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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  #projectskinny : part two


  • i do not promote eating disorders , anorexia or bulimia
  • i do not claim that this works for everyone . simply , it worked for me , and whether it works for you is none of my responsibility
  • it is not easy if you love food
  • i do not consider myself a thinspo and definitely not a fitspo



as far as everybody knows , i hate sports and exercising . i hate it to the point that when we were forced to choose a sport to play in school , i picked board games . HAHAHAH .

my hobby is eating and sleeping . so naturally , i hate exercising more than dieting . however , for the sake of #projectskinny , I MUST PERSEVERE .



my exercises revolve around 2 things i want the most : a flat tummy and a thigh gap . so i am only gonna touch upon these two , sorry about that :x


this is one of the exercises i try to do every day .
you don’t have to watch the whole video , just watch the first 30 seconds of it , because that covers what i do everyday :)
so every day i do 30 of those sit-ups , and after a month or so , i was able to start doing the next exercise in the video too :D



this is the thigh gap exercise everyone has been nagging me to share :D follow the video till 1:30 , cos that’s all i do :)
so i do this exercise 20 times per leg , every single day . and it is super easy to do !


of course , as i’ve mentioned before in my ask.fm , i do running too . i run once a week on fridays (because that’s the day school dismisses us earlier) hahah .

at first when i just started running (i run on the treadmill) , i could barely run 1km . 0.5km and i was already tired –__- yea , i know , i’m a wimp . but yeah i hate sports . nonetheless , my perseverance and dedication brought me through and i am proud to say that i am able to run up to 2km now ! YAY

tips on running : don’t stress yourself . take it slow . walk first , then jog , then when you feel comfortable start running . i usually adjust the speed to 8.0km/h whenever i start running .

set a goal once you’ve started running . this is what i usually do : look at the treadmill and tell myself “okay i will run till i reach 0.2km” . then at 0.2km when i’m feeling tired i will slow down the treadmill and begin walking again . walk till i regain my energy , jog , then start running again . i repeat this cycle until i finish running 2km .

just a suggestion though , you can run whatever ways you like :)


  1. Flat tummy exercises
  2. Inner thigh exercises
  3. Running

    such a short list !




i have done #projectskinny for about 3 months now , and it has definitely done me good .

1064628_10200892987559420_31346421_o1052589_10200892988159435_1294941684_o  1040023_10200892986599396_14436993_o 1040712_10200892984359340_2067727568_o
RESULT !!!!!!!!!


i know my thigh gap is still super small and my tummy is not completely flat yet , but i am still working on it :)


before and after shots !

back then , even with my feet apart i had no thigh gap fml –__- now , with feet together + thigh gap ! :D



before : protruding tummy and cannot wear crop tops at all . now : finally have the confidence to wear crop tops and almost flat tummy !



before : disgusting lower abdomen with overload of fats . now : fitting snugly into my pants and no fats jutting out :)



before #projectskinny i was around 48-49kg , and now i’m 44kg ! :D



besides cropped tops , i am now also able to wear bodycon skirts with no worries ! (i am also planning on getting a navel piercing , any advice ?)



and i know that there will definitely be people who will judge me on this matter , so to all you haters out there who are gonna criticize me and still call me fat and ugly and whatnot , this one’s for you :
let me emphasize again that i did not start #projectskinny to prove anything to anyone , it was all because i wanted a better body for myself .
if you think i’m still fat / too skinny , i don’t care cos my body is mine and not yours so mind your own business and go do whatever you want to your own body and buzz off from mine , thank you very much :)

any stupid remarks you post on my ask.fm about my body will not be entertained . 


to everything , there is a downside for sure . for #projectskinny , it is this : i can no longer binge . the thing is , i’ve been eating small meals for so long that my stomach has accustomed itself to small meals and the size of it . the other day i went to a buffet and ate so much in one go . right after that i felt incredibly nauseous , like i was gonna vomit out all the food i just swallowed . and then one day i attended a party with great food so i binged again . and i felt the same feeling , like i was gonna puke . but i didn’t la haha . my point is , i can no longer stuff myself with food like i used to . not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing . :/


of course this is not the end of my journey in doing #projectskinny , for i have not reached my target weight and size . but i will continue to work hard and hopefully soon i will achieve my dream body :3

and my motivation for you guys ?
if i can do it , you can too ! cos i bet there is nobody as lazy as me hahaha


to summarize it all up , here are the ingredients you need for #projectskinny :

  • A healthy diet
  • Daily exercises
  • Perseverance
  • Determination
  • Motivation




lso , if you happen to follow my tips on #projectskinny , do tell me all about your progress and lifestyle , i would really love to hear it ! you know where to find me ;) and good luck to all of you (Y)

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