal soggy then i pour the milk away HAHAHAHA #wastingfood


a non-detailed Disneyland map we got from the hotel lobby !! was sooooo hyped and excited cos i looooove Disneyland so bad !!


Day 2 Disneyland OOTDs , taken in our hotel lobby ! i must say , i am most satisfied with my Disneyland outfit this this time haha . first time i went , i was like 9 aka pre-teen , as Kah Yee would say , “didn’t know how to dress up” ; then the second time i went was the one in Paris , making it too damn cold to wear anything fashionable . so i’m really happy with the way i dressed this time because the weather is good + i planned my outfit nicely + didn’t forget my Duffy bear ! :D


DSC_4031 DSC_4030
went to Causeway Bay first :((( i really just wanted to go straightaway to Disneyland .. *sigh*


had Dim Sum at some place which name i forgot ! and i burst my Xiao Long Bao :(((


DSC_4032 DSC_4033


the Disney train !!! *insert hearts and glitter here*


and … FINALLY !!!


well to be continued because it is getting late now hahhaha sorry for the cliffhanger but i will update soon ! <3

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