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Hello there sweetheart(s)! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space. I grew up in lovely Malaysia and I'm based in London now. You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please, be nice and be respectful. Thanks! ♥

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  CNY 12’

yes i know i am soooo goddamn late for this post . (i bet everyone already blogged about THEIR cny) no excuses this time , it’s just that i’m super lazy and have no determination thus killing my own blog . but since i am not at school today , i suppose i have to make this day productive :))


(P.S. some of the info on this post might be a bit messed up cos i can’t really remember what happened first and next HAHAHAH)

last day of school before we leave for CNY . with michelle and pags ! <3



my CNY haul ! not much things i like this year idk why so i didn’t buy much T_____T


scumbag dad and family came to pick me up on 除夕 , aka the day before the official CNY . went to grandma’s house and had steamboat ! <3 <3

didn’t take a picture so here’s one stolen from my cousin’s instagram ! :D



CNY day one . isit pantang to wash your hair during CNY ? cos i did :x


no caption .


wan xin’s OOTD !!


my OOTD . went to One Utama and i’ve never seen it so empty , guess all the people went back to their hometown … o.o


had nothing to do and most of the shops were closed so me and my sis went to the arcade AND I FOUND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE !!!!!!!

A FREAKING PURIKURA PHOTO BOOTH . as you may recall , i LOVEEEE purikura and these machines are almost extinct in KL and penang has none , so i was SO SO HAPPY AND COULDN’T STOP SMILING when i saw this photo booth , even though there was only one D:


quickly went to buy the tokens and played !!


Purikura ver 1.0 , we were kinda unsatisfied with it cos we weren’t ready to pose so … WE WENT FOR PURIKURA ROUND 2 !

Purikura ver 2.0 , much more prepared and more lala ! as if this machine isn’t lala enough , it had to give us heavy eyeliner and enlarge our eyes and dye our hair and give us flawless skin so that increased the lala-ness by 500 times .


also bought a shirt for win from DC superheroes and once again , i think i have good taste HAHAHHA


played with sparklers at night !

poor wx who could only watch cos she’s too young to play


baby you’re a firework ~~


no caption .


but all that awaits me at home is grey ………

whoever that suggested to take off my gay pink sheets and replace them with this FUGLY GREY SET , YOU BETTER WATCH YOUR BACK >:(((( (just kidding)


eerrrrr some pewter thing from BN that i got for achieving straight A’s in PMR o.o also they gave us RM200 hohohoho #penangpride


and a certificate with no name printed on it . okay.jpg i’ll go calligraph my name there .

went to kedah on the 3rd day of CNY to visit my stepgrandparents !

wan xin is not very photogenic so i think this shot of her is not bad !!!! :3


camwhore in the car since the sunlight was good :3


DSC_0891   DSC_0900
the Ng siblings !


went to Secret Recipe for tea in the afternoon . photo credits to scumbag dad !!!


DSC_0904  DSC_0909
cakeee .


OOTD shot !

at night we went to play fireworks and well … 

this was the only successful firework shot i got fml .


DSC_0956   DSC_0962
bro with a bunch of sparklers o.o


went to Kedah again the next day .

DSC_0973_副本 DSC_0982
OOTD shots ! ughh cannot stand my fat ugly thighs .


went bowling with the family !

brother’s act yeng shots ….


and wan en’s not-so-yeng one .


DSC_1006 DSC_1010
posers in red . i think wx was trying to copy me LOL .


ok bye thanks for reading my half-assed post . I APPRECIATE IT , REALLY .

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  The Chart of Ugly

the other day after school me and Paggie were waiting for our transport to come fetch us from school and we were talking about how ugly we are . and suddenly a light bulb popped out in my mind !

ding ding ding !!! INSPIRATION !! i should make an ugly chart based on my levels of ugliness !


and 5 days of procrastination later …

ugly  chart


let’s start with the bottom of the chart , the-ugliest-i-can-get . you know when you’re at home and you’re just too lazy to do anything ? i have that feeling 70% of the time . just some examples :

see what i mean ? yes , that is how ugly i am at home . face is so terribly ugly that i can’t even bear to show it wtf .


i don’t think i’ll ever show my face in home pictures because OH MY GOD IM SO UGLY AT HOME .


i think this one looks SLIGHTLY better cos i haven’t took off my contacts at that point of the time + the shitty ipad camera hides most of my flaws HAHAHAH . thank you , shitty ipad camera !


here’s a picture of me before i sleep ! this is taken at a sleepover at carmen’s house so minus the fringe cos i pin my hair up at home . THANK GOD THIS PICTURE IS BLURRY OR YOU WOULD’VE SEEN MY UGLINESS x100 in HD .



i always have this theory where people will not look good at school . if you look good at school , you must be super good-looking OUTSIDE of school . or maybe i’m just saying that cos i look super hideous at school . i can’t comprehend when people get attracted to me while i’m in my school uniform . i mean , SERIOUSLY ? THAT DEGREE OF UGLY AND YOU THINK I LOOK GOOD ? your taste in girls must be really low / you have a thing for ugly girls . i ain’t even lying or am trying to gain attention when i say this , cos honestly i am just so ugly in school .


578074_10150782300683331_452170314_n 182333_10150947426568331_996656667_n387625_310025142340871_915647564_n
believe me when i say that these three are some of the BETTER pictures because i don’t wanna scare you guys with the WORSE ones .


also i think this uniform makes me look uglier 2x than the prefects uniform :(

based on the frequency i update my blog , i think every reader of mine will know that i am SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICSDFXCVFSD LAZY . so most of the times when i’m going out for unimportant matters like dinner with family / out to buy groceries , all i think is , I WONT SEE ANYONE I KNOW . so i just throw on simple clothes because i cannot be bothered . however , i highly believe that there is a SLIGHT chance i might see someone i know , therefore i put on coloured contacts to improve my ugliness HAHHA .

DSC_0059 DSC_0728DSC_0742DSC_0757
my collection of lazy OOTDs !!


^ lazy to do anything and everything




where i actually CARE of what people think about me or i’m going out with friends and don’t wanna look too ugly compared to them because everyone dresses up .

or maybe its just an occasion .

also i feel the most at ease when i blog this section because i look the best in this section of this post .

i don’t even know why i dressed up for these two pictures .


Christmas / Grandma’s birthday !


149781_554138487929534_691395439_n 76870_4201194221443_930817578_n 402064_369324813077570_1160885227_n
when i went out with le bitches .


OK SO THAT’S MY LEVELS OF UGLINESS . the ugly side of wanchi – REVEALED !

idk how ugly i am , but it doesn’t matter because …


p.s. to Yong Jun Hyung a.k.a Anonymous a.k.a KY !!! ky you are so lame hahaha .

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