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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  Seoul Day 7 + Seoul Hauls !
finally , the last of my Seoul posts ! hahaha i bet all of you are like “its about time”

so , it was finally time for me to leave Seoul :((((( boohoohooo
final street shot of Seoul in the early morning (aka the place where we waited for the airport bus)

final shot of Incheon International Airport too :(( couldn’t procrastinate and take more pics because we were in such a hurry to catch our flight FOL

snuck Starbucks and smoothies into the plane HAHAHAHHA . dammit , wanted to try the frappucinos in Korea but i was having my “monthly best friend” so no cold drinks for me :(((

airplane shots !

and that concludes my time left in Seoul :((
next up , hauls ! can’t remember what was bought on which day so the pictures below are arranged by random :)

red and white shirt i wore on Day 3 (i think) , greenish-blue cropped top i wore on Day 6 , denim + chiffon dress , etude house nude nail polish , The Face Shop nail art pen (so cheap there !) , pink leopard phone case for a friend , and a box of free cotton from some shop hahahah

pink haul !! pink chiffon skirt , baby pink cropped sweater i wore on Day 5 , and pink sling bag .

5869_10200887396299642_1090353712_n 1017219_10200887396459646_320268048_n
by the way , i am selling off the pink chiffon skirt because i realised i don’t have any clothes that go with it D:
free sized and its stretchable ! quality is good and it is never worn before , selling off at RM30 , pm me on facebook or twitter if you’re interested :))

oversized grey sweater and Tiffany blue shorts ! both worn on Day 4 :)

DSC_2406i am also selling this sweater off as it is too big for me :( only worn once !
selling this at RM57 because it is made in Korea and i bought it at quite a high price (but negotiable) , pm me if interested :D

haul4Daiso haul ! so pink hehehe ,floral bottle , floral multipurpose bag , rabbit mug and heart shaped pegs ALL from daiso ! and phone case + pluggies from a random subway phone shop .

close-up on the Hello Kitty pluggy ! super cute right ! :D
selling this off too at RM5 because it looks weird on my phone :(

white dress , heart shaped sunnies and souvenirss :D 

final haul ! baby pink bodycon skirt and black skater skirt !

thats all for now :D
stay tuned for the long awaited projectskinny posts ! :)


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