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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Diary of a Lazy Blogger #14 : August Updates
Whoa shit time really flies , July only lasted for like 3 seconds and now August is about to leave too .

This is me right now HAHAHAH . Sitting on the floor blogging via my iPhone . Coincidentally , it's our country's Independence Day tomorrow !! 

August was pretty productive for me , I guess . Here are some snippets of what I have been up to lately :p
 One of the days where I went to OU ! 


Dinner at Dave's Delis :9 love the mashed potato ! 

Macarons from Whisk @ Output for Melati's birthday present ! 

Box from daiso ahahaha

I was so tempted to steal one T_____T 

went to get passport sized photos done as well ! For what , you may ask ... 

FOR THIS . HAHAHAHA NOMINATED FOR STUDENT OF THE YEAR WTF . I wonder why they even bother nominating me when the chances of me getting the award is less than zero . 

My breakfast yoghurt !!! Nice or not !! 

Here's how to make it : 
Hahaha when i was halfway through eating it , I realized I forgot to put in the bananas T____T 

So here's the add-on bananas :D btw I purposely went to daiso to buy that clear glass , just so my yoghurt parfait would look good HAHAHAH #desperateloser

Tried oatmeal for breakfast one morning in hopes of living a healthier life but uh ... Lets just say oatmeal is not my kind of thing . Tastes like baby food to me . 

From my favourite Instagram account !!!! I LOVE THAT SNOW WHITE BUNNY 

Some day where my tummy looked toned haha 

Baked blueberry almond cupcakes ! 

Melati's partayyyy ! 

Church ootd ! 

Went to the mooncake fair in Sunway Giza after church ! 

Erm what do you call these .. Chinese pastries ? 

Whatever anyway I bought an egg tart 

And mooncakes ! The only mooncake I eat is the pandan flavored one , cos its the only one I like out of all the other Chinese-y flavours haha . LOVE THE SALTED EGG YOLK IN ALL MOONCAKES !!! <3 

Dim sum for brunch one afternoon ! Siew Mai and Har Gao YAYYY 

Mom cooked steak for dinner one night . Ok la it was not bad :9

Gym ! Loving my legs here ! 

Andddd today I went to Ou again ahaha

My favourite foods ! #yay 

Okay that's all for now ! Will update again soon , thanks for reading ! <3 

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  Melati’s Sweet Sixteen – The Great Gatsby
Basic Novice  B-Melati Enida Pahamin 3
my friend Melati is a figure skater !! (a very pro one too)
me and my friends … we have this thing . whenever we’re about to have our birthday parties , the first step is to create a Whatsapp group for it hahaha .
so this was Melati’s !

i’ve only met Melati this year so i’ve never attended her previous parties but apparently she is well-known for throwing the best big-scale parties ! :D This time , it was themed The Great Gatsby ! honestly i’ve never watched / read TGG , so i had no clue about anything related to the theme , except that it was set in the 1920s :p

if you may or may not remember , i once visited Melati’s house during Yee Lyn’s party and it is the biggest house i have ever been to so far . heck , it’s not even a house , it’s a mansion *o*
anyway here’s the invitation again haha , only this time it’s printed like a birthday card and complete with name stickers ! (she invited like 150 people , i ain’t even kidding)

Paggie and Kah Yee came over to my house before the party to do makeup and chill !

here’s a blurry pic from Paggie’s phone ! haha

and off we go !
DSC_3245 DSC_3241 DSC_3243
we were there at 7pm and were one of the earliest , i guess it’s just human nature to arrive late at parties ahahha

DSC_3246DSC_3247 DSC_3248
Fleurs de Pahamin with lots of Gatsby deco !

after awhile , more of our friends came and it was still early so we camwhored away !
DSC_3256 DSC_3255DSC_3249 DSC_3253
and we all got matching necklaces as a doorgift !

super tempting desserts that we were unsure of whether to eat or not , since the party did not start yet T___T

then i went upstairs to Melati’s room where she was hiding cos i was one of her escorts :) nobody else except the escorts were supposed to see her cos apparently they wanna give her appearance the element of surprise ahhaha
in her room with the rest of the escorts ! Melati looking like a princess <3
it felt a lot like a wedding cos the bride cannot be seen hahah . and we waited in her room for approximately one hour with nothing to do :( Hannah was there too but i don’t have a picture with her D: the other escorts were very friendly and cool too :D

and then after waiting for what felt like an eternity , finally it was time !
 DSC_3276 DSC_3280DSC_3278 DSC_3281
blurry pics of the stride down the stairs taken by Kah Yee , but yea spot me and Hannah , the sesat ones :p and we were given headpieces to wear since we were the escorts *o*

and then the party started ! :D
lots of bubbles !!! and Melati’s cake in the background ! didn’t get a picture of the cake though :(

professional dancers like how the hell do they dance in those heels ? i walk also feel like dying haha

with Pags , Vic and Alysha the half-Eurasian !

DSC_3295 DSC_3294
food ! there were a lot of people and no place to sit so we just stood by the cocktail tables and ate standing up hahaha .

1185103_10201237790059267_1556506206_n DSC_3299 DSC_3298
desserts aka my favourite !!!!! LOVE EVERYTHING THERE I ATE UNTIL I WAS ABOUT TO VOMIT .

bokeh !

Melati’s skater friends performing :)

then there was a best-dressed competition !
here’s Alyssa doing the catwalk ! she won by the way <3

ok now prepare yourself for an overwhelming amount of pics of vain girls .
DSC_3271 DSC_3262 DSC_3264 DSC_3265 DSC_3266 DSC_3267 DSC_3269
DSC_3318 DSC_3305 DSC_3310 DSC_3314 DSC_3316

here’s some beautiful floral cupcakes instead :p didn’t eat any cos i was too full :(

they had a Great Gatsby quiz and Paggie , being a big fan , managed to answer one of the questions ! no idea what was the prize though :o

with Bobby !

this was actually the photobooth where they had a professional photographer to take pics and then print it out for you on photo paper . however i didn’t get a chance to do that , since i had escort duties :(( so yea , here’s me posing at the photobooth since i could not have a proper printed out pic :(((((

last picture with princess Melats before i left the party ! couldn’t get many pics with her that night cos she was so busy mingling with all the other guests . D:

and the party pack everyone got !

here i have inserted some vain pics of myself that i took when i went home before i removed my makeup , you may skip this part hahahah .
DSC_3333 1175304_10201237788139219_180634502_n 1184981_10201237788859237_1357913340_n
this is the first time i've done full makeup for my ownself so don't judge my skills !!! hahah

in conclusion , the party was one of the best i have ever attended (i had so much fun !) and i am so grateful to have such good friends like Melati in my life :) and once again Happy Sweet 16 to Melati , my partner-in-crime for desserts and one of the happiest people i’ve ever met :p

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