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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Pastel Hair Chalk Tutorial

as promised , here is the tutorial for hair chalk !!

hair chalk is all the range nowadays , thanks to the dip-dye trend that people love .

originally when i first saw the hair chalk , i was like . wtf i have no time for this . but since the hair chalk incident happened (refer to my previous post) , i resulted in bringing the box of hair chalk home . and having no content to blog about , i decided to do a tutorial for hair-chalking ! :D

starting with a useless pic just to show off how long my hair is ! fyeaahhh \m/

let’s begin !
materials needed : hair chalk , i got mine super cheap at Daiso ! there are a lot of online shops selling them though O: curling tong or straightening iron , gloves (unless you wanna get your hands dirty) , and tissues for desperate times .


first , put on a shirt you won’t mind staining . black shirts work better . then , wet the ends of your hair / wherever you want the colour to be . make sure its appropriately wet . cos if its too dry or too wet , the colour won’t stay . it also works if your hair is semi-wet and you add a few drops of water to the chalk .


prepare your emergency items for desperate times ! eg. tissue paper , comb . preferably an old comb cos it will get stained . and i put my camera on top of that Dear John book for self-timer purposes HAHAH


pick your colour , put on the gloves and GET CHALKING ! i picked pink cos obviously its my favourite colour .   



chalk your hair in the direction you comb it ! don’t forget to chalk thoroughly so the colour would turn out even :D


the chalked wet hair should look more or less like this ^ quite icky .


wet chalked hair ! i did one side pink + yellow and the other blue + green . the outcome is not bad right !


in my case , tissues are to protect my baby J1 from any chalk stains !! can’t bear to see her get dirty D:



then its time to curl / straighten your still wet hair ! depends on your own personal choice actually . i suppose if you don’t have a curling tong or straightener you can just blow-dry it :) i curled mine cos my hair is already curly anyways . this step is essential to even out the colour on your hair while simultaneously drying it .


and you’re done !!

blue-green and pink-yellow ! *w*


then go camwhore to your heart’s content !!

satisfied !!


but …

this is the reason why you should wear a shirt you don’t mind staining … the first time i did hair-chalking , i was wearing a white shirt . YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW LONG IT TOOK FOR IT TO WASH OUT D:

in conclusion ,
pro’s of hair-chalking :

  1. no need to go to the salon for real dip-dye , thus SAVING MONEY
  2. its temporary so you can always go back to your real hair colour
  3. its easy to wash off !
  4. comes in many colours so you can do different colours whenever you get bored of one
  5. quite affordable (duh , from Daiso wtf)
  6. easy to use !


con’s of hair-chalking :

  1. destroys your hair :/
  2. its quite troublesome and takes a lot of time
  3. makes your hair dry and tangled
  4. dirty (stains clothes , hands easily)
  5. ruins the original texture of your hair
  6. if you’re a hair-loving person like me , you will feel uncomfortable with it . trust me .


ending this post with a high-contrasted picture to show off my chalked hair and tattoo !

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