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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Baking Macarons Ver 2.0

before you start reading , i suggest you read this post first . hahahah . and to those of you who have already read it before , i pray you forget that image soon enough . :p

done reading ? okay .

as you can see macarons aren’t really my strong point . cupcakes and whole cakes and cookies – fine . but when it comes to macarons … heh ..


anyway , call me crazy but i decided to give baking macarons another shot ! and since finals are over now , i have the tendency to skip school :p and with that , comes the urge to bake .


for a few days i was dying to bake macarons and today i finally did !! had to go through a lot of trouble to get the almond meal though D: woke up at 9.30 and walked to ICCA , the biggest baking supplies shop near Giza … only to find out they didn’t have almond meal … only hazelnut meal D: so i headed over to my second choice , City Baker’s , but they too didn’t have it FML x9999 . then i went over to Mom’s Bakery Bits … BUT THEY WERE UNDER RENOVATION .



so off i went in the sweltering sun and back home to my comfort zone YAY .


by the way this is the recipe i used ! http://foodnouveau.com/2010/03/destinations/europe/france/how-to-make-macarons-a-detailed-illustrated-step-by-step-recipe/



and lets start !

as usual , my ingredients pic haha


DSC_3900 DSC_3901
can we all just take a moment to admire my egg-yolk-separating skills ? LOOK AT IT JUST LOOK AT IT !!! IT’S PERF :'))))


Step 1 is to sift the almond meal and icing sugar and boy this took forever that i almost gave up …


done sifting !


the beaten egg whites + castor sugar !! omg it was so fun to whisk it and watch it all come together into the stiff peaks . :D


i also coloured the egg whites + sugar pink !!! sooo pretty *w*

mixing the ingredients together !!


unfortunately i left the egg whites out for too long before mixing it with the almond meal / overbeaten the mixture so my batter was kinda runny :(((


it wouldn’t pipe very well hence the weird shapes and sizes :X


left it to cool and …

bake !!!


while waiting for them to bake i lurked around insta for awhile ..



AND THIS !!! HAHAHAHA SO SIMILIAR TO MY FIRST ATTEMPT :P well i guess i’m not the only one who sucks in baking macarons ^^


DSC_3911  DSC_3910
and done !

unfortunately i did another mistake again … i misread the recipe and only baked it for 10 mins so most of them were undercooked when i tried to remove them D:


DSC_3914 DSC_3913
managed to salvage a few and sandwiched them with Nutella ! yumz :9


put the rest of the crumbs in a cup and ate it plaing with Nutella … oh the calories .


well obviously my macarons are still far from perfect but it’s okay , its already much much better than my previous attempt and for that i am already sooo grateful T___T


will definitely give it a go again soon , as i now know what went wrong . HEHEHEH CAN’T WAIT !!! I VOW TO MAKE THE PERFECT MACARONS !


to make up for my semi-failure this time , here are some cakes i baked in school in conjunction with our interclass culinary competitions !!

1424294_10201663805389384_1382457435_n 1383993_10201663805509387_640431360_n
chocolate cake !! didn’t have much time to decorate it due to the time constrain D:


brownies and ice-cream !! heheheh


since the culinary competition required us to cook every single day + provide our own ingredients for 4 weeks in a row (talk about crazy) , our class decided to quit it after one week cos it was too damn hectic , and frankly , none of us are that dedicated to going to school either hahah :p


ok see you guys soon !


  Weekend Getaway to Melaka

isit Melaka or Malacca ?? hahaha idk . anyway , for those of you who do not know , Melaka is my mom’s hometown and i was also born there , so it’s no surprise that a lot of my relatives come from there – even those i do not know of .


so last weekend i was dragged to a wedding in Melaka . a wedding of a relative i do not know of , and does not know of me either hahaha . i’m pretty sure a lot of you have experienced this before : attending a wedding where you don’t even know the bride and groom and yet you are forced to attend it .

i swear when i become a parent next time , i will not force my children to attend my uncle’s cousin’s daughter’s wedding . and when my children get married , i will not force them to invite my dad’s cousin’s wife’s daughter . they will have the freedom to invite who they don’t want or want . NOTE TO SELF , FUTURE WANCHI .

seriously , i can’t stand being forced into things i don’t want to do . but since my mom bribed me into this , i have no choice but to oblige T____T so off i go to Melaka …


DSC_3882 DSC_3881
OOTD for the wedding !! had my hair done at a salon , sponsored by my lovely uncle ! in exchange for his sponsorship , i had to accompany him for tea , and i gladly did it ahahahah


and a collage of my useless selfies ahahaa . for those of you loser anons on ask.fm remarking on how i used to say i don’t know how to put on makeup and now i do ,

here’s what i have to say for you : not knowing how to put on makeup in the past doesn’t mean i can’t learn right ? based on your theory , you shouldn’t even go to school because you don’t know what you haven’t learnt yet . and since you say that about me putting on makeup , next time you pass a test , you should ask yourself “i thought you didn’t know what biology was , look at you now , passing a test ??!” . based on your stupid theory that nobody should learn what they didn’t know how to do in the past , babies shouldn’t even learn to walk , scientists shouldn’t even find the cure to cancer etc etc , simply because the “said they didn’t know how to in the past” . good luck advancing in life then , anon .



shameless OOTD shot in the hotel toilet hahahah


and then it was an endless chain of meeting my mom’s relatives whom i never knew about and hearing them talk about how big i’ve gotten even though i have no memory of them . but it was alright and the food was good and my favourite part was …
they had a photobooth where you could have your picture taken and printed out rightaway like the one at Melati’s Sweet Sixteen !! since i didn’t have a chance at it at Melati’s party , i jumped at the opportunity at this one haha . as you can see i shamelessly took one on my own :p and the other one is with my mom but she doesn’t want her face on my blog :(


the next day we took a little tour around Jonker Street , since the hotel we were staying at was around that area :)

spot the stone of Jonker Walk !!


DSC_3896 DSC_3895
and the famous red clock tower and church … which was under construction haha .


walked around a little … lots of streets full of old people selling antiques on the road , although most of them looked like priceless junk to me :/


DSC_3883 DSC_3885
heritage buildings which also weren’t much to see , since i come from Penang :p


sneaked an OOTD shot while browsing a souvenir shop ahahahha



it was getting pretty hot during the day so we stopped somewhere to have some shaved ice and curry noodles ! yumzzz :9

DSC_3887DSC_3890  DSC_3889
the shaved ice / ice kacang was pretty meh :/ but the curry noodles was super yummy ! trust me when i say its yummy , cos i’m not much of a spicy food person :p


the crazy famous chicken rice balls ! look at the amount of people willing to wait :OOOO


and last but not least , the Melaka river ! :D


ok ending this post with a pic of me from super long ago .

looks like a picture out of a Bollywood movie hahahah ok bye .


  October Trip to Penang

hey there ! :D

so as you all may now know , i headed to Penang after my finals for my first ever bake sale ! if you guys missed that post , click here .


the day before i went to Penang , i had chilli pan mee with my girls to celebrate the end of finals ! <3

 1377234_10201556277741260_1119269234_n 1377025_10201556277701259_1161188398_n


camwhoring in the car on the way back to Penang hahah . as soon as i reached Penang , went straight to Gurney to give out the orders to my lovely customers ! :D


then went to the rooftop to take pics ahahah

0e37a62e359911e3aaec22000a1faf7c_8 DSC_3782-vert
DSC_3770 DSC_3777

then i took jump shots and it was so fun ehehehe !

i looove this set of photos even though it was a fail jumpshot because my legs look so skinny and nice here ! hey its not everyday my legs look this good ok , so let me perasan a bit :p


and here’s a successful jumpshot i made a GIF out of !


DSC_3796 DSC_3803 DSC_3804
nice pics of my legs ahahah sorry :P


then i went to Jalan Argyll in search for jiao sai but i couldn’t find it T____T so i went to Marshall’s instead to try their burgers :(
it was alright but it wasn’t fantastic .. i think i prefer Ramly burgers :X


went to Gurney again the next day to send a few more cupcakes ! :D

selfies at home ! dunno why i look so tired :(


OOTD shots at Gurney Paragon ! :D


 DSC_3826DSC_3825DSC_3839 DSC_3833
hahaha sorry not sorry ^^


i was soooo desperate to get my jiao sai then i went to look for it again :( this time , i found it but IT WAS CLOSED !!!! FML x1000000 *cries in a pool of my own tears*


so i went to Piknik . :(
baked pasta . it was nice but i really wanted my jiao sai T___T


the Ng sisters ahahahha


believe it or not , the NEXT day i went to look for jiao sai again hahaha . #crazy and this time , i was third time lucky !!! it was FINALLY OPEN WOOHOOOOOOOO

cravings satisfied OYEAHHHHH . (Y) unfortunately the guy got my order wrongly and gave me the spicy noodles :((( noooo i am so bad at eating spicy i cannot D: oh well at least i finally got to eat it :9 will go back next time and make sure the guy gets the correct order :D


mini cupcakes i found in my house fridge HAHAHAHAH so i stole one . the taste was just average , but its definitely very cute ! :D super inspired and i feel like i should try making mini cupcakes too hehehe


and on my last day in Penang , we went for breakfast at Winter Warmers @ Precinct 10 ! :)

i love the setting and decor ! everything was so floral and pretty T___T


DSC_3850DSC_3855 DSC_3856 DSC_3854
tuna croissant is not mine because i don’t like tuna ok hahaha .


and back to KL ! :(((


to end this post , let me show you guys a comparison of me approximately one year ago ! (can’t remember the exact date but its around the same time)
yay ! :D


P.S. stop asking me how to lose weight on ask.fm , i have already answered your questions 56748593 times and on top of it all , i have already blogged about it so seriously pls read the Project Skinny blog posts and google your questions before you wanna ask me anything :)

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