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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Vinn Kee’s 16th : Birthday Surprise !!
so in my previous post , i showed you guys the process of baking a rainbow cake :D
and who is it for , you may wonder ? well , it’s for my lovely pretty pretty friend Vinn Kee !!
her birthday was really close to our final exams so we couldn’t really celebrate for her but since i have a passion for baking and i always find time for baking , i decided to bake her a cake and surprise her !
her birthday is actually on the 19th of September , but since i baked the cake on the 17th and didn’t want it to go stale , i brought it to school the next day , which was 18th :D

preparing my beloved rainbow cake in the morning ! as you can see , i had to tear off the lid of the box cos my cake was too tall HAHAHAH .

when i arrived in school i was shocked cos i didn’t expect the birthday girl to be in school so early D: obviously i couldn’t be seen with the cake right !! hahah so with the help of Paggie and Yee Lyn , we secretly brought the cake to the canteen to keep in the fridge .
during break the rest of the girls distracted Vinn Kee and kept her in class whilst me , Vic and Paggie went to get the cake .
2 3
lighting the cake before going in !! thanks to Paggie who brought the candles , Happy Birthday sign and cake knife :p

the baker and the cake … and because catwang is too mainstream hahaha .

and then we went in !!

video is recorded by Paggie !! my voice (if you can recognize) sounded soooo gay cos i was having a terrible sore throat :(( the super high-pitched voice is Victoria , the one yelling “NOOOO” is Paggie cos the wind from the fan was extinguishing the candles and she was desperately trying to save them ahhaha , and the one saying “DON’T CUT YET !” is Jasmine :p

Vinn Kee cutting the cake after she blew the candles !!

one of me and her ! <3

as i mentioned before my cake was quite tall so it was kinda hard to cut through it D:
Cutter Chiang giving cake-cutting a go ! HAHAHAH

anyway Jasmine the pro cake-cutter finally did us all a favour ! phew !
12 11
BEHOLD … MY PRECIOUS . so so happy with the results and how the colours turned out <3 <3 and i was so worried that it wouldn’t taste good but everyone loved it and we finished off almost the whole cake in school itself ! :9

happy birthday again darling !

the FAB girls , minus Melati cos she came to school late :(
FAB girls + the Wordsworth trio ! Syazwana , Alyssa and Jasmine :D

playing around with Hannah’s fish-eye lens hehehe :p

and last collage with Vinn Kee ! :*

so glad that our surprise plan worked and Vinn Kee was happy with the cake !! :D every girl’s 16th should be special and i’m glad Vinn Kee’s one was too :p

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