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Hello there sweetheart(s) ! I'm Wan Chi and welcome to my personal space . I reside in lovely Malaysia and I am a child of God . You're welcome to explore as much as you want and ask any questions but please , be nice and be respectful . Thank you ! ♥

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  Phuket Day #1

hello !! sorry for the hiatus because … I WAS ON CHRISTMAS VACATION :D went to Phuket again , the first time was in 2010 … the last time i went there , i had brown highlights in my hair and this time , my hair is dyed brown hahaha , fated with Phuket :D


also , finally got my baby Nikon J1 so now i can has high quality pictures ! cons is that the picture files are so terribly big that i had to meitu xiuxiu every single one of them in order to fit them into this blog post –___- yay/nay HD pics !

first picture i took with my baby :'))) <3

airport fashion – my sister and i 

airport fashion – Wan Xin and her bunny bag


my armswag , which consists of no swag at all LOLOLOL


on the plane ! :D HAAHAH my grandma is so cute ! love plane rides but this one was sadly , very short :( only one hour and 15 mins T__T


arrived in Phuket airport and dad went to rent a car for our convenience for the rest of the trip .

DSC_0110 DSC_0111
after getting lost a few times , we finally found our way to the hotel . also i was about to die in the super small car cramping my ass with my siblings and stepmom and our luggage in the back seat . here’s the street view from outside the hotel ! forgot to take a picture of the hotel though DD: 


dad and stepmom’s room !! SO NICE WTF … ours was a little more disappointing so no pic of it T___T


another street view ! :D the lanterns are so pretty !


vain .


food ! chicken with cashew nuts and omelette :D forgot to take pics of the rest of the food –__- apparently we came to this restaurant in 2010 and scumbag dad loved it so much he just HAD to go again .



went shopping after dinner ! :D


handmade carved soap ! we watched her make the leaf one and it was SO SO SO COOL o.o !!! 



street shot ! oh yeah i got myself a straw hat . as soon as we landed in Phuket , me and my sister insisted that we needed straw hats because we wanted to act all tourist-y HAHHAHAAH .


also went back to one of the night hawkers we went to in 2010 . back then , we tasted THE BEST BBQ CHICKEN IN THE WORLD so this trip we went back for it . ALAS ! IT WASN’T OPEN THAT NIGHT FOL T____T so we had fruit shakes instead .


banana shakes for me and le bro , mango shake for my sis :D


a little European girl trying to be friendly to wan xin but wan xin just bluntly ignored her wtf –___- #rude


went back to the hotel after that and there was this big-ass mirror in our room so we had to >:)


my waist-length hair tied up high for trolling purposes .


my new straw hat comes in handy ! tried Cheesie’s CheatOne short hair again ! :D
the last time i tried it , i could still manage a short bob , but now my hair’s so long that the most i can cheat is shoulder-length hair T_____T

- END OF DAY 1 -


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